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  1. The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSZxaHGo1OEs06vQumIooug The archive has been opened on the Masters Final Round broadcasts from 1968 to 2017. I'll say that again in case you skimmed over it… The archive has been opened on the Masters Final Round broadcasts from 1968 to 2017. Tiger's wins in reverse: So much for sleeping tonight. Here's another way to view the videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/masters/videos
  2. The argument here is simple. Let's imagine high school football does away with "divisions" based on the size of your school, and that every school makes the playoffs. Two teams, from SmallTown and BigCity, meet in the first round of the playoffs. SmallTown has 100 boys in high school from which to create a team of about 30 players. BigCity has about 2,000 boys to create a team of about 30 players. Which team is most likely to win? Which team is most likely, at every position, to be better? It may be true that a future HOF NFL quarterback lives in SmallTown, but he can only do so much, and the strength and depth of his overall team is simply not going to hold up against BigCity. PGA Tour fields haven't grown in size, but the pool of applicants is significantly, significantly larger now. It was much more difficult for Tiger to win each of his majors than it was for Jack to win any of his. That is why - even ignoring the other things that almost all favor Tiger, I am of the opinion that 14 > 18.
  3. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    I enjoy listening to the players and caddies analyzing a shot, and it always cheesed me off when the announcers would talk over them. Not long ago, my 98-year-old mom called me and said her TV wasn't working right, so I went over to see what the problem was. It turned out that she had somehow accidentally set it for Spanish as the primary audio stream. None of the stations she watched had a Spanish audio stream, or the problem would have been obvious. On the stations she did watch, she either got English anyway, or no spoken dialog at all. The point of all this is that on the Golf Channel, she got all the ambient sounds, but no announcers. We could hear the birds, the balls being hit and landing, and best of all, the interaction between the players and caddies, but no announcers. It was great. I hated to fix it for her, and I sometimes set it that way on my TV.
  4. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Every day they're putting up a special unique clip. This one is of Butler Cabin. Here are their previous ones:
  5. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    I'm gonna go kick my goldfish...
  6. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    I know it's Arnold freaking Palmer, but I'd like to see a little more golf, and a little less "memories"...
  7. I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    How’s this? i saw a woman playing alone how can that be we left our wives at home i saw a woman playing alone damn she can play her short game is like a pro i saw a woman playing alone her drive is down the middle i hit left right and moan i saw a woman playing alone why is she here its out of the norm i saw a woman playing alone who really cares but it’s been a man’s zone i saw a woman playing alone who am I to judge she could have sat at home ?
  8. Poll: Definition of GOAT

    The geatest career of all time and the greatest opf all time go hand in hand. The best of all time you can debate until the cows come home and never reach an definitive answer.
  9. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I'm starting to understand why you don't want to think about the basic math involved in understanding strength and depth of field. 1997 to 2013 is 17 years. I'll wait while you count them. And over that time period: Tiger won the same number of majors. He won more PGA Tour events. He won more scoring titles. He won by a higher margin of error. He had a higher winning percentage. He made more cuts. He won more money titles. He had more winning streaks. He had longer winning streaks. He won more majors in a row (four) than Jack ever did. The list goes on. So again what did Jack do "better" during those 17 years? They won the same number of majors. Top tens in majors? Dude, in many of them, he wasn't playing against anyone. … in majors only. Again, you're only considering "18 > 14." That's shorthand for "the majors are all that count" because that's about the only stat in which Jack still leads, and in my opinion, when I consider strength and depth of field, 14 from 1997 to 2008 is more impressive than 18 from 1962 to 1986. Anything Tiger would add here would be gravy IMO. All of which has gotten multiple, hundreds, of responses. Which you ignore. My bullet list above that has more than that. As others have noted, several of those were team events. Some were super limited field events. If we get to count Tiger's Hero World Challenge events (hey, they're sanctioned by the PGA Tour and give out OWGR points), then Tiger has already eclipsed Snead's victory total. Tiger played against (and beat) significantly stronger fields when he played in Dubai, or Australia, winning European Tour and Australasian Tour events than Sam Snead played against in some major championships. Surely you realize how ridiculous a comment like that is, right? Why isn't this guy the GOAT?
  10. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    As much as I want him to win at Augusta. (I mean he's the reason I started playing golf). I also want him to win at life. Life does throw you curveballs. Everyone has struggles, whether it's family, financial, addiction, health, what not. But it's not the struggles that make the man. It's how a man faces those struggles and overcomes them. When Sergio won the Masters last year, I made a comment that Sergio seemed at peace with himself. (Congrats on Sergio becoming a dad are in order.) Tiger is starting to seem to me like he's in that place. That's why I think he is way ahead of schedule. He is at peace with himself finally. He really does. That's why I believe he can win the Masters. Now he's hanging out with like JT, Rickie, DJ and Patrick Reed... He used to never let people into his private life... He has people in his corner. You need those people when making changes in your life.
  11. This portion of the article from ESPN The Magazine says two things that I've been saying is common sense (I'm not the only one): Stars are catching up to the superstars (i.e. fields are getting stronger and deeper) The rate at which this is increasing is slowing considerably. Bam. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/22765432/tiger-woods-lebron-james-most-dominant-athletes-last-20-years
  12. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I'd just like to point out (@turtleback will appreciate this) that ESPN The Magazine just named Tiger Woods THE most dominant athlete or team - in any sport across the globe - over the last 20 years. They normalize performance by seeing how many standard deviations the player is from the other top four players/teams each given year, and then arrive at a final number and thus ranking. LeBron James was second. Annika Sorenstam was sixth.
  13. Thoughts on Tony Romo’s debut in MX ...

