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  1. I didn't feel like playing today. What I did instead, was practice. I spent two and a half hours at the course practicing my all around game. I enjoyed it a lot, though I don't do it nearly as often as I should. Short Game I started with the short game area and hit different types of shots with different trajectories from various lies. The bunker was closed but I'm not sure I would have used it anyway. It looked like it needed to be redone. Pitching: I don't know what happened with my FO angle. Oh well. My pitching has been pretty good after I fixed my ball placement issue. I'm hitting off a fairly tight lie here and making good contact. Could be more floaty. Chipping: This is pretty much my standard chipping motion. It's similar to my pitching motion but with more shaft lean. I can hood the face and hit low runners if I have to, or use different clubs, etc. These are more of a lofted chip - lots of stopping power with spin and trajectory (when I'm not hitting range rocks). This is kind of my go-to motion because it's pretty versatile, especially out of the rough if I'm worried I'm going to slide the clubhead under the ball with a pitch. Not the best option if the fairways are soft, though. Long Game I focused on hitting targets instead of mechanics because I work on mechanics at home. Hit different shots, full swings, finesse shots, partial wedges, etc. Just kind of working on overall command of the club and the ball. Practiced big hooks and cut shots for trouble spots. My "low" cut shot goes like 25' high. That's as good as it gets I guess. I did eventually work on the driver. Couldn't hit it well at all, so I figured ok, let's just slow it down. Started striping it. Weird part was I don't think I was losing any distance even though I felt I was swinging slower (easier?). It felt like I was hitting a finesse shot with that same kind of smooth, controlled swing. Here's what that looks like: Looking at the swing, I think I figured out why that works. I'm so far across the line at A4 that when I swing with my normal fast tempo, I end up transitioning steep and having to make lots of compensations all over the place. When I feel like I'm slowing the swing down, I'm giving myself more time to get the club on the proper plane. That's my theory anyway. As long as it works when I'm playing, I don't actually care too much about the why. I'm going to have to do something about that A4 long term. Also noticed I don't do the right elbow piece well with the driver. Putting I practiced putting. I didn't film it. It was mostly AimPoint calibration and speed control. I do start line stuff at home. Been putting really well lately and I putt well on the practice green, too.
  2. Mine run away long before I ever ask them to retire
  3. Put a Walking Bag together with only 6 clubs,and broke 80 last to times I played took all the decision making out of the process. Anyone else try this.
  4. And now we now DL3 has been added...How EXCITING! Best, -Marv
  5. Today's round of golf was pretty special for me. For the first time in quite a while my wife, definately my better half, joined me for 18 holes. Just her, and her SC putter. A few months ago, she underwent brain sergury to remove a benign tumor. Her rehab was quite remarkable, and she has had no ill effects from the sergury, as of yet. One of the first things we did, at her request, after her sergury was, what I thought was an ill advised road trip. However she, and her surgeon convinced me it would be ok. Of course I took my golf clubs, and she took her cameras. They say doctors make the worst patients, and I kind of understand that now. Her being an orthopedic sergeon (retired) herself, she made sure the folks involved in the pre/post sergury were at the top of their game. They all pretty much knew each other anyways. As I understand it, the young doctor who removed the 20 something staples recieved quite an ear full. An ear full of education So this morning, just out of the blue, she tells me let's go golfing. That she would putt against my full game. What this competition amounts too is she drops a ball on the green, at a spot farthest from the cup, and putts from there. Her par is what the hole is. Basically it's my entire bag of clubs, against her, and one of my extra flat sticks SCameron should be proud. She won today's round by 3 strokes, which means I am on the hook for a dinner, and a show, of her choice, later on this week. I even broke 80. Obviously, even though a loser, I am a happy person. After almost 50 years of marriage I still have the woman of my dreams around who likes to golf. Perhaps next time out (a grudge rematch) she will add a few chips, and pitches to our competition. I'm pretty sure she will still win....😍
  6. I honestly don't think he does. I think if we had a window to his honest and frank thoughts, he didn't give a greasy turd about the President's or Ryder Cups. I think he's an incredibly selfish player and he'd give international competition and wins for a couple of Valspar or other no name tourney wins that would pad his individual stats. His international record does not matter one bit in assessing his career overall. I can be wrong.
