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    • I ordered the LSW book over the weekend. 
    • The Space Coast is where I live, so what you do is, you move here, buy your wife an annual Disney pass, so she has something to do and can get a bit of a deal when the grandchildren come to visit, they can watch rocket launches too. Problem solved. As far as the humidity goes, well nothing can be done about that, but hey no State tax.
    • Thanks to Covid 19, my new iron set and bag haven't seen green grass yet.
    • I've been thinking about this question a lot. The Garden State is not my idea of paradise...or a garden either, for that matter. But based on the places I've visited, #1 would be South Florida, whether east or west coast I'm not yet sure and #1a would be the Scottsdale, Arizona area. My problem is I have a wife who doesn't play golf so she would need other diversions and has also complained that Florida is "too humid" and Arizona is "too grey and brown". (Sigh!) Also to be considered; South Florida has hurricanes every now and then. Arizona has, I dunno, snakes? Scorpions? Dust Storms? I could see us becoming snowbirds. The other issue is the grandchildren. They're all relatively close by and in the "cute and adorable" age range therefore we would want to remain close to them so the change of venue will wait until they've reached the "teenage and obnoxious" years.

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