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    • Thanks for clarifying. Totally agree. It's confusing though. I read through "Appendix F: Establishing Par", that you cited. It lists the par yardages as "recommended guidelines". Also rule 4.1a states that par and stroke index are found on the scorecard and mentions responsibility for "adjudicating par" in the interpretation. See pages 42 & 43.  Both rule 4.1a and Appendix F reference the scorecard. Including, "an accurate par... should be printed on the scorecard." (Here "should" is stronger than "recommended guideline".) Therefore, in my opinion, the player is responsible for using par as shown on the scorecard. Players should not override the scorecard with yardage guidelines. 
    • Thanks, that's funny. My aunt lives in Dallas as well. Wie komme es, dass Du Deutsch sprichst? German is a difficult language to learn!
    • Thanks guys. I will check my posture with a mirror today at the range. I'll have a look at the ball position as well. If it won't fix it, I probably get a lesson or two. It's strange, that the regular golfer find hitting shorter irons easier. I hit my i7 roughly about 130 yards with good direction control. I think that's ok for a beginner. 
    • Day 28.  5-10 minute wind down at the end of the day, some 9-iron some 6-iron, the usual practice room.   I'm not claiming the achievement yet -- I forget if it's 28 or 30 days so I'm waiting for 30 to be on the safe side.
    • If I had to have a guess, it is that you are standing too far away from the ball with your short irons. I know that sometimes when I get in a funk, this is the cause, and since you are new like me, this could be the problem. Keep playing golf, and keep having fun!

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