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  1. I might do that anyways, so not a big deal to get stressed out about a double bogey. I am not a fan of allowing 5% of the round to dictate my entire round.
  2. Shot a 41 with no hooks! Had three up and downs and only 13 putts with 5 one putts.
  3. I will and try to get some swing video this weekend. My daughter is letting me use her fancy phone stand and I will be able to get behind the line and face on. I will even put my Zepp on and give you the data from it for that swing. That is weather permitting, right now in Central Texas with weather can be iffy with rain and thunderstorms. That, and it is getting hotter than Hades already.
  4. Years ago I commented in this thread that I was happy using a modified JV swing. Until you mentioned CHANNEL LOCK, I hadn't heard of it. I watched some videos and found that because so few were picking up that swing, the guy was not doing anymore videos. I haven't taken Channel Lock to the course, which is the only real test, but I have hit hundreds of shots out of my backyard (to an empty space on the course next to my yard) and I am landing balls in a very tight circle with all irons. Also, some of the drivers I hit were the longest I have hit it years. We have a shoot out this Friday, can't wait. As compared to JV's swing, Channel Lock seems more akin to the "universal" swing I used for many years, so it seems more natural. We shall see.
  5. Have been playing some very solid golf lately, couple of low and mid 70s rounds has dropped my handicap to the lowest it has ever been, 4.8
  6. Here's what's causing the inconsistencies and the feeling of "throwing" at the stuff. You come down too shallow, and that forces you to throw the clubhead out, which means your hands have to swing around to the left sooner than they otherwise would. There's a lot to work with here - you've got a generally good swing - and a lot of little pieces that all go into this, too. Consider this, though: Your left wrist is arched at the top. Those who play like this - Dustin Johnson for example - typically have to rotate HARD coming down. You're still almost square just before impact. The hands have to go somewhere. Your wrist CUPS during the downswing. Consider also Day 4 in my 30-day plan. I'd love to hear what you think about the above (all, not just Day 4).
  7. Sorry for your loss. I'd suggest perhaps donating the set to a nearby golf facility, perhaps one that works with veterans or disabled individuals. They're not worth much at all; likely not even worth the time it would take you to sell them for a few bucks.
  8. You have a very good swing. The thing I see is you take the club back a little under plane and get your hands too far behind your body. Your downswing is on a good plane, but I think you’ll see more consistency in your ballstriking if your backswing plane was closer to your downswing plane.
  9. Watch the first video to get the idea of what happens and how to get that lateral move towards target. Use the second videos drill to work on it.
  10. I don't see the point in that, particularly when your first "lie" isn't a "lie." I've renamed the topic. It no longer reads "Core Lies You Believe That Destroy Your Golf Swing" but instead reads "I've Solved the Golf Swing, Take 497." Again, in mostly good fun for now, because I think it's highly unlikely some random person is going to figure out something that other almost surely smarter people haven't yet. So, out with it. At which point I'll rename the title again with something that makes more sense and applies to your "theory."
  11. Oh boy. Where's the proof? The weight does shift back and then forward during the golf swing. The game's best players do this. The pressure shifts even more, and the weight shift on the backswing is not as great as some people think, but it's still there. On the "random new guy pitches an earth-shattering, never-heard-or-seen-before swing thing" scale, which goes from albatross to triple bogey, I'll give you a bogey. You gained points for: "All of golf instruction is bad but I have the secret" vibes. Outrageous but unproven claims. Citing something as "wrong" that almost none of the game's best players do. You lost points for: No video, no website, nada. No mathematical formulas or pseudo-science or terminology. No visual aids of any kind, no font styling, etc. But hey, you can always improve your score on the next hole. Please take the above as light-hearted, and understand that we've seen a TON of these kinds of claims, and they've never panned out.
  12. Knees are bad and an E-bike provides a few hours of being outside with medium effort when going up hills. Arch
  13. Without seeing your swing it sounds like you’re just getting the face too closed at impact. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. If you can get good video of your swing, I suggest you start a swing thread.
  14. The audio is horrible, but if you turn it up, a chipping lesson from Phil might be worth it.
  15. Shot a new personal low today, 73 including a -1 35 on the front 9, pretty sure it's the first time I have broken par for 9 holes. I hit one of the best and most clutch iron shots I've ever hit on the 9th hole. I was even par through 8 holes, 1 birdie, 1 bogey, and 6 pars to that point. The 9th is a par 5, hit the tee shot into some trees on the right, punched out with 3 iron, had 180 left for my 3rd, put a 6 iron to 2.5 feet and tapped it in to end the front 9 at -1. Hit 7/14 fairways and 13/18 GIR with one of the 4 missed greens being on the fringe. In my last two rounds I have hit 14 and 13 GIR, driver has been very solid too, no penalty strokes or lost balls over the last two rounds. Handicap continues to lower, this round might drop me below 5 because I think it will kick out a 7 differential.
  16. I shot 10 today 😉 Hit GIR from here on the 2nd hole: And this was the green: It wasn’t raining that hard when I teed off, then it started down pouring on the 2nd tee.
  17. There are certainly some people that might take exception to the word "ridiculous". The rest of it was pretty good in my opinion. People around here, including the administrator, can be a bit aggressive with their arguments. Sometimes the word choices leave something to be desired. Maybe that goes with the medium that is the internet. It would probably be a good thing if we were all a bit more thoughtful with how we put things, but also realize that true offense is normally not intended.
  18. Thanks for your reply. Since I’ve retired 3 years ago I’ve played 533 rounds. I wouldn’t say I’m making any generalizations. Playing at a Resort with 9 courses I’ve met and played with people from all over the US and many from outside the US. Those experiences are mine as well as your experiences where you have played are yours. I’m sure you’ve traveled to many locations and have had similar experiences playing with a variety of skill levels. People that play for fun, people who have just started playing the game and the skilled player. Many people I’ve met play from tees that don’t possess the necessary skills to do so. I tend to chuckle at why there doing it, but if there having fun let them swing away!
  19. I can play from the forward tees and end up in places on the course you’ve never hit from before. Playing from the back tees brings my index down. An 88 from the back is a lower differential than an 88 from the middle. I think you’re making assumptions based on your own experiences. I’ve already explained that there’s no difference in my scoring from being back one set of tees.
  20. Why specifically bombers? What about holding great putters in check? Or great sand players in check? Strokes gained off the tee for the top guys is not wildly out of whack with strokes gained putting for the top guys. For 2019, the top 10 in putting gained an average of .725 strokes and the top ten in driving gained .724. Virtually identical. So why intervene to diminish driving but leave putting alone? Would it be fair to make the good putters putt from 2 ft. further away than where their ball was? Absurd. Yet that is pretty much equivalent to what those who want to target "bombers" propose doing. As I have said repeatedly, it is already harder for a guy hitting it 330 to hit the fairway than it is for a guy hitting it 285, if the fairway is uniform width, due to simple geometry. So I don't get why anyone would think it would be good to make it even harder, with narrowings or bunkers. Or do you somehow think hitting it far is an unfair skill? Like it just happens randomly for some players, unrelated to all the work and practice it took for them to be able to do it? Should a pitcher in baseball get a smaller strike zone because he throws it hard?
  21. cuz golf courses owners are greedy pigs without any imagination and love of the game and mother earth
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