  7. Maybe by announcing his own it kills any other potential unofficial biographies.
  8. Homogenization is great if you are a jug of milk...provided you like milk. Where sportscasting is concerned...not so much. Bland is not a flavor. I'd rather listen to someone I disagree with than someone who never expresses an opinion.
  9. Slightly off topic, but I find there two kinds of golf balls. There are some balls that just refuse to be retired. These guys, no matter how bad a shot I hit, will smack a tree or two, bounce off the cart path and rebound onto the fairway. Or they'll take two or three skips off a pond and end up on the edge in the grass. This will happen multiple times to the same ball! It's like they just don't want to die. I recently had a well used ball clank off a foot bridge that crossed a drainage ditch and ricochet into the side of an oak, rebound onto a cart path and ended up in the short rough from which I hit a nice 8-iron 3' from the hole and made the putt for a birdie. I grow attached to these kinds of balls and generally reward them by continuing to play them, sometimes as many as 36 holes or more, until they're just so scuffed and beat up that I can hear them whistle off the tee, at which point they'll go into a side pocket of my bag and end up in the bucket of practice balls in my garage...what I like to think of as a comfortable retirement home for golf balls. Then...there are the other kind of balls, usually brand new, that head off of to parts unknown on the first tee, never to be seen again.
  10. Well hopefully he’ll still appreciate the thanks ...8 years later.😀
  11. Courses, and players, need to stop associating the tee color with gender or age. The reds are ladies, golds are seniors, etc. Its all bs. I know plenty of guys over 60 that are single digits and can carry their driver 260. Look at the yardage, think of your handicap, and pick a tee that way. Not every course has their tips be blue anyways. Their tips may be black, the next tee up is blue, then white. That's why I like when courses number the tees or name them.
  12. Keep the ball low against the wind and club up. Curve the ball agaisnt the wind on side winds and club up. Hit it high on tail wind and club down not as much as you do against the wind. Most important, be extremely patience. In windy conditions everybody will do more strokes than averge. The one who can keep it cool have a huge advantage.
  13. That's a fair point. I wouldn't devote a ton of time to it. But it might turn out that you don't spray it any more or less just making those setup adjustments, which makes for an easy win on the course.
  14. Of course my comment was in jest. It was a follow-up to my prior comment which apparently nailed it. C'mon, a little levity on the forum should be allowed. Golf is not that serious a game.
  15. It's a narcissistic move. He played great for 4 days in April, but what has he done lately? Exhibition or not, I want the United States to win. I don't want a guy who's busy being captain having to also worry about playing well and getting points for the United States. And why should he risk being a goat and not the G.O.A.T.? It's time to give others a chance.
  16. Thanks Guys, I have a club fitting set for Wed. I'm so afraid I may have to buy a new driver after the fitting. Then I want to get fitted for irons. If it goes the way I believe it will , I will need a place to sleep Wed. nite. Thanx again😉
  17. Some on-course swings from our vacation last week. Making sure to keep the "bounce" in my feet to trigger the swing. Really like how dynamic it looks.
  18. We have an article, written long ago by I-no-longer-remember-who, here: https://thesandtrap.com/b/swing_thoughts/he_cheated. It discusses some very brief bits about how Gary Player may have cheated a few times. Recently, someone commented on the article with a link to this video. Watch the little bit at 0:08: Here are some screenshots (though, IMO, the video is more damning): Why do that? Did Gary Player cheat (or breach the rules) by improving his lie here? You can move loose impediments, but this appears to be an area of sand and/or loose soil. Or maybe the rules were different then?
  19. 1 point
    Hope all is better soon... Give some serious thought to a yoga class. They incorporate strength and flexibility.
  20. Just finally made it out this week for some golf for the first time this year. Hitting the ball decently well considering I still have quite a bit of pain in the left hand when swinging and haven't swung a club for a long time again. Just picked up some Glide 2 wedges and l look forward to playing a few rounds this year yet, if the hand holds up. I'll try and stop by here a little more often, but won't really update this thread much as I have no plans to actually work on my swing in the future.
