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    • I love it!  I have a similar pair and they’re one of my faves.  (I am of the female persuasion, though; does that make a difference?) 😉
    • Well....coincidentally today was my 127th round! And Im playing a match tomorrow for #128 so I expect you to keep pace!  🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️😜🍺🍺👍
    • Just another ugly 82 today. Nothing wants to come together. Thinking about taking a break. 127 posted rounds this years so far. Maybe I'm playing too much golf.
    • Started slow. Missed makeable 4-8' putts three times in first six holes and, on a completely unrelated note, bogeyd the first 6 holes. I then got red hot and birdied 7,8 and 9. Second time I have ever birdied three consecutive holes. Pulled off 2 more birdies on the back for my personal best 5 birdies in a single round, never done that before. Too bad I chunked a 3w into the pond 100 yards in front of me on 11 and a 7i into the pond 40 yards off the tee on 17 or this round could have had a really special score...as it is, I shot an 84, just 5 off my PB and with the birdie barrage...I was pretty ecstatic.
    • So, my last round of golf was absolutely crap.  Both good and bad shots found every tree branch, tree trunk, or OB line.  Only thing that worked ok, was my short game because I'd been working a lot more on it recently.  Regarding the swing, I think the biggest part was I wasn't focused.  I was in between two swings and couldn't decide on one or the other or something.  Either I hit a perfectly straight ball or it hooked about 15-20yds.  But, move on, cool. I've been to the range a couple times since that, and I think I've sorted out it out a bit.  The ultimate goal is inline impact and overall reduced wrist action.  Before, I tried to feel like I was swinging a cut swing with a press of my hands/hold off.  It wasn't consistent because of, ultimately, my weight control (it was a little flippy but I think the weight/rotation is the underline cause).  If it didn't get forward enough, I hooked every time. When I got into it, it went straight.  So, how to get my weight more "into it."  My last range session was pretty successful I think and I hope to play a few holes this afternoon to see if I'm getting there.  At set up, I'm squaring up my stance again, if not slightly closed with  the driver.  I have to exaggerate a "low and inside" takeaway (I've always been very vertical).  From there, I want to feel the inside to out path and push left with my body (more than I'd think), which will rotate me around at impact.  I was hitting some straight to push draw ball flights. My swing thought phrase right now is, "inside and push."  Honestly, I'd rather block one slightly right versus see the hook if I miss.  Definitely before I play, I'll get a video it make sure it's not way in to out. I hate sweepers. 

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