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  1. Guys I played many events against Jack.-He was better than me. But hell at this point Sean O'Hair is 10x the golfer I ever was. Jack had much weaker competition in his day - ME! Me and a bunch of club pros.
  2. Played today and shot 88, counting all my strokes.! After approximately 1 year of practice and playing after a 10 year layoffs, i'm finally starting to see progress. The key was simply keeping the ball in play, avoiding double bogeys, trying to make smooth wings and not trying to kill the ball. Only made 1 double after a ball OB, Now need to work more on my short game. if i hd been able to get the ball up and down, and putted better, could have shot 84-85,. but that;'s golf. I've never played a round where i didn't leave at least a couple of strokes on the course.
  3. Yeah, they better watch out for me in next year's club championship!~ I'm after their asses now.
  4. A brief story about my golf adventure during a business trip to visit an Italian carmaker in Turin. Even though it is unlikely that you plan a golf trip to this course I wanted to share and keep a record of my story and a few photos. ---- It has been about 40 minutes and the second taxi driver was about to give up on my plan and wanted to drop me off at the hotel again. “I don’t know no course here mister” he said. My phone’s battery died and one minute later we saw a narrow path leading up to a gate. “Could you try that route please? Our last try, ok?” I said - it was 11:00 am sharp and we read Le Fronde Golf Club on it. We had an extra day at the end of our business trip and the other colleagues traveling with me chose to visit Milan. I had found a golf course on the map near Turin but no staff on the phone at the club spoke English – I tried my luck without booking. For work I travel internationally over 60% of the year and I usually bring my golf shoes, gloves and golf clothes to most business trips where I rent the clubs. The grandmother at the reception immediately greeted me with a big warm smile and spoke to the taxi driver who was super relieved. She served him a homemade lemonade and they agreed that he will pick me up by 3pm. I had arrived at what appears to be a local golf course in a village where tourists usually don’t frequent. It was surrounded by beautiful mountains, hills and similarly looking family houses and a few Etruscan landmarks. It was September, 95°F and near 12:00 noon when I hit my first tee shot and first orange golf ball ever. I believe that I was the only player and at past noon the temperatures felt like over 100°F, but I was happy and relaxed. The TaylorMade set they gave me was very nice and the grips seem to have been recently replaced. Here are a few more pictures of the course. I’m not a selfie, Instagram or food picture guy so I only took a few pictures when I was resting or enjoying the view. This at the driving range where a family had just arrived after lunch: The hospitality: After I showered and went to the clubhouse the grandmother had prepared a warm sandwich made with Italian ciabatta. She also gave me a fresh lemonade drink and fruits. I realized that the clubhouse has a swimming pool and I was desperate to swim in it, but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. Perhaps I would have interrupted the peace of the local members who were reading books by the pool side. As I paid about $50 for 18 holes, par 5, she said that the meal and the club rental were on the house. To return the friendly offer I bought a golf shirt and gloves from her shop. Even then the shop employee, who appeared to be her family member, gave me a pack of Le Fonte branded golf balls as a free gift. We only communicated in gestures and with smiles, and this was one of my best golf experiences even though I played alone. The same taxi driver was already there and he picked me up before 3pm. My score was 94. This is their website. It is only in Italian. Home Campo da golf, Golf club, associazione sportiva dilettantistica - End -
  5. Love the studio setup. Reminds me of the old days I had a similar setup but then I ingrained a lot of feelings and don't need to go the extremes 😂
  6. Interesting, and I think stacking on your lead side is a natural feeling as well for some people, nothing radical at all, feels dynamic if anything
  7. This week I started incorporating elements of S&T into my swing. It's been a revelation for me. I am doing 5 things... Leaving weight 55/45 in favour of the left leg at the top of the backswing. Backswing turns around my body more - zero "up" with the club (my position at the top of the backswing keeps my hands just above my head because of the plane even though I feel like I am swing in and around on the takeaway). Hip slide (not turn) initiates downswing. Let rip with the arms. By the time I make contact 80% (at least) of my weight is on my left side. Short term results from range and 9 holes... I feel way way more confident over the ball and during the swing. The thought of chunking or topping just doesn't enter my mind. 100's of swings this week and I hit the ground in the same place (after the ball) every time with short irons. On the range, I am hitting the ball '2 clubs' longer. Added about 20 yards to my 7 iron. Biggest improvement is with driver and fairway woods. Slice is gone and hitting it longer. I have even been hitting the driver off the deck really well this week (just wanted to see if I could do it as I never have been able to before). I don't know why I have seen such dramatic improvement, but I am amazed - I suspect it's because my major flaw with my swing for years was swaying on the backswing...something I just could not control. I am not so loose in the shoulders and back and it was impossible for me to really elimiate the sway when transfering weight to the right side and turning shoulders 90 degrees. Just got back from a 9 hole par 3 round - I scored 1 under par. Not bad for someone who rarely breaks 90 on a full course. Going to stick at this S&T thing for a while and see if I can make the consistency of strike this week last.
