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    • Day 24: Went to the range on a drizzly day. Tried to get some MEVO data but it was only recording every other swing for some reason. 
    • Welcome to TST.   Nice introduction.   We're glad to have your join and participate.    You'll find Snell balls tend to be one of the favorites here and on other forums.   Do a quick search on Dean Snell and you'll be impressed with his background, knowledge and his golf balls.
    • Welcome to the site.  I am a big fan of the Snell balls myself @Esox. They are around $20 less than most other high end balls as they are a direct to consumer company.   You may find my old blog interesting, maybe not. We share some similar left wrist horror stories. I also broke my left hand after all this happened a couple years ago on top of the tendon issues. Also, how the heck are you still able to swing a club after all those injuries?  
    • Absolutely. This video was at the beginning of my range session today, and it seems that issue is exaggerated when I hit off mats. I’ve been working very hard at focusing on clean contact and hitting the target and less on actual mechanics this summer. In fact I haven’t even recorded my swing since the middle of September, and I was in a much better spot then.  The bottom line is that my hands are just way too far behind me. I’ve been working in the mirror and was working a bit on the range of trying to figure out what makes my position at the top look like justin thomas and trying to exaggerate that feeling while hitting balls. I’m going to need to get a video of the position I’m feeling I get to and what my swing looks like ATM. I didn’t get to record any more swings after my mechanics session because it started raining and was freezing cold so I was trying to just leave.   These were meant to be separate posts:   Just another update. Dropped my handicap from 4.2 in july to 2.7 now. My scores are going lower and I haven’t had a score higher than 78 since the end of august and I play twice a week. My contact with all clubs his improved an insane amount and my dispersion with my driver is the best it’s ever been.  The 7 iron is a bit thin. The main issue I have in my swing ATM is that my hands are getting too far behind me up to the top of the swing. I’ve been trying to exaggerate feeling like Justin Thomas and how he swings basically straight up.  I never took the PGA PAT, i was cancelled due to covid. I played the course anyway in the beginning of august and shot a pair of 80’s which wouldn’t have gotten me though. Thats it for now.
    • I used that ball in the mid 2000s and I remember that ball feeling like a rocket when I used it. I remember it spinning like crazy and having a ton of confidence because I could control it. I was also 26. Im 40 now but am a better player by miles. I can hit the ball a decent ways (about a 260 carry) and play the Pro V1 now. My question is how would that 2005 Platinum compare to todays Pro V1? Is it in my head that it was a crazy hot ball or was it really that good of a ball? I have a ton of confidence with the Pro v1 but I dont have the same 'feeling' standing over it like I remember with the original platinum. (For the record I was a +15 back then and am a 6.5 now I also hit the ball farther now)      This question stems from my experience with the SIM vs 510r TP. I had that same feeling with the old 510r TP with the Fuji 757. I use a SIM now with a Hzrd 6.0 x stiff. I came across an old 510r TP and picked it up. The SIM is 15 yards longer but man oh man can I stripe that 510r tp. I Have more confidence with it, I can shape it and it just feels "hot" (even though its 12 to 15 yards shorter) compared to the SIM. 

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