  21. While there may be many grip styles used by the best players in the world, there are certain commonalities of a functional golf grip and I wanted to put this thread together to help illustrate what those are. If you found this thread by searching for information on the golf grip, welcome to our site, we have plenty of other great information HERE and make sure to JOIN, it's free! For any regular users of the site, hope this helps your game or confirms what you are currently doing with your grip. Some pics to highlight some common mistakes Lead hand Big NO in the left pic, grip in the palm. Right pic, heel pad on top, grip in the fingers, it will automatically feel more secure. General idea of how it should look Anatomical snuffbox. If you shot a nail directly through the top of the wrist (in that little indentation underneath your thumb - the anatomical snuffbox) the nail should come out directly through the bottom of your wrist and into the center of the grip. Most poor grips would have the nail come out the bottom of the wrist and miss the grip on the left side. This would indicate the wrist joint not sitting on top of the grip. This is an important aspect of the grip because the incorrect position would assist in early club head throw away on the downswing, basically the wrist joint can't support the downward force of the club. Two sides of the spectrum here. Too weak in the left pic, note the left hand isn't turned enough and the "nail" would be coming out of the left side of the grip. In the right pic, grip is too strong, left hand is rotated too much, lots of cup (dorsi flexion) in the lead wrist. This next bit is more of a variation than a commonality, but I think it's beneficial and probably something new even for experienced golfers. Left pic, short lead thumb, right pic, long lead thumb. Make it easy on yourself and go with the long lead thumb. Greatly assists in the mobility of the wrist hinge on the backswing and downswing. Trail Hand The placement of the trigger finger pressure point (first pad of your index finger just above the knuckle) is important. Too far under can cause the club face to appear too "closed", face aiming towards the sky at the top of the backswing. Too far on top can cause the face to rotate too far underplane on the takeaway. Left pic, pressure point is "on top". Right pic is ideal, pressure point on the side or aft side of the grip. Left pic, pressure point is "under", ideal on the right. Another common mistake in the left pic, right thumb is running down the middle of the grip. A more functional position on the right, just the upper right "tip" of the thumb is in contact with the grip. Left pic position can contribute more to "casting" or losing leverage at too fast a rate. The curvature of the rear hand fits into the base of the lead thumb. Other than looking at your hand position, how do you know if your grip is in the palm of the lead hand? Take a look at some of these clues. Left pic, the "V" of the rear hand is pointing at my sternum, should be aimed more towards my rear shoulder. In the right pic I haven't "loaded" my wrists enough, shaft angle is also too shallow. The shaft would be pointing outside the ball. Since there is a lack of structure to the grip, the shaft "collapses" and gets close to my rear shoulder at the top of the backswing. From there I will have to uncock my wrist angles rapidly to get the club back down to the ball. Golfers will also have a pattern of the location of the wear spot on their glove, under the heel pad, into the palm like the example below. The thumb can also get "shredded" pretty quickly due to the lack of stability in the hand.
  22. He who has the fastest cart has the best lie.
  23. It's my understanding that the left handed swings help strengthen the muscles that are used to help decelerate the club. I experienced something similar when I was a baseball pitcher, your body will only allow your arms to speed up as fast as it can slow them down. I think by training the opposite side in golf (or training with weighted balls even after I should have released the pitch) is comparable to adding bigger brakes on a car. Typically faster cars have bigger brakes. Here is a link that describes it better http://www.mytpi.com/articles/fitness/the_big_break_theory I wouldn't ignore the lefty side completely, and I'm no expert in this stuff, but you should still probably see results even if you did the lefty stuff only once a week. I skipped the lefty ones from time to time last winter especially when it was really cold outside and still saw great results.
  24. A buddy of mine gave me some golf stuff for Christmas including a glove. What I ended up doing was taking it off to putt and then forgetting to put it back on. If it's that memorable, I don't need to be spending money on it.
