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  1. Interpretation 14.2c/1 specifically allows you to line "align" some marking on the ball when you replace it. The example is aligning the trademark, but it would apply equally to any other marking on the ball. This very specific permission overrides any more general prohibition elsewhere in the rules. That's how Rules work, with generalities, and then more specific (overriding) exceptions. This isn't too dissimilar to the idea of "play it as it lies." Generally, you may not ever intentionally move your ball during the play of a hole, other than by striking it with a club. Then there are exceptions, a bunch of specific circumstances where you have specific permission to move it, in a specified manner.
  2. I played golf (sort of... mostly I knocked it sideways) with @Slice of Life and @Divot Master at the Erie event this past weekend and have to say it was an absolute pleasure. @Slice of Life brought a friend along who was a great guy as well. Not sure if he has a screen name or not. A special thanks to @Divot Master for continually finding my ball even when I hit in places where I was planning on just leaving it there. If anyone gets a chance to do one of the forum events I strongly encourage it. With any luck you may even get to hear one of the most anti-climactic stories about a half-eaten bagel in the history or stories about half eaten bagels. I heard it told by @GolfLug with an assist from @saevel25 and I will never forgot the absolute sense of indifference that filled my heart as the story limped to a prosaic conclusion. ... Just kidding. It's a great story.
  3. After an 11 on hole 1 of Whispering Woods (talk about rough), I proceeded to shank my tee shot on hole 2 (a par 3), completely fat my second shot, only to chip in from ~25 yards. It ain't much, but it's honest work.
  4. It was my pleasure Carl. There are far too many people with a sullen attitude, especially when on the course and I was happy to share a cart with someone that could smile, even after a poor shot, gale force winds, or torrential downpour.
  5. I mostly laughed. I qualified Sunday as comedy.😆
  6. Lol! Glad to provide a filler story in between interesting sips of beer (or whatever version of pop).. BTW, appreciate you warning everyone about woes of turning 50... nose hair explosion and all. Lol.! Right around the corner for me so I got that to look forward to... 😆
  7. I hope you're not healthy because of those bad habits...
  8. You don't like cake?! That's it. I'm removing you from my friends list.
  9. I'll show you how to hit this one over the weekend, we have plenty of these lies at Stoneleigh.
  10. There are two things that usually work for me in this situation: Choke down on a wedge and toe it down, do a putting stroke type of motion. Manage my expectations. Getting down in three from some situations is the best I can realistically expect.
  11. A. It’s ridiculous to consider a drawn line on the ball to be an “object” as meant in the rules. So no, it shouldn’t be illegal. B. Draw anything you like, just don’t slow down pace of play with your alignment routine. Hell, I know knuckleheads who spend time aligning their ball on the freaking tee! C. However you do it, at least mark your ball for identification. Too many still don’t do that...
  12. I'm with Matt, I think of this as similar (not identical) to a bunker shot. Set up open, open the face to the line. I want to have a significant amount of clubhead speed so the grass behind the ball doesn't kill it all, but lots of loft to keep the ball from going real far. The idea of a steeper attack helps to decrease the amount of grass you have to swing through. This is the difference from a bunker shot, the steep approach, and the early finish. The other REALLY important thing, you don't want to hit this shot a second time. Get it out of the rough on your first try, no matter what. A 20, 30, even 40-foot putt is almost certainly better than having to try this again.
  13. That is probably because the ball is forward in your stance so that will promote a more of a fade/slice since the arc of the path goes left.
  14. It's not. There are only recommendations. No such thing as a legal or illegal pin placement. Anyways, as for the deep rough I'd just have Fatrick Reed play the shot for me... 😉
  15. Just my first glance at it. It looks like your hands don't get down fast enough to allow the club head to swing out at the ball. With your amount of turn at impact, you are pulling the club path left. There is a finite distance between the club head and the left shoulder. If you are way open at impact then it will pull the club left.
