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    • Is this a reversal by the Provincial Health Minister for all of B.C.?  I wish they would do that down here in Washington State.  I'm for all restrictions that need to apply, no problem.  I'd even add a few of my own.
    • Thanks.  For better or worse, I have the time now.  I'll run through it over the coming days.  Is that something I can check back in through my "my swing" thread?
    • Got caught up on my drills and finished day 5.  Day 5 was really good for me and is what my last lesson was working on too, so that was a bonus.  Watching it back on my phone has been the best thing ever for me and I have the videos on my computer now so getting there.  I hit over 200 balls into the net today and only about 1/2 dozen weren't solid strikes.  Getting out for 9 holes in the morning so will be focusing on what we have been doing. 
    • Just got an email that my course is re-opening tomorrow with lots of restrictions and 9 hole rounds only. I appreciate the precautions and am booked with some of my regular group to play. The last two weeks has sure been dragging but I will be very cautious for sure.
    • Yes. And time past, this was the only way to gather valuable information about a course before a hit off that mattered. Some of us recall those times of no course marking of distances other than the score card, no course booklets mapping holes and greens, no lasers, GPS devices etc, and many relied on the caddie or a practice round to identify the gremlins and to step out and note all the approach distances from an identifiable spot in or alongside the fairway. The skill challenges were different from today. And while commercial interests have driven absolutely everything about the game to continuously change and evolve - course prep and maintenance, equipment (manufacturers tell you the drivers, wedges and putters are better every year; relax about the irons, change every second year is okay there), a large cast of teachers, trainers, physios, psychologists and equipment preparation specialists with their 400+ shafts, there is virtually no change whatsoever in the scores we all record out there on the course. But I still love it. At least the rules are easier today. And less impacted by my increasingly creaky physical assets.

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