    He could be a scratch golfer, in fact he probably is. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between a scratch amateur and a Tour pro. The Course rating at Corales Golf Club is 76.9 and the slope is 140. So even as a scratch player he would be expected to shoot somewhere in the neighborhood of 77, which is exactly what he did. Throw in the pressure of being in a PGA Tour event, the media, etc, he did a decent job. I don't think people fully realize exactly how good these guys are on the PGA Tour and the absolute chasm that exists between their game and ours.
  14. 2018 WGC Match Play

    I like it any way it was said.
  15. Keeping the ball in play is important, but finding the fairway is not nearly as important as you make it seem, and driving distance is way more important than finding the fairway. Give me the choice between 125 left to the green in the rough vs 175 from the middle of the fairway, I'm choosing the 125 shot every single time, and you should too. Your proximity to the hole on those approach shots will be significantly closer to the flag from 125 than they will be from 175. Here is a graph I made a month or two ago comparing the average driving distance to the current world golf ranking. 9/10 golfers in the top 10 at the time drove the ball over 300 yards on average. As the average driving distance goes down, they get worse in the world golf rankings. You might feel that way, but the numbers and statistics will disagree with you. Here is another chart, this one is from SuperSpeed Golf's instagram page and it's comparing the strokes gained off the tee for the top 10 driving distance guys vs the top 10 driving accuracy guys. Notice how only ONE person in the top 10 of driving distance is losing strokes off the tee to the field and have an average strokes gained positio, compared to the accurate drivers where 4 guys are losing strokes to the field In my opinion, I feel like you are using the 2 iron as an excuse for you not to improve your driving accuracy. If you cant keep the ball in play, take lessons and figure out why that is the case. You obviously hit the two iron pretty far right now, so logic would mean that your driver probably goes further than that. You are hurting your scores in the long term by not learning how to keep driver in play. Sure in the short term your scores might drop if you arent hitting it out of bounds as often, but in the long term I would bet a lot of money that your scores would be lower overall if you learned how to hit your driver properly and in play compared to using your 2 iron. I suggest getting a copy of the book "Lowest Score Wins" which was authored by the owner of this site. It explains what I just described in greater detail.
  16. Because distance is an advantage and the farther you can hit it the better chance you have of making a lower score on a hole (generally).
  17. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Once they put more effort and money in Marshaling the pace of play maybe I'd worry about a little paint on the cups.... no, check that, I would never worry about the painting of the cups.
  18. 2018 WGC Match Play

    It's all in good fun, LOL
  19. 2018 WGC Match Play

    Pwned. I have been unequivocally pwned.
  20. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    My course did this for awhile. We got a kit with a new set of greens mowers. When we made a point of asking the members they would say great things.-They loved them. Only one person commented unsolicited.-He is the only one who noticed we had started painting the rims white. Nobody noticed when the free cans of paint ran out and we stopped painting the rims.-Nobody except the hole cutter who was sick and tired of having to paint the rims every morning and getting paint all over his gloves and pants and bucket. Almost nobody cares about this stuff.-Your course can probably do ten other things that are cheaper, easier, and have a bigger impact.
  21. Your golf etiquette off the course