  16. I didn't know anything closer was illegal? Oh well.. How I would play this shot. I would take my lob wedge, open it up. Set it down behind the ball and then line up to the club so it's forward in my stance. Get the center of my chest to be just in front of the ball with a lot of weight on my front foot. I want to pick the club up vertical and hit down a bit steeper than I would normally do to combat the grass gripping the golf shaft. I will just let gravity and my pivot generate a ton of speed. There will be very little follow through since the club is coming in steeper and I want gravity to do most of the work. The ball should just pop out.
  17. Sounds like you might want to go with more of a specialty shot, such as a flop. I only just learned the proper technique for these last weekend, but it is something I'm working on getting confident with as I do see some value in being able to hit it when the situation arises.
  18. OK, reviving the thread here after a few years layoff. It is time to get busy. Here are a few things I am working on. Centered turn focusing on right hip turning back instead of sliding... Here is the hip forward drill aka humping the g. Finally a couple of swings. Making progress. Going to work on the centered turn today and working on the right elbow gap at the top. Thanks for visiting.
  19. If THERE is going to be an exception on the tee box, then you are contradicting yourself. Using a line on the ball to line it up is either legal or not. Placing an alignment stick down on the tee box is just as illegal as putting one on the putting green. It offers just as much advantage on the tee box as it does the green. It assists a player in lining up a shot. I sense the conflict within you. Let go of your hate. Added: For the record, I did read the article, and it reminded me why I don't read the mindless drivel in golf mags.
  20. San Fran is known for drastic changes in humidity, which will prompt BD to pull out this chart below on every shot to calculate air density. I expect to see him have his caddy perform a wet bulb measurement before each shot and take air temperature readings to complete the calculations. So for this reason, I hope BD blows up and shoots 19 on one hole and misses the cut. I am assuming he can read this chart. He didn’t graduate though, so maybe he never took the actual hard classes at SMU
  21. The do hit it as far as me, which is part of the reason I watch. I like to see how good players with my distance play shots. Bernard Langer is a great player, but I’d rather watch Danielle Kang. For men’s golf, the PGA and Euro Tours and a better show.
  22. I agree it is not against the rules as written. We do have a ‘guideline’ of 40 seconds to play a shot. The people who use the line tend to violate this guideline, especially Pros. The green is the only place we don’t have to play it as it lies. I tried the line a long time ago one half season. It was slower and didn’t seem to help. Then I read a Stan Utley’s The Art of Putting in which he stated that many good putters don’t even have there dominant eye directly over the ball. I did the test in his book and my dominant eye was inside and behind the ball by about and inch. So using the line, which requires my dominant eye above the ball, would require me to change my stance. So I got fitted. The result of the fitting was my aim was pretty good (1/2 cup left). A few adjustments to loft, lie and length and I was dead center. Now I put the ball down with no markings at all to distract me. I use AimPoint to read, which is fast and take no practice swings, which is fast. If my ball is clean and not in the way of another player, I don’t even move the ball at all. It makes me crazy when I see Bryson D take two minutes to line up a putt with the line and his putter shaft and remark and move 5 times. I get overjoyed when he misses.
  23. We tend to practice too fast. Check this thread out.
  24. As is tradition in my household, I will be taking some time to focus on watching the first major of the year!
  25. I know when I am going to have a decent round when I start strong. Any idea why the back was different?
  26. I disagree with the Instagram garbage. I mean come on...same shit was said before he came back out and won his first tournament followed by another major. FFS it’s like constantly moving the bar of expectations higher and higher. The guys the GOAT and has a damn good chance to keep winning tournaments. I’d tell whoever this guy is to STFU.
  27. 2020 PGA Championship: John Daly among mass of withdrawals for TPC Harding Park - CBSSports.com Long John won't be participating at in the PGA Championship, and he's just the start of the list Pretty sweet to see this slob WD along with some other ‘ no reason to play’ guys thus allowing much more deserving players such as HV III play. Good move.
  28. The charities supported by the events care about them.
  29. No, and I don't intend to. Then it should also be illegal to have a mark on the top of the putter? Is this not also an alignment aid? Where does it end? It is illegal to put something on the course, not your equipment.