  25. You may have missed the video @billchao made a few pages ago. Walk.
  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwStCC8f_IQ BTW I keep thinking the ball is called the "MTB Ten" because of freaking Apple. 😛
  27. My league guys know about it and many of them play "found" balls. I gave a sleeve to our Commish and he really liked the black. Another guy plays the red. The cost is what will bring customers in. In one of our tournaments, I lost a ball right off the tee. At the end of the tournament, the Snell Red guy found my Snell Black in the high grass and gave it back to me!
  28. I have been waiting for the final verdict in this issue. In my unbiased opinion, the first time warning was a good call on the USGA's part. There was absolutely no need to change this youngster's future by taking away her amateur status. It seems the USGA did a fair investigation of the issue. She learned a lesson, and is now able to carry on with what ever her amateur status brings forth for her. A possible scholarship for a free education is a pretty good deal for any youngster.. Yes, I know. Rules are rules, breaking rules of any kind have consequences. I know in my own past, ( probably my future too) I have broken rules of one kind or another. I doubt there is anyone on this forum who hasn't broke a rule of some kind, some where in their past or future. It's because I am not perfect human being that I think in this case, the USGA made the right decision with a first time warning.
  29. Yea so, just to clarify to anyone who was wondering, (and feel free to skip over this, I won't be offended) I have this disease called adhesive capsulitis. Here's a link to the wikipedia page if you want a crash course in it. There's a lot of misinformation on it (for example, you cannot prevent it once you get it), but it'll give you a basic idea of what it is. The term "frozen shoulder" is a catch-all used by both doctors and physical therapists to describe any shoulder condition that is both painful and includes loss of ROM (range-of-motion). Unfortunately, adhesive capsulitis gets conflated under this umbrella term. In most cases, rest and some physical therapy will help someone dealing with ROM loss due to an injury to the shoulder; in my case however, PT is both useless and detrimental during the first year or two of the disease. PT only becomes effective once the ball-socket joint begins to "thaw," or rather, when ROM shows signs of returning simply on its own. My left shoulder became symptomatic in June 2016 and didn't show any signs of thawing until September. Even back in July I tried to putt, but the pain was so severe, I left after five minutes. That was a really depressing day. The unfortunate reality of this disease is that even doctors don't know how to cure this. If you see five orthopedic surgeons, three will tell you to get intense PT, one will tell you to get surgery, and one will tell you to do nothing for two years. The latter doctor is the one who understands the condition the best of the five. And I can do PT now that I'm thawing, but rather than do that, I'm just playing golf, which is doing the exact same thing, and is obviously way more fun There is some debate among researches how this disease happens. Some think it is caused by trauma, some believe it is genetic, some believe there may be a viral component. IMO, this is genetic. I thought this was caused by golf, but when the other shoulder became symptomatic in December 2017, and I had done jack shit for over a year and a half at that point, I knew right away this was a disease. The symptoms and their trajectory were exactly the same. Typically, when your second shoulder goes, it's less severe than the first. That was the case for me. Someone I met online who also has this joked that "maybe the 2nd one is easier to deal with because we realize at this point to not do any PT for it?" I agreed. This disease can also attack the hips, but it's much rarer. I've met people online who have had the frozen hip too. I had hip pain in late October that lasted 4-5 weeks, so I was scared my hip was freezing too, but it turned out just to be a minor strain from all the walking I do daily for exercise. I guess anytime i get hip pain now, I'm going to have a panic attack, but such is the nature of the legacy of this disease. Experts have told me I should gradually regain ROM over the next five years and that if I'm lucky I could get 90% back, which I would take at this point. I may get none or I may get 100%. I've met people online who stay frozen forever, with no thawing phase. I know people who are over nine years into their disease. I've met people who had botched surgeries that say this disease is a cakewalk compared to what they deal with now. Within the community, I'm one of the luckier ones, believe it or not. I have something like thirty CVS ice