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    • Yeah, I was looking at a similar swing of his where at A2 he seems to raise his hands whereas mine keeps going at about the same plane that it starts.
    • We should let Erik take the lead in this as he already advised you and he knows way more than we do, but no to more hinge at A2. What we are taking about is the shaft shallowing and how the backswing plane affects that. See how Robert Rock’s shaft is steeper at A3 than A5? It shallows in transition. And his hands are above his shoulders at A4. That is what we are talking about. But again, let Erik tell you how to get there.  
    • I’ll write up a bit more on this later Christian. Like this evening. We’ve been without power since 3:30 yesterday. Still out.
    • My two companions were taking a bathroom break so I played ready golf and teed off.  Everything worked perfectly for this short hitter.  Dead center of the sweet spot. The slight fade fit the slight dogleg right perfectly, the bounce and roll looked especially long.  Then my buddies arrived.  Jim is a strong player and easily out hits me by 20-40 yards.  I told him there was no way he could even think he would out drive me on this hole.  I said my drive was so pure and long that even Bryson would be impressed. Well, Jim tried to look uninterested but I sensed he really wanted to shut me up.  He went through his usual routine but were his arms just a bit tense in preparation for a mighty swing?? He made a hard swing and hooked the ball into the adjacent fairway.  I love it when occasionally I can get into someone's head.  Jim had the last laugh, beating me by 3 strokes but for one shot I was a "winner".
    • The greens are 12 during the Masters. I’d shoot 68-74.

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