  30. I don't care what is on your ball as long as you don't remark it three times on your one foot putt. They make medication for that.
  31. The manufacturers already print an alignment aid.
  32. Finally got out with a buddy who spends much of the year in AZ. He has always been willing to critique my game despite getting regularly thumped. On the opening hole, a par 5, two marginal shots found me 185 yards out in the left rough on a cool dewy morning. The hole was located well left, behind a cavernous greenside bunker. For me, a perfect shot would be just right of the bunker, setting up a longish 1st putt. I grabbed my fairway wood and set-up for a slight fade to the right side of the green. Long was preferable to short as short started to flirt with the bunker. My always aware buddy commented, "All your clubs look the same", noting that I was hitting the same club as my second shot. "Thanks for noticing, Pat" I hit it solidly, with a nice trajectory. It was headed for the corner of the bunker but had just enough fade to miss a step to the right. The ball landed softly and ended pin high, 30 feet right of the hole. A simple 2-putt and I was off to the races. Pulling off that shot seemed to jump start my game. Close to my best ball striking day of 2020.
  33. I laughed, I cried, It was better than Cats. It was great meeting everyone. Really, a lot of fun. Now, I have to find a white belt.
  34. I couldn't be more happy about all of this. It was a real treat meeting everyone and getting my butt kicked by a windy Whispering Woods. P.S. Buddy Christ is back baby!
  35. Lot of fun this weekend, thanks @iacas for setting up another good outing. Good to meet all of you guys, looking forward to the next one.
  36. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. Today was a blast and I was glad we only go hit with a few short lived rain showers.
  37. Great day (weekend) of golf. Thanks to @iacas for setting this up. If only I could make 4' putts, I'd have another $60 to spend on golf instruction! Even short-handed, Group #4 (@RFKFREAK, @DrizZzY) cleaned UP - quota game winner and (8) skins...
  38. Some data: The winner (@DrizZzY) of the quota game and $80 shot +1 to his quota. There was a three-way tie for second, and @DinnerTime won $60 for making a three from 137 out on the ninth hole, defeating @Hardspoon and @Slim_Pivot, all of whom had -3. The next batch of scores was -5, -8, -9, -10, -11, -12 (2), -13, -17, -23, -24. @saevel25 finished ninth and won $20. Net skins ($10 each): @Bonvivant, @vasaribm, @Hardspoon (3), @RFKFREAK (2), @Slim_Pivot. Gross skins ($16 each): @DrizZzY (3), @saevel25, @Slim_Pivot. Hole scores - gross (winner)/net (winner): 4 / 3 3 / 2 (@Bonvivant) 4 / 4 3 / 2 (@vasaribm) 3 / 3 3 / 2 (@Hardspoon) 5 (@DrizZzY) / 5 4 / 2 (@RFKFREAK) 3 (@Slim_Pivot) / 2 (@Slim_Pivot) 4 / 2 (@Hardspoon) 2 / 2 4 / 4 3 (@DrizZzY) / 2 (@RFKFREAK) 3 / 2 5 (@DrizZzY) / 5 4 / 3 3 (@saevel25) / 3 4 / 3 (@Hardspoon) We had one late withdrawal, so I threw the last $20 in for the payouts.
  39. This video helped me a lot with my alignment. I was definitely one of those that would have their front shoulder pointed much further right of the target
  40. This is far more likely to be a swing issue than anything to do with changing balls. A couple hundred RPMs of spin off the driver isn't going to turn a drive where you "love the distance and accuracy" into a slice that you can't control. This. Especially if you are generally shooting around 100, you will probably have a lot more success getting comfortable consistently playing a little chip and run around the green rather than trying to nip the ball perfectly for a hop and stop kind of shot. Your misses will be a lot more acceptable and your good shots won't be any worse for the most part.
  41. Do you really think a Pro V1 is going to make an ounce of difference to a 30 hcp?
  42. Major props for @iacas. Runs the site, always online, always moderating. Has to deal with all of our nonsense. Can’t really say enough. @Vinsk‘s posts are my favorite to read. @phillyk’s swing is fun to watch
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