packs in my freezer. It helps a lot. I'm something of a pro at tying ace bandages around my shoulders without any help I also did do PT for this for months in the early going and learned lots of tips and tricks for rehabbing injuries. I definitely learned the frozen cup trick! Plus, I've always had some trouble shortening my backswing, so if there's anything good that comes out of this, that's probably it! Star Wars up in Port St.Lucie was awesome! Outback Steakhouse! Erik getting his usual coke zero! Yea, the sick thing about that was my right shoulder was JUST starting to become symptomatic when we hung out. I think I even mentioned it to you that my right shoulder was feeling weird, but it wasn't for two more months where the symptoms became great enough where it was obvious to me it was happening. Yea, following golf these last 2.5 years has been tough, and for long stretches I disappeared entirely from it. I didn't watch any majors last year. I watched the Honda Classic just because I live down the street from PGA National, but that was it. It was simply too difficult to enjoy it, partly because of the pain, partly because I didn't know if I would ever be able to play again. It's been fun the last couple weeks catching up on tournament highlights, guys like Tommy Fleetwood who have risen to prominence, and watching content from new social media stars like Erik Anders Lang and Brodie Smith. I even got a Mevo in the mail today. And yea, you're right about the shorter backswing. Maybe we should inject @saevel25 with a droplet of this disease to help him with shortening his swing finally? JK. I'm surprised I can hit draws with only max 90 degrees of external rotation from both shoulders. This condition has been extremely difficult though, as you can probably guess. I've gotten the blues at varying times in my life, but I've never suffered depression like this before. The wikipedia page actually gets that part of it pretty spot on. It sucks. But I like to think the worst is over now with this. I appreciate the reply! Yea, so ice essentially just numbs the area, so I get relief from the pain for only a short period of time, but it's better than nothing. Not everyone responds to ice with this, but I do for some reason. Heat makes it worse for me, and I even tried to do hot tub therapy for a while there. I agree that with this particular condition, ice doesn't actually solve anything besides reducing symptoms for a little bit, but I'll take any relief I can get. I basically tried to mix up my usage of pills so I wouldn't overdo any one thing as well. Aleve one day, Tylenol the next, then I would give myself one or two days a week where I would take a Percocet or Tramadol or other opioid. I was very aware of the addiction risk since I know that a huge percentage of people who end up addicted start from the exact situation I was in: chronic pain. It can be from a sports injury, cancer, a car accident, whatever. The rest of the days, I simply just suffered and drank a glass of wine or ate crap. It sucked. I took a ton of vitamins and did try to eat healthy on some days, but I'm not sure it did anything. The avatar works even better when Brandel is in some sort of controversy or scandal. Like when he blocked Dufner or when he makes some claim that has been proven false already. And thanks for the compliments on the post. That advice I gave @Faksakes this morning was definitely born out of learning it the hard way. I simply don't have the strength anymore to waste my time figuring things out on my own. Maybe those of you who have been blessed with decent health can take this advice to heart and focus more on working with a qualified instructor. It really is a waste of time to go searching for it through the dirt because, frankly, life's too short and I'm not Ben Hogan. I just cannot afford to waste a single swing working on the wrong thing anymore. I only get so many swings I can make in a month so I have to make them all count. This doesn't mean I don't have to work hard to get better, I just can't afford to work on the wrong thing. It's funny that I haven't run into her once in like a year and a half or something. I used to see her all over town, but that time at Bed, Bath and Beyond up in Jupiter was the last time. Shame. Maybe she left town? My stalking game is totally slacking these days. But thanks, Michael, I appreciate it!
  30. I've read about this on GCA, yeah… Doak has done some other work there, too. Some of the greens, etc.
  31. I wouldn't play at a course where the owner has refused to pay architects and contractors for no other reason than the knowledge that they would run out of money before he does. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestreptalks/2016/07/13/this-architect-says-trump-almost-destroyed-his-business-but-that-doesnt-mean-they-cant-get-coffee/#9b890e045de9