  8. Have you ever taken one of those practice balls to the face?! Geez man, get a net, or at least put foam on the wall.
  9. Been a while. Playing season has started, so I've been practicing a lot less and playing more. Unfortunately, it's been an inauspicious start scoring-wise. Short game is especially atrocious, and I have just started practicing that. Decided to film the swing at home. It's a beautiful day, but I'm stuck inside working. Will get to the range this weekend. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how these look. I think I could use some more shoulder turn/hip turn on backswing and loosening up the wrists a bit. These were short swings, but pretty close to full speed. Would love any feedback. I've included some stills below with markings too. Thanks!
  10. I played three, 9 hole rounds this past week.This abbreviated play week was due to inconsistent weather, and personal stuff going on. I averaged 4.53 strokes per hole. My putting average for the week was 30. 2 per round. These numbers are in the normal range for my game, although I think I could have putted a little better. I missed a few that I thought were easy ones. Then again, I also made few tougher ones. It all equals out I suppose. Shot of the week was a missed, 165 yard, almost hole in one. Missed it by a couple of inches. The tap in bird putt was a good thing though. Better weather is moving into the area. Hopefully our warm to hot summer is going to start developing. I like playing in the higher temps. Overall, I score better in warmer weather.
  11. @Waddaplaya Most driver shafts are 46 inches long and feature a parallel tip section of 3 to 6 inches. That allows the club builder some latitude when assembling the club. Keep in mind that "driver shaft" is something of a misnomer - the same shaft, trimmed appropriately, can be used to build a 3 wood, or 5 wood, provided the bore diameter is suitable. Oh well...great minds think alike. Excuse the redundant post.
  12. Raw shafts are 46 inches 99% of the time. A few come raw 47 inch. If you buy a fairway wood shaft they are usually around 43 inches raw. In any case, you have to cut them down unless you are looking to play a 47 1/2 inch driver.
  13. Stealing from Hunter S Thompson: “Golf is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.”
  14. Biggest difference I see with these shafts is the balance point, assuming the weights are the same you are looking at. The Black will hit it lower in theory than the Yellow or Smoke depending on the golfer. The swing weights will change depending on what shaft you use unless TM re weights the head after assembly. The Black is the heaviest in the tip section, the Yellow the heaviest in the butt section, and the smoke somewhere in the middle. Not sure how that compares to the Ping shaft however.
  15. I have 5 wedges, although I don't even consider my PW as a "wedge" anymore because it's just another iron as fas as I am concerned. I also rarely hit a full wedge, just my 50 degree mainly. It's so versatile, I'd rather hit a 3/4 50 than a full 56. Generally I find that there are enough circumstances with the shots that I can hit, where a 60 and a 64 degree wedge are very useful. If you don't hit the shots where you either have a distance gap by not having one, or you just score the way you want with less lofted clubs then you probably don't need one. Do you find yourself going, a lot, "If only I could have hit that higher I could have saved a shot"? if yes, then you might consider it, if not then save the effort. I have a 50,56,60 and 64 set. I rarely need to hit the 64 anywhere near full, I do it maybe 4-5 times a year. But I do use it a lot when I have little green to work with. It is notice-ably hit and stop, which helps a lot. 60 degree might be the same for you. There is such a different between my 56 and 60. When I choose wrong, I frequently feel like I lost a shot because I didn't use enough loft and it ran away.
