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    • Rkrider99 might be one of the last golfers on the planet.  You have until the sun goes down today.  Get one last good one in for the rest of us! Last weekend, over the objections of my wife, I drove a long way to find an open course several counties north, courtesy of Ron DeSantis.  I shot a very ho-hum 92 on a super easy course.  So I have no excuses. There's this habit I have got into of closing my trailing wrist (resulting in hooks) on the first few drives until it annoys me so much that I remember that I am a dumbass and simply stop doing it.  High point though, I got to use my 3-wood a few times, which has been so nice to me lately.  On the 520-yard par 5, I hit a decent drive leaving me with 243 to the center of the green, back pin.  I struck the ball well, but lost it in the air until I saw it roll up to about 4 feet from the flag. Yes, I missed the putt.
    • Maybe. That's how I look at it. Everyone has their worst, best, and average scores and the majority of your rounds will fall in the average area. To me, using the word "random" just obviates personal responsibility. If I'm playing poorly and really think about it for a second, I tend to realize that I'm thinking too much about a bug in my software or my back is tight and unconsciously changed my swing to avoid pain or something. But it's never just "random".
    • I'm watching The Tiger King, I'll admit it. I understand that it is a crime documentary, but i haven't laughed this much at a TV show in a while.   
    • I'd be more worried about this guy. Lol  
    • So glad they’re keeping the courses open, I would absolutely lose my friggin mind if I had to stay in the house every single day. I mean, I can only rake the yard so many times lol. Played Arlington Ridge yesterday and fortunately, I have an awesome wife who told me I HAVE to play at least once a week because she knows there’s no way I can just sit around the house forever.

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