    I was an honest, but firm businessman, during my working years. I am an honest golfer too. My firm, business mentality also made me a butt head in the eyes of others......at times. I have never been given the opportunity to be a butthead on the golf course. I also adopted that old scenario "anything worth doing, is worth doing right". Golf is also something worth doing right, although sometimes what I am doing , doesn't seem right. My daily, employer, and family personality was built on honesty, understanding, respect, and love. All of those traits are a part of my golf life. My wife tells me I am the strongest, most patient person she has ever known. That kind of scares me, but patience is also a part of my golf game. I guess my point is what ever kind of person you see, or meet on a golf course, that's probably the way they are in their real life. Golf is the one game that brings out the best, (and worst) of an individual.
  22. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    In a decade or so on this site I've never ever seen anything that would come close to representing your assertion.
  23. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    I like it for the most part. Feherty is good, although he does seem like he's running out of people to interview, and you get to watch a lot of golf from all the different tours. Not a fan of a lot of their instruction content and how they do it but I am looking forward to Brandel's show. Here are shows I would look adding. - Bring back Playing Lessons with the Pros. - Traveling type show where someone like Rhymer plays with a celeb or athlete that highlights great courses around the country/world. - Show where they highlight great rounds and have players provide commentary. - Un-biased equipment and training aid testing show....but I think we have a better chance of seeing a Brandel and Tiger road trip show
  24. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    My first post here since August (I think?) and since Tiger returned. I must say I am shocked at how he's come back and recovered. I saw him during the third round at the Valspar...watched him warm-up, was front row to see his chip in on 9 and literally could have touched him on 13 when he was over the green....and the excitement around him is amazing. It's great for the game and golf is in a great spot right now. While I've never been a fan of what he was off the course, on the course I love seeing him compete again at what is getting close to his 2013-form. Not there yet, but closing in. If he keeps going in this direction, I could see him getting back to 2013-form by the Players or the summer. But we'll see. I am encouraged to see him swinging at it hard, but at the same time nervous because it was the hard swing that gave him back problems the last 10 years. So I'm hoping he can hold up. But from 2014-17, he was swinging "too easy" for Tiger and I think he's realized there's only one way he can compete, at that is going at it full-go 100%. And he's been showing that the last few weeks. As for predicting the rest of his season, I think he'll compete in 2 or 3 majors, but think the talent and competition is just too tough out there and going to be just better than him and he won't win any. But I'll go with him winning 2-3 PGA tourneys by the end of the year. Hope I'm wrong, though, because I'd like to see him win a major or two this year and make that run at Jack's record much more interesting the next few years.
  25. 2018 WGC Match Play

    Yep - I hope Speith asks for, and is granted free relief at some point during that match
  26. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    It's still a second-shot course, but whereas it used to be 20/80 (there was still an advantage to being in the proper half of the fairway), it's now maybe 40/60 driving/approach shot. Consider: 1999 (Right) vs. October 31, 2017 (Left): At 285 yards off the tee on the right, the fairway is 55 yards wide. At 310 yards off the tee on the left, the fairway is 38 yards wide. (In the photo here it's 33 yards wide, but I mistakenly only went to the shadow, so when I measured to the edge of the fairway, it's 38 yards.) The trees on the right (yellow) are all basically completely new - the old stand of trees on the 1999 image is much much older (and being to the right on this hole was the better angle to the hole). The old tee is highlighted in yellow on the newer image, too. Look at 1997. Look at Tiger standing back in the fairway when they show some shots from the green. It was just a HUGE wide expanse of fairway. VERY VERY wide. Look at 17. At 275 in 1999 it was 50 yards wide. Now, at 310, it's under 30. The spotty trees on the right are more in play (and much older), the trees on the left are almost all new, etc. Even though the Eisenhower tree is no longer there, it wasn't in play at all in 1999 (or 1997) as it was only 210 yards off the tee - the ball was still high in the air even if it was near the tree.
  27. Golf Scores