  16. Pro v1 for me. Even as a modest player (averaged around +20 for a while) as soon as I used this ball I dropped a couple of shots the next round, and it wasn't coincidence. After buying new clubs and going to pro v1's I dropped 6 shots in about 3 rounds and can highly recommend anyone thinking of trying them to just go for it and see for yourselves.
  17. @hoselpalooza The 5 wood competed, for quite some time, with a 17 degree hybrid. The hybrid flights the ball lower and was a better choice in windy conditions or in situations where more roll out was preferable to less. The courses I play, however, favor less roll out than more...lots of dog legs and lots of holes where carry is more important than total distance. The 5 wood stops sooner. If I played on more open courses, where roll out was a good thing, I'm certain my opinion would be different. For me...it comes down to where do you play and what tools do you want in your kit. Not saying one is better than the other; just that the bag winds up being the bag depending on what works in a given situation.
  18. In Australia? I don't agree with a lot of what you wrote there. At all. Golf doesn't have to be that expensive. You can walk at a pretty good 18-hole muni (I play it regularly each year) for $15. Plenty of minority players to be seen and play with and enjoy their company.
  19. Here is a video of a mini tour guy who loves driving irons and has gamed a 2 iron for years testing out a 5 wood. Towards the beginning, the fitter talks about some advantages of the 5 wood including spin and descent angle especially if it is a club that will be used for approaches into par 5s.
  20. If you read down in the article Redtail, Eastmoreland, and Heron Lakes make money. They're great tracks for muni courses and always pretty busy, so that's not surprising. They could use a bit more upkeep at times, as one might expect. Regardless, it sounds like Colwood is the dog, and that's a s***hole, so no surprise there. I am surprised they left Rose City off the makes money list. That and Heron Lakes are the best of the lot.
  21. oh, now we bring up freakin' Diocles again? seriously, there were about 12 total guys that were on the circuit. Depth of field was minimal and half of those guys didn't even survive into middle age (around 16 years old) - four of them raced with only one arm - Hertopoles was only on the circuit because his Dad, the Senator pull some strings. Every race Diocles was in he only had 2 competitors even close - it's easy to dominate when they were off pillaging in Hibernia and Numidia. 300 of his wins were just against his own horse trainer because there weren't anyone else that showed up. Now - Amestothesis raced against a larger field, they had better training, and he won or placed in nearly 20% of every race he ran. As soon as math was invented Diocles even changed his criteria of GOAT from percent of wins to total $$$ once he saw the youngsters crushing wins out. You Diocles guys just move the bar when the argument gets tough.
  22. Congratulations, and welcome to TST! Please feel free to contribute whenever and wherever you see something interesting. I'd be interested to find out what made this round different and better than your normal round. I know that most of my "good" rounds come when I consistently strike the ball well. That keeps me in play, minimizes penalties, and gets me close to the green in regulation almost every time. Occasionally my short game and putting will produce a good score when my ballstriking is sub-standard, but that's pretty rare. My BEST scores come when my ballstriking, chipping, and putting is all really good. So for you, I'd suggest the same approach. Improve your ballstriking, your full swing shots. Tee shots in play (and longer is better as long as its in play), second shots on or near the green, its hard to make a bad score on a hole when you do those two things well. Second, short game shots should ALWAYS end up on the green, two-chips are bad. Last, putting, make your share of 5 and 6 footers, and minimize 3-putts when you're further away. Last, you can learn a whole lot by reading Lowest Score Wins. Lowest Score Wins - Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW Shoot lower scores on the golf course… NOW! This isn't swing instruction, but more about all kinds of decisions. Evaluating your game and deciding what to practice, and deciding which shot to try on the course, along with lots more.
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