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  1. NM Golf

    Best irons

    Not exactly the best advice. For instance if these are his cobras: Then he could most definitely see improvement in his game with a little equipment change.
  2. Bonvivant

    Best irons

    This is misleading. Sure, swing is the most important, but to say that if one club doesn't work for you then none will is inaccurate at best. He could have been hitting players irons and not know it from the sound of it. Most people choose clubs that work the best for them, not just anything at all. Equipment is important and you should try to find the best fit for yourself, @John Thoms.
  3. I have the sticks in my shop, and the pro shop worker and myself were messing around to see what we can get to with the green. I started the day at 119mph and I wasn't really trying to swing fast, just what my normal swing is. Then we went for it and I got to 139mph while he got to 146mph. I wanted to get to 140 but I got tired. It pumped me up a little bit because I hadn't been swinging fast for a while, and I think I found out why as I started getting into the upper 130's. Need to feel the hands "release" more (I don't like that term but its hard to explain). Felt like the arms were trying to do too much and the hands nothing.
  4. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in my right hand. For several years, the VA had been telling me it was an "Essiential Tremor" from the result of aging. I was at my regular Doctor one morning going over some test results related to my Thyroid. He said, "Why don't we look into the tremor in your right hand. It's probably nothing serious but let's just be sure." Six months later, a Neurologist confirmed it was indeed Parkinson's and with some other medical issues, suspect that it was the result of Agent Orange from my tour of Vietnam. The Neurologist said to start working out on a "Recumbent Bike." I did for awhile until my left knee started hurting and so I started playing golf. Playing golf, with medication, has done wonders for my tremor in that I can hold my hand steady when I address the ball and during hitting. I can still fly my airplane, writing is difficult after writing a large amount. Other than that, the tremor is not noticeable unless you see my hand shaking while waiting to tee off. I have lost some strength in my upper body and arms but with diet and exercise it is gradually returning. I started playing on "Sand Greens" and then joined a Golf Club in Hays, Kansas where I now play 2 to 3 times a week. (Grass Greens) My goal was to break a 100. (I did earlier this summer) My goal was to break 95. ( I did this summer) My goal was to break 90. ( I did a few weeks ago and seem to be able to maintain that. 82 & 84 & 88, and I usually play from the whites unless we are all Seniors and we still play mostly from the whites but do play Senior tees occasionally.) My next goal, probably next year will be to break 80. That may take awhile but there will come a day where everything will fall into place and it will happen. I am 72 and never paid for a lesson. My Dad was an excellent golfer and always got me pointed in the right direction. Retired Old Man
  5. For the past two or three weeks, I have been in a scoring slump. I normally shoot around 43-47 for nine holes. I had about a two week period where I shot 52 or 54. I just recently broke out of that slump with a 43!
  6. I have always been one to not let anything bother me when golfing. Bad/good shots, slower/ faster players, weather, noises, and anything else you might think of. i just hit the ball. Go find it, and hit it again. Well, today I was happily taken out of my golfing wheel house. Had a good round going. I was heeding my caddie's advice. Had a 4 shot lead on the rest of group. The few bucks that were at stake, were almost in my pocket. Things were just going good. My phone starts vibrating, which I ignored at first. After the third call, I answered. It was my Granddaughter. She wanted to know when we would be returning home. I told her I was not sure, and asked why. She told me we had to go shopping for a set of golf clubs. (??????) Huh? She then told me she joined her (freshman) highschool golf team. First day of school, and she's on the golf team. This was a total surprise for me to hear. A total shocker Since I was on a golf course myself, we cut our phone call short, to be continued in about 6 holes. For the next 6 holes my game went to crap. It dropped so bad, my caddy even noticed my play deteriorating. He finally asked "bad news?" I explained what was going on, and that I was one happy Grandpa. He smiled, patted me on the back, and said lets finish this. As it turned out, on the last green, my bag man gave me a good read, which helped preserve a one stroke win for us. As for my Granddaughter, she had been doing tryouts, on the sly, with a set of my previously owned clubs. Her parents knew about it, but she wanted to wait and see if she made the team before telling me. Today after school, there was a golf meeting, and she was told she was one of 3 freshman girls on their team. Although I had introduced all 6 of our Grandkids to golf, none really showed much interest to continue on with the game. Like I said, this was a shocker. Even Grandma was cought by surprise. Fortunately, there is no rush to get home to go club shopping. Their practices don't start for a while, and their league play a month or so after that. She told me she needs everything but a putter. That, she likes the putter she is using. This was funny, because a while back she told me "that for a $300 putter, this thing does not make many putts". To top it off, last month she tried out, and won a spot with the freshman cheerleading squad. She will have a full plate, with classes, and sports. Yeah, I am a happy Grandpa.
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    • Yeah, I've always felt that as long as you have something reasonably descent to practice/play with; then get out there and practice/play. In all likelihood your swing will change a lot during your first few weeks/months playing.  I surveyed my golfing buddies and nearly all of them started with hand-me-down clubs. Oddly, I was the exception to that. I bought a $150.00 set of Knight Centauri Boxed Set. (I literally bought them on the way to the golf course for company league night.) I played the driver/3 wood/5 wood from that set for about a year, and the irons for about 4 or 5.  I don't think Knight still makes men's golf clubs, but I have fond memories of that set. 
    • Looks like the European Tour is doing something like this. 78 men and 78 women competing against each other for the same purse/trophy with OWGR points awarded. I have lots of questions but it will be interesting to see this play out.  European Tour, LET announce new mixed event The Scandinavian Mixed will feature men and women competing with and against each other for the same trophy and the same purse.  
    • it's your money, do what you want (though I agree with the poster, that it's more cost effective to get a used set to learn with.  though do NOT pluck a rusty anything and try to learn with that thing.  I also wouldn't recommend to someone learning to bowl to just start with a cinder block....)
    • Played 9 after work on Monday, lost 0, found 4. So not to start a new thread, but how many balls do you typically find in a round?
    • But you still can’t drive a nail very effectively with a screwdriver. If the clubs aren’t at least marginally suited to you, you’re not likely to progress and may get frustrated quickly and never really give the game a chance. Does someone “need” $3500 worth of clubs to learn/enjoy the game?  Of course not.  But a decent, relatively “full set”, even if used, that are appropriate in terms of physical fit and shaft will go a long way in starting out.

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