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  1. Today’s Session 10-27-20 GOALS: Internal rotation of trail hip Wider, shorter backswing (if goal 1 gets easier) Swings (with 8 iron today) Goal 1: Trail legs This looks like success to me. Trail knee is facing pretty straight (FO). Goal 2: Wide arms, shorter backswing I was not able to try this too much today. Goal 1 still took too much mental effort. I will be able to work on shortening backswing soon. I must get the club to go more “around” and less “up”. This path causes shanks for me. Takeaway must be more “low and away” Arm action seems wide enough. Just have to not hinge wrists up so fast. Also my head is not twisting and kinking as bad. I’m not thinking about it, but it is doing better.
  2. Here's my first (final?) stab at groupings: Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:00: @iacas @Slim_Pivot @Divot Master Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:10: @Hardspoon @Hardspoon's genetic near-equivalent @saevel25 Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:00: @DaveP043 @DaveP043's better half @saevel25 @Divot Master Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:10 @iacas @woodzie264 @Hardspoon @billchao Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:20 @GolfLug Wife of @GolfLug (non-playing) @davechen Offspring of @davechen I've invited a guest, but he's unlikely to be able to play. However, if he's able to play, then CBS and FOX are going to flex @billchao to the 9:20 group. This is also true if the non-playing person (wife of @GolfLug) opts not to see the sights.
  3. Does anyone doubt that being more fit improves your golf? In my experience, serious golfers will work out for golf. The rest… will not.
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