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    • This is what I do as well. When I focus just on the ball, or a dimple on the ball, or a blade of grass, my takeaway gets funky, or more so than usual, and my swing gets all out of sync. 
    • I rarely ever play an extra ball.  if I am on top of the group in front of me and it is open behind me I may go back and replay the hole but that is rare. My preference is to get a true score. The course is to play, the range is for practice.
    • Very possible. I usually play well when I "feel" like I rotate everything towards the target at the same time.
    • We can both drive! We'll have separate carts. I haven't ridden in a cart with another human being since last March.
    • I would vote no. Maybe they would go up a bit more. How were Women's ratings when Sorenstam was crushing it on the LPGA tour. I felt like it was more popular back then, especially on sporting news. I never really paid attention, but when they do sportscaster recaps, does the LPGA get much attention?  Also, do the women's events get nearly the buildup as the men's golf events? The Masters gets a huge buildup. I hardly hear anything about LPGA majors. Maybe its a marketing thing as well. People can say if only they had better ratings. What would the ratings be like if all other things were equal? Advertisement, sports news coverage, etc.. I still think they would not be as high as the PGA events, but probably higher than people think they would be.  Exactly. Yet it is really easy for people to reduce things down to simple terms of.. Both are Golfers. One is being paid more than the other. That is unfair.  I can understand that when you have the William's sisters dominating Tennis versus having no real dominant male US tennis player.   
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