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    • All of my damage came from other sports. Football and basketball basically. 
    • Consider how your HI is arrived at. From the courses you routinely play. And even though Peyton Manning is a member of Augusta National, I don't know how often he gets to play it. The thing about the handicap "index" is, I thought it could be adjusted upward or downward depending on the difficulty of the course you are playing that day. But I wonder. Like at the Pebble Beach pro-am they routinely announce some obscure entertainers handicap as " a 5.2 at his home course, Dead Mules CC in Loose Gravel, Iowa."  Also, many years ago I read an article about the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Fla. Before opening the course for play, Greg Norman invited a bunch of buds, including Jack Nicklaus, to play it and provide feedback. After the round, when asked about his assessment of the course, he said that the fairways were far too tight, the forced carries over water and swamp were far too long, and the rough way too penal for a resort course! And one thing Nicklaus said was so vivid that it kind of burned itself into my brain. He said that he was a highly skilled long iron player, but he still had problems getting a ball to hold on the hood of a car!  Greg wound up with more work to do! 
    • A different take on push/pull carts.... I have been playing golf for 52 years.  When I started I tried a pull cart once and hated using it.  I have used a buddy's push cart once and hated it.  I probably walked and played for over 20 of those 52 years and I carried my clubs more often than not.  I don't do that any more due to bad knees and ankles.  But, I have gotten older and have become much more familiar with what it cost to keep golf courses the way most of us golfers prefer them to be...it takes money and lots of it.  So, I don't begrudge golf courses for banning push/pull carts.  Rental cart revenue surely helps pay some of those expenses keeping the course they way we like it to be.  
    • Day 54 - steady head work with 8i, while working on PP
    • Some courses around here are putting plexiglass dividers in the carts so two at a time can ride. 

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