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    • I thought I'd update - I'm playing a ton, 3 times a week. mostly because.... - My 10 year old has been bitten by the bug. He wants to play every single day, and this past weekend he won his age group in the junior club championship, as the only 10 year old in the 10-11 age group. He birdied both par 5's in the 9 hole event. If we can get his emotions under control he'll be a legit player - pain free, not so much. Elbow's are killing me, icing after every round, wearing the straps. I'll let it heal this winter and figure out a plan for next year. it's holding me back a bit this year.  - Handicap is down to 8.4 and dropping. Ball striking has been really good lately, just have to make some puts. When the puts drop, I get into the 70's where I want to be. 
    • I just added #6 and #17 to the home course birdie fest. They are both par 5s and I can't believe it took me a dozen rounds to get those. I guess I was putting too much pressure on myself... Btw, this round is also the first time I completed a nine holes side under par (at just one under): until then par had been my best. I couldn't hold it on the back 9, shooting 4 over for a total of 73 (+3, differential of 4.4). Still not bad. 🙂
    • Beer selection good. Food bad. I've been twice here in Pittsburgh. I had fun both times, but don't expect an actual accurate golf competition. If you don't care about the accuracy part actually being judged, and just want to relax, good night out.
    • Correct. I was pretty good with the chip and run but I'm reconsidering. My course has three tier greens and you must, must, must get to the correct tier or you will have a very difficult putt.  So ... I made a list of 12 shots that I can play from 30 yards and in depending on the lie and the pin location.  Here's how I dug my hole. I spent Sunday calculating my carry to run distances for all my chips. After I was done, I researched it and compared it to typical charts and as I did, one of the articles mentioned that with the slopes on today's greens, that "chip and run" is not a shot that is used much anymore. Instead, most players use a single club (52 or 56) for all the shots around the green and vary the trajectory and the swing length to flop the distance.  This was an "a-ha!" moment for me as I remember a tour player on Mark Immelman's podcast who said the same thing ... and that got me thinking.  So here is what I practice ... < 10 yards: Chip Putt (a la Paul Runyan) 10 - 20 yards: Basic pitch, trap pitch, trail edge pitch (all the same shot, only thing that changes is the trajectory), downhill version/uphill version, flop shot (as in over a bunker) 20 - 40 yards: 1/2 wedge (sw) from fairway, and from rough 40 - 60 yards: 3/4 wedge (SW) 40 - 100 yards: low spinner Short sand (less than 30 feet), long sand  Does this make sense? Or am I overdoing it? I feel like if I'm inside 30, I can score. In 25 rounds this year, my putting average is <2 from nGIR so I feel like even if I miss the green, I can still score and my confidence has soared as a result. I welcome thoughts. 
    • Luau Pork: Rub Black Hawaiian lava salt to generously cover the pork butt. Lay strips of bacon across the top to cover the pork. 2 Tbsp liquid smoke 1 tblsp olive oil 1/2 cup of water or beef stock. Cook 15min/lb. ———————- The black salt gives the appearance of the pork being cooked underground as it usually is in a deep cooking pit. The liquid smoke gives that rich ‘slow cooked Smokey’ flavor. Amazingly good!

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