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    • We've seen Ram, Lynx, Spalding, MacGregor, First Flight, and several other major brands disappear from the US golf business. I think that it's entirely possible that we'll see a few more follow them by the time this health crisis is over. Course closings aren't out of the question, either.  We just had two very nearby before the pandemic.  Hopefully, I'm completely wrong.   As for equipment trends, with lofts getting increasingly stronger with each model release since the 1970s, I wouldn't be surprised to see set matching wedges make a little bit of a comeback. With so many people already carrying four of them, the latest wave of stronger lofted irons have added a second gap wedge to the set.   That's an 8-iron lofted pitching wedge, a 9-iron lofted gap wedge, and a pitching wedge lofted "gap wedge II" included with GI type sets. May as well add a SW and LW to that, and maybe a 64 flop on top of that!   If the player has to go to specialty wedges, anybody could get the sale. If five or six wedges matching the numbered irons are oftered, maybe some people will buy them. If we go back to the Titleist DCI 962 iron and a few others of that period, matching gap, sand, and lob wedges were offered. Then the newer models stopped offering that to sell more Vokeys and Mack Daddies. Since everything goes in cycles, the matching wedges might come back.  
    • Almost indeed.
    • I ordered the LSW book over the weekend. 
    • The Space Coast is where I live, so what you do is, you move here, buy your wife an annual Disney pass, so she has something to do and can get a bit of a deal when the grandchildren come to visit, they can watch rocket launches too. Problem solved. As far as the humidity goes, well nothing can be done about that, but hey no State tax.

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