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  1. Welcome to TST! I live in Dallas and last week I have setup the DFW club page here, in case you are interested:
  2. Okay, and you shot a 76. That's good for a (76-61.7)*113/105 = 15.4 differential. My home course, white tees are 68.8 and 120. The same differential would be (x - 68.8)*113/120 = 15.4 --> 85 or so. A pretty good score if I say so myself. Of course, that's making some big assumptions to translate a differential like that to another course, especially one you haven't seen more than three kilomiles away.
  3. Monday, Wednesday, Friday on odd numbered months I use single plane. On the remaining it’s two plane. If the barometric pressure drops more than 10mm/Hg this reverses. If I shank my first approach shot it’s triple plane for the rest of the day. Unless the wind is 10mph or less. But then I switch to a four layer ball, except on Tuesdays.
  4. I saw this on msn and it makes me bristle. I have been a fan of golf all of my life. Watching Palmer, Nicklaus, Snead, etc play, along with my natural inability to hit the damn ball, made me appreciate how tough, and how satisfying it is to succeed in making par. I was impressed by the guys on my high school and later college teams who played the game. Later in life I finally picked it up and got serious about learning the game so now I can enjoy the game, camaraderie of other golfers, and the beautiful courses all across the country I have the privilege of playing. The media, however, seems to want to create fans of golfers, not golf. These two talking heads are bummed out that Rory did not win the Open. They are insisting that golf needed Rory to win. I disagree. Golf does not need anyone to win, because someone will win. Golf needs people to appreciate the game, the strategy involved, the skill to execute it and the beauty of the courses. It is impressive that a Nicklaus, Woods, DJ, etc can win at a high rate. But it is also impressive to me just to see experts doing what they do best. I think this is being overlooked by the media to the detriment of the game. These golfers are experts, and what they do should be appreciated in its own right. Not striving to glorify one person to create fans. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/shane-lowry-wins-open-championship/vi-AAEHkQR?ocid=spartanntp
  5. I love playing the game of golf. However, I don't care to watch televised golf. 3 of the 4 majors is about it for me as far televised golf goes. Even then I am watching golf shots, the course, and not specific players. I will sometimes watch specific player's rounds on You Tube. Little 12-15 minute segments, where they show all the shots of one player, for their18 hole round. It's just golf swings, and putts, with no commercials. I am also not a fan of todays golf media. (any media) Way too biased, arrogant, and opinionated for my liking. Way too much manufactured news being reported. No, all in all, I am a true believer that golf should be played, and not watched.
  6. I agree 100%. How many non-golfers actually watch golf on any kind of normal basis? Before actually trying the game myself, I wouldn't have dreamed of watching four hours of it the way I did on Sunday.
  7. Ukraine Ukraine Golf: Ukraine golf courses, ratings and reviews Russia - Top 100 Golf Courses Moscow Country Club put Russia firmly on the golfing map, but there are now thirty golf courses in the country and more are either in the planning or...
  8. I have been golfing since I was 13, and now I just turned 65. I love the game.I am never satisified completely with my game like everyone. We all want to hit it farther. My handicap even at my age still hovers around a couple over par, but also this handicap is only for my home course which is quite simple. My driver carry, (and I do mean actual carry), has went from 275 yards down to right around 200 yards. I actually play with gentleman who tell me that they driver they can hit around the 240 mark, but they always seem to be a bit behind me. Because of my drop in actual length off the tee, and still to be able to hold my handicap down, I have learned more in the course management cataglory. Be a more consistant driver, stay out of the woods, dont try to hit shots that even the great Arnold Palmer could not do, and be a better than average golfer around the green. I mean to be a better chipper, and even a better putter than most. I probably devote 75% of my time practice putting. I don't mean to just go onto a practice green and just start putting but I really concentrate on my stroke. I like to find a straight putt, and work my way from like 2 foot out to 10 feet, and for the most part be able to make these putts. You do not have to be a strong muscular guy to be able to putt good. One of the biggest things I have learned about putting is not the putter, nor the kind of ball you putt with, but more that little 5 inches that lies between your ears.This I call the CONFIDENCE FACTOR!! When I am inside 3 feet, I do not miss much. I am not saying that I dont miss, but I am more concerned about making the putt, than at missing it. Usually being worried about missing a putt leads to leaving the ball just less than one turn from going in to pushing or pulling the putt. Yes, I do miss three footers, but I do know that my chances of me making it are much greater than me missing it.
