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    • Ok since I was having trouble uploading trimmed videos to YouTube I didn’t bother with proper camera setup yesterday, just wanted to record a quick driver video. But here it is nevertheless. I think on the practice swing it looks pretty ok. I would be happy if I could do the same with the real swing. But I think the full swing is actually much improved from my last driver video.     
    • Day 169.  I did a drill today!  4' from the cup, around-the-clock, get 'em eventually. Took 4 rounds, with 3 (sigh), 6, 2, 1 in that order for sinking. 
    • There are definitely holes where driver is a less than optimal club, but even in your second example, would you have not cleared the bunker that you got a lucky skip through had you been hitting driver? I know a lot of people are afraid of 40-60 yard pitches, but that can be easily worked on, and you might be 6-12 ft away instead of 20 ft, greatly improving your chance of a birdie. I understand the fear of the driver because I had it, but 1.5 range sessions later I didn't hesitate to pull it out on almost every par 4-5.
    • The raining baby squid part was...interesting.
    • Well I think it violates the standard of ethics such that rule 5.6a ‘ unreasonable delay of play’ could be called:   https://t59dl.app.link/en/e584e56416bb272edae34e3f3dfd7eb4c478c63734b4fbd04af4b663fbb21bf6  

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