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    • Right, so then all of that indicates that the mortality rate is a guess at this point. It might be 2.4% (unlikely), it might be 0.3% (about as unlikely, but somewhere in between). The frustrating thing about this whole thing is the lack of data available. It's almost as frustrating as having to have my wife and kid around 24/7 for weeks or months in a row. 😄
    • I belong to a private club that is seasonal and we pay our dues in Dec/Jan.  It just did open for play albeit with lots of changes to normal operations.  But so far no talk of refunding any part of the dues.  Maybe if this lock down and modified operation continues into the Summer that will initiate the discussions on annual dues.  We'll see.  
    • I've played twice each of the last two weekends.  The weather was finally perfect for golf just this last weekend (and courses no longer totally soggy).  Tee times are sparse but can be had, at least for nine.  I'm sure lots of people are simply forgoing golf right now.  I also think this area is totally over supplied.  Strange thing is, despite all the tee times being gone the courses don't seem over the top busy.  I think the courses are limiting how tee times they allow to be booked.
    • Corona has made practicing bit limited and been kinda lost with different swing thoughts. Mainly trying to dig the source of retracting from ball in the downswing without much light bulbs going on. Course I will play on this summer opens in Wednesday by the looks of it and really excited to play again after so long break. Expect some really high scores at the start at least, since the touch for short game can't be there right away. Irons feel pretty playable at the moment, driver and 3 wood I expect to be really wild since haven't had time to hit many of those. Found this awesome crass field at the nearby course that I recon is meant for practice, luckily not many seem to use it. I decided to see how my gaping with irons are at the moment so I would have idea what to hit on the course. After all having sense of distance you are hitting is such a big help even if balls end up left and right. Hit 3 balls with each club (full swings) using ProV1's (the practice ones, I'm poor after all :D) and took average of those (9 iron below): Results were: 52 degree wedge: 119m/130y PW: 126m/138y 9 iron: 140m/153y 8 iron: 148m/162y 7 iron: 158m/173y 6 iron: 169m/185y Couldn't hit anything longer since the field started to run out. Was kinda surprised with the results since those don't differ much from what I used to have with irons although I'm in far worse physical shape than I used to be. Plan on playing the clubs approx 5-10m shorter than those distances depending of case at least until I get rid of all this clothing...  
    • The Mevo+ is the first "affordable" launch monitor that has piqued my interest, because previously my main hesitation towards buying one was how limited the data you received from the device ended up being. Spinrate is nice to know, but it's substantially more useful when you can also see either the ballflight or the spin axis. Since none of the previous affordable options included a spin axis they felt primarily limited to practice at a full driving range so you could see the ballflight. At a driving range the previous devices feel a little limited to me since I can measure distances myself and am able to determine if spin or launch is too high/low based on trajectory, but the specific data is always nice to have. Adding spin axis, however, means I can get all the information I want when hitting into a net at home. I have enough information to determine what the ballflight will look like and whether I'm making the progress I want to make, without having to go to the driving range to confirm that my feel corresponds to the correct ballflight. I'm looking forwards to seeing if competitors develop similar products and are able to continue to drive prices further down, because this feels to me like the right balance of enough data to appeal to most golfers while excluding data that would confuse them and drive up costs. If you know what the ballflight looks like and you can take videos of your swing, qualified instructors can help you fix the swing details (club path and face angle) that this doesn't measure to produce the result you want to see.

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