  9. @KrisF , I hope you are here to learn things (as opposed to trolling). When a starter says ‘don’t rush and be patient’ to you as a single player, it is because a one ball should be way faster than a 2,3 or 4 ball. Never in my life I have had to let through when playing as a one ball. A one ball should finish his round in 3 hours. The only reason why that would not work is because of other slower flights in front of you. There are thousands of posts on this forum alone discussing slow play, how to fix it and how irritating it is. The rules were changed this year part of trying to make the game faster. So you stating you play in 5 hours or more as a single looks like trolling. If its not, you have a major problem with pace of play. Fix it!
  10. To be scrupulously fair, the PGA Championship that Jack is talking about (1968) was not one of his wins. In fact, he missed the cut against that stellar field. It was won by Julius Boros, then 48 years old, and hardly ever mistaken for Brooks Koepka. Boros had a long career, finishing 7th in the US Open as late as 1973, 21 years after his first of two wins in that event. But like most top US pros of that era, he didn't consider the British Open worth the time and expense to play. He played in majors over a 30-year span, but played the Open only once. Another piece of data indicating that the majors of the 60's, with the possible exception of the US Open, were weaker than most of Tiger's regular tour wins.
  11. You’ve made several posts that simply don’t make sense. When asked for clarification you say you don’t like to give details. You’ve said you have psychological issues. You’re all over the place. Not sure why your golf story is such a coveted secret to you. Nobody cares. We’re all here to talk about golf and learn how to play better. The owner of this site, @iacas has put countless hours into this place and it’s a fantastic site to get instruction, learn some history and express your opinions on golf topics and more. You must have some goal you’d like to achieve regarding golf. Present it. Clearly, and without all the wishy washy bs.
  12. The Apex forged is one of the best sets of irons I have owned in my 40+ years of golfing. YMMV but definitely give them their due consideration. They feel fantastic, look good and are pretty forgiving (for forged irons) on mishits. Best of luck on your search..the hunt is always fun!
  13. All three of those are great sets of irons. I went thru this exact scenario a couple of months ago and for MY swing and the way I like for irons to feel I went with the Apex Forged. Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the three you mentioned. They’re all great! All going to come down to what pleases your senses. Good luck!
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    • I play faster than most players.  I don't take any practice swings and that baffles some of my buddies.  I am always ready when it is my turn to hit.  I walk faster than your typical players as I like to walk briskly in general.  I always like to play early in the morning so that I can get done (as a foursome) in 4 hours or less.  If we are the first few group, we generally finish in about 3-3/4 hours (one guy in my group is a bit of a slow player, relatively speaking).  It's not rushed just a good pace. Having said that, I don't mind playing with people as long as they can finish 18 holes within 4 to 4-1/2 hours.  However, when it starts to creep into 5 hour + territory, it is too slow for me.
    • If I lived in a golf course community, I would want to own one for my personal use. But I can see courses not wanting to own them for customer rental.
    • 5 hrs is fine for me if I am out practicing. If I am practicing ( hitting multiple tee shots, trying different approaches, chipping from different spots and checking the green slopes) I am letting anyone I see play through. If I am out playing on my own in regular medal play, I'd be shocked if I took longer than 3:30.
    • I pick up the clubs I find and if the owner has not come looking for them by the time I'm done with my round I leave them at the clubhouse or pro shop. To me, keeping the club would be theft and I would never be able to play a found club without feeling guilty.
    • I too like his swagger and what appears to be mind game he plays with his competitors.  I also like his candidness in the press room especially on slow play.  I wish more tour players would complain about slow play.  If enough players complain, I am sure the tour would do something about it. Tour is spineless organization unwilling to enforce slow play penalties. 

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