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  1. From the album: 2020 Royal New Kent and (Bedford Springs) Outing

    This photo even includes our event organizer, who managed to arrive ten whole minutes before the first tee times were set to head out. 🙂

    © 2020, Erik J. Barzeski

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  2. From the album: Erik's Gallery

    © 2021 Erik J. Barzeski

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    • The only brand that matters is what beer you drink
    • Depends on the course in the South Sound, WA. Privately owned courses are leading the way back to adding rakes, etc. No course I play is back to normal. 
    • Just to give some people an idea of possible locations, we played Fox Hopyard in East Haddam, CT a couple of times, Keney Park in Hartford, and The Links at Union Vale in LaGrangeville, NY one year.
    • Proof that people like a steely-eyed winner. If you can pull that off, everything else is incidental or non-consequential. The closest to him I can think of, in other sports, would be Schumacher the Formula 1 driver, or (more or less unknown outside the UK) Hendry the snooker player. Of similar eras. All they did was win - constantly and relentlessly; they were never there to make friends.
    • Isnt this a common occurrence in Japan and China. They wear masks when they have a cold to not infect anyone else. What a concept. We dont pass along germs to one another. Not Covid or the common cold! No offense to any of you, but I dont want any germs any of you have! We have all known someone who is battling cancer, think they want to inhale some germs from a schmuck? The mindset of alot of people baffles me!
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