  32. That's at impact. OP was asking about address.
  33. What do they call a golfer that repairs ball marks at Kittyhawk? ... .... A visitor.
  34. I attended a TaylorMade event for their new driver earlier in the week and wanted to share some interesting slides from the presentation. I'm not starting this thread to promote their new clubs but to highlight how launch conditions have changed and how it can benefit your game. Some of you may be familiar with the term "high launch and low spin", it basically refers to the "key" to hitting your driver further. You get the ball up in the air with a certain amount of spin to maximize carry distance as well as "roll out" distance once the ball lands. Typically, launching it high meant 12-14 degrees and low spin was around 2500rpm. I think there is a huge misconception out there that pros hit the ball low with their drivers, that might have been the case 20-30 years ago but it's a much different story now. Go any professional event and I think you'd be surprised at how high they launch their tee shots. Interesting look at how launch and spin has changed over the past 23 years. Obviously the ball has played a huge role. Older balata balls spun a lot so you had to launch the ball lower to maximize distance. Then with the introduction of solid core, multi-layered balls, players were able to launch it higher since the ball spun less. TaylorMade is now talking about the "Holy Grail" of 17 degrees launch at 1700rpm. I think I first heard these numbers about a year ago. Does this mean you have to go out and buy the latest TaylorMade driver? Not necessarily, they certainly feel that the low and forward CoG helps but basically all drivers are built for "high launch and low spin" playability. Point is don't be afraid to go out and try an 11 or 12 degree driver. JB Holmes was the second player this year to win with a 12 degree driver. The ability to hit your driver with a positive angle of attack will also reduce spin and launch it higher. Here's why all this matters. Two players, Justin Rose and Michael Bradley, ball speed is the same yet Rose hits it 27.5 yards further. Why? Because Rose launches it higher with less spin. Taylor vs Watney is eye opening as well, they hit it the same distance but Watney's ball speed is 14 mph faster. Few graphs on how everyone, 175mph ball speed to 125mph can benefit. If you can hit the ball farther, there is a very, very good chance you'll shoot lower scores. x-axis is spin, y-axis is launch angle Little blurry for the next one. From left to right, Club head speed, percentage of golfers, and suggested lofts. The suggestions are bolded but it's tough to see here. So for: 70-90 - 12 or 14 degrees >90 - 10 or 12 degrees Quick look at the "bag of the future".
  35. There is more than one definition of "single plane swing." Jim Hardy includes Ben Hogan in his. It is certainly worth knowing that different people mean different things when using the same terminology.
  36. Well, i disagree that there is no correlation between shaft lean at address and shaft lean at impact. When you guys say things which imply that imprinting is useless, that is where i get off your boat. I surely believe that if you do not practice correctly what you want to achieve then any achievement will be due to luck. Of course a skilled golfer can assume nearly any address position for demo purposes and still have a favorable impact position. But generally seems best to practice what you want to achieve, not the opposite.
  37. Instead of having the pace of pay clocks on the 1st and 10th holes. They should be on the 6th and 14th holes. Better chance of speeding up if they know they are behind pace in the middle of each 9. Set the clocks so that they are showing the group's tee time as they pass the clock. Having a pace of play clock on the first and tenth hole makes no sense. It is the starter's job to get people on the tee box on time, and most every golfer knows that they should make the turn in 2 hours.
  38. Recently read where if your having trouble coming over the top and hitting a fade or slice that your flaw is your throwing your right shoulder into the ball to early. Your fix is to keep your back pointed towards the target as long as possible after initiating the downswing and that will drop the club inside into the slot and will promote an in to out path that will produce a draw. Agree or disagree?
  39. My swing thought was to slide my left him straight down the target line which also keeps the back toward the target. The hip slide is the first part of my down swing as the arms drop. I was turning my hip at the same time as I was sliding and this resulted in my right shoulder starting to early and an over the top first move. I am finding that it is easier to retain lag when keeping back to target longer,
  40. It's an oldie but a goodie. This tip helped me get my shoulders square or just slightly opened at impact. Also helps to promote your lower body starting the downswing.
  41. Like Butch, it's an old tip that works - if not overdone. You keep your back to the ball a bit longer, allowing your arms to start down ... you're lower body is still doing what it does. As Erik said, it's a general tip, and a good one.
