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    • Anyone else like the Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp? I'm freaking addicted to it
    • What? Explain yourself, sir.
    • I apologize for bringing this a little OT, but my point wasn't what sounds better - that's subjective. I happen to have a tube amp and love how it sounds, but tubes add distortion, and to many people it sounds good. BOSE and Beats add distortion to their headphones to make people think they sound warmer or fuller or whatever, but in reality it's just different. Studio monitors don't sound like BOSE for a reason. Anyways, that's irrelevant. Not gonna wade into "tone electrons" other than to say omg lol ygbfkm. My point is about performance. Ease of playing, speed, comfort, consistency, these things come with newer instruments. A newer guitar is built for speed and comfort. What you think sounds better or looks better is subjective. Swap out the pickups. Run it thru a different amp. Whatevs.  Take this with a grain of salt. I listen to death metal. I think The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty etc suck wet greasy diarrhea ass. That's me.
    • Westworld is boring although 2nd episode Thandie Newton was good. Plot Against America is good as is My Brilliant Friend. Picard ended OK. War of the Worlds is very loosely based on the book and seems to be withholding the aliens way too long. Ramy is funny. Just started on Kingdom (Korean zombie show) and I'm actually watching a zombie show despite swearing off the genre.
    • The governor down here just implemented a state-wide stay at home order. Fortunately, golf courses remain on the list of allowable, essential activities, and will stay open, with continued social distancing and touch point guidelines in place!

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