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    • So you’re right, had it been the left side that was involved, it would be even worse in my estimation. But, in my anecdotal experience, people that have any sort of intra-articular fracture of the talus tend to subsequently have disproportionately higher levels chronic problems with pain and function as compared to isolated medial/lateral or bimallelolar fractures. But we can certainly keep faith alive: That article doesn’t share the extent of injury to the ankle or whether or not the fracture was involving the joint surface (it’s possible to have dorsal side avulsions off the talar head which are generally benign we are obviously all speculating as none of us have the crystal ball, and Tiger, while always aging like the rest of us, is clearly unlike us with his access to the very best of treatment options that most people would not have under standard health insurance benefit restrictions (example: most health insurance carriers won’t cover bone stimulators unless it’s been 90 days s/p injury, but I’d be surprised if Tiger isn’t going to be using them by week 2-3. When I was at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, we were using them on simple stress fractures as soon as it was definitely diagnosed as money was no object.) Tiger is human, but in many ways, Tiger is superhuman...I mean only a tiny percentage of guys on Tour ever get a win, and of that subset, only a tiny percentage win a Major, and of that subset, only a few win a Masters; Tiger won a Masters at 43 (?) and after numerous surgeries...he’s still superhuman in my book. 
    • You’re still wrong. He wasn’t even allowed to play in WGCs recently. A hundred dollars on what you said about 12 months in a wheelchair, then. Aussie or US, your choice. You’re wrong here too.
    • Yes it’s better than the left ankle but PGA Tour golf is a lot of walking. And Augusta is quite hilly.
    • It’s likely a result not a cause. I can’t say much of anything without video.
    • I’ve had so many bags I can’t count them. I must say I’ve always done well with Sun Mountain. I also must say I highly respect your ability to use a bag that isn’t the brand of your clubs. I’m so ridiculously picky about that.    Should you decide on Sun Mountain I have a mint condition Blue/Silver SM I’ll give you a hell of a deal on....pics will come if you’re interested.
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