  42. It's not just a setup position of S&T.; It's a setup position of a lot of golf swings.
  43. I've never not played because it is to windy, but then I have limited days to play so I play! I have played in 30+ mph winds with gust in the 40+ range. One of my most memorable shots, 3 iron from 150 yards, hitting from an elevated tee, wind was quartering from left to right, I aimed about 40 yards left of the green, ball starts out low and then the wind picked it straight up in the air and blew it right, ball dropped about 5 feet from the pin (and yes I made the puttI).
  44. R400 is the same weight as an S200..... the numbers correspond with weight not stiffness. The R400 has a weight spread of 7g's over the R200...... So it will still be a Regular Flex, but will FEEL a little stiffer because of weight. It will also be a little less swing weight but not much, a gram or 2 under the S300
  45. I beg to differ with you sir and do not mean to cause an argument but here you go: http://www.truetemper.com/golf/produ...&products;_id=2 The 200,300,400 is weight not frequency
  46. One wrap of tape is approximately 1/64 in. Midsize is 1/16 in. greater than standard, which is 4 wraps of tape. Basically, having two wraps of tape is halfway between standard and midsize. If that's what feels comfortable, then there's no need to change. **edit** Here's my source by the way.
  47. I rarely ever ride. I find it tightens up my back and just throws off my rhythm. Drive, sit there and wait to hit the shot etc.... I have had a history of a bad back and did it in pretty good for almost a month. I just bought a cart bag and a clicgear 2.0 cart. I've played two rounds with it and my back feels so much better at the end of the round not packing my clubs.
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    • not out of line at all...but even when i'm hitting the driver good 230-250, I can still hit my 3W 200-220...straighter.  
    • The margin between the Tigers and Buckeyes had to be thin heading into Championship Weekend. Coming out, the decision is close but clear: LSU belongs on top. Stack the dominating win over the Bulldogs on top of victories at Alabama and at home over Florida and Auburn. Throw in a road win over Texas early and an annihilation of Texas A&M late. Ohio State’s resume is quite good—two wins over Wisconsin, plus one each over Michigan and Penn State. The second-tier wins are wipeouts of Cincinnati and Indiana. It’s a narrow call—but a critical call. By the committee’s own rankings, this tilts toward purple and gold. Georgia came into the weekend ranked ahead of Wisconsin. Florida was ranked ahead of Penn State. Auburn and Alabama were ranked ahead of Michigan. And if the final look test matters, LSU was far more impressive Saturday. What LSU did to the Bulldogs was arguably the most impressive victory any team has had all season. The Tigers shredded a top-five defense for the most points and total yards (483) allowed by Georgia since 2017. They never trailed, and led by double digits for the entire final three quarters. Ohio State, meanwhile, was playing from behind for nearly three full quarters in Indianapolis. The Buckeyes showed their mettle and talent in the second half, but they were on the ropes in a manner which LSU has never experienced all season.   Most experts agree with this. Your arguments for OSU are starting to fade..... You keep wanting to compare apples and oranges. You don’t get it. Nobody cares how much OSU beat their mediocre teams compared to another team’s mediocre wins.    I don’t know that Cincinnati won’t be ranked? They just lost twice in a row to Memphis. Geesh...come on man.  
    • There is a thread somewhere here talking about replacing the battery in the unit.    Game Golf's customer service is definitely lacking.
    • I try to play a bucket list course once a year (this year I was fortunate to play two).  Most recently I played TPC Sawgrass and it cost me over $600 with fore caddy.  Worth it, I would say yes.  Worth it a second time, likely no.   For whatever reason Pebble doesn't speak to me as a "have to play" but there are others where as long as I continue to have the occasional means I am willing to pay more than seems reasonable.
    • Had the annual Fall Men's Scramble yesterday. Our group finished 3rd with 11 under. Really, a pretty nice day, overall. We just came off the course this morning. Ummm, not sure who the guy was hitting the ball today, or should I say trying to hit it. After the first 5 holes, I tore up the scorecard and just tried hitting the ball. Continued like that for the next 10 holes, lots of doubles, picked up before the triples, and just said screw it as we came up to the hole behind our house. Packed it in and drove the golf cart into the back yard. Much better now with a bloody mary in hand.

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