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    • Shot 92 at a course I’ve never played before. Was cruising along on the front 9, hitting the ball crisply for the most part, and putting and short game were solid. I got to #9 at +3 for the round. It’s a pretty simple par-5, about 520 yards, so I’m thinking par isn’t unreasonable based on my play during the previous 8 holes, and maybe I’ll make the turn under 40. Pond on the left side at about 280-290 yards and O.B. down the entire right side of the hole. Aimed at the right edge of the pond but hit a push toward the right hand rough. Looked like it was going to land safely, but it hit the cart path and bounced over the boundary fence. Spiraled to a quadruple bogey with a bad second shot after a drop and +2 penalty, and then my approach airmailed the green by 20 yards, pitched back over the green, chipped on, and 2 putts for a 9. Never really recovered psychologically for the rest of the round and faded physically down the stretch. Made a bad quadruple bogey later to top off a lackluster back 9 and finished 43 / 49.
    • Day 274 - Sept 27, 2020 Played 18 holes.
    • Day #9 practiced 50 & 75 yard approach shots at the range w/ TrackMan Range.  These are less than full swings and I need to figure out how much swing I need.  Used Sand Wedge for all shots.
    • Day 290 Played 18 today. Was actually a decent round except for two quadruple bogeys on holes #9 and #16.  
    • Day 10. Did mirror drills taking the driver to A4 transitioning to A5 and getting to A6.

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