    Welcome to another member who thinks as I do that golf can be both "fun" and "by the rules" at the same time.
  28. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    The other problem is they think anyone who disagrees with them has a character defect.
  29. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Don't each tournament have certain leeway in what they tolerate and what they won't? The Masters, for instance, should probably be a much stricter event than say, the Waste Management event. Generally, I'd prefer local rule here and I'd beef up the security before restricting alcohol sales.
  30. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    I can see your point but i think that some of the "fans" take it too far. The odd dig at a player is to be expected but when the so called fan(s) are making personal comments aimed at the players wife/partner or family then those are the sort of people that need to be removed from the event. You wouldnt make those kind of comments to a stranger in the street so why would you say them to a sports person?
  31. If recent precedent is telling, they also won't tolerate his slow pace of play and may slap him with a penalty. I'd take that.
  32. He didn't have the best 2017, but still he made a few good finishes. WGC HSBC - T4 WGC Mexico - T7 API - T4 Masters - T7 The Open - T4 WGC Bridgestone - T5 Golf is so difficult that you can't count anyone out based on just a few months of struggle. Especially one as talented as Rory.
  33. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    And was better with his opening tee shots
  34. Air density and angle of descent? Just hit it.
  35. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Hey, Johnny Miller, please tell us again that Rory should lay off the weights.
  36. I really wish the other majors would do this.
  37. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Now extrapolate that back to Jack's day.
  38. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Well, you can find people who like or dislike just about every golfer. But I used to get into a lot of arguments about Vijay, because I maintained that it was Vijay, and not Phil, who was the second best golfer of the Tiger era --- even as late as 2010, when Phil had more wins and more majors than Vijay. The reason is that even though he's an all-time great, Phil has an amazingly bare resume. No money titles, no Vardon Trophies, no Player of the Year awards, and never world #1. The only year-end distinction he has after 25 years on tour is that he had the most wins (4) in 1996. Yes, it was kind of hard to beat Tiger out for those awards, but Vijay had three money titles, one "most wins," a Vardon, a POTY, and was world #1. Now that Phil has added about ten wins and a couple of majors, I've changed my opinion on who has the best total career. Besides, I've always liked Phil better, and my respect for him really zoomed when he rescued Hunter Mahan during a very painful post-Ryder Cup press conference. But in my book, Vijay is still an all-time great, and I still consider him the second best golfer during Tiger's prime (1996-2009).
  39. I don’t think the alcohol is making these people stupid. It’s making these stupid people louder.
  40. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    I am thinking McIlroy takes it tomorrow. sure would be cool for tiger to be in the mix on the back nine. J Rose is starting to look more and more like a dang good pick for the masters...that guy is churning out top 10s like it’s his job....which i guess in retrospect it kinda is lol.
  41. All Final Round Masters Rounds from 1968 Onward

    Oh, I'll be pleased to watch this. Incredibly happy reminisces of staying up late on my 13th birthday to watch Sir Nick win his second green jacket. The greatest British golfer of his generation. What the heck? The greatest British golfer ever.
  42. All Final Round Masters Rounds from 1968 Onward

    Found these on the Masters website: 1958: http://www.masters.com/en_US/watch/2017-04-03/49cd0d2-00c045f8f7b.html 1960: http://www.masters.com/en_US/watch/2017-04-03/49cd0d2-00c04686113.html 1962: http://www.masters.com/en_US/watch/2017-04-03/49cd0d2-00c04aa3de7.html 1964: http://www.masters.com/en_US/watch/2017-04-03/570ff1b9d23885397fecb3ecc852f55e.html Looks like the first three are pretty short, but the 1964 one is about 75 minutes.
  43. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Hogan would not have won more majors if you gave that entire generation better equipment. He was an incredible ballstriker, so the shitty equipment of that time period actually HELPED him separate from other people on the leaderboard who did not have the same ballstriking ability.
  44. Poll: Definition of GOAT

    You are mistaken. Hogan, Nelson, and Snead were all the same age, and Hogan was a late bloomer. Yet before 1943, Hogan won the money title three times, and had the most wins once. Snead had the most wins twice, and one money title. Nelson had zero of each. Hogan won the Vardon twice, Nelson and Snead once each (still talking about pre-1943). Snead and Hogan were both on active duty in 1943-1944. As 1945 began, Snead was recovering from a back injury he sustained in 1944 that was bad enough to get him a medical discharge in wartime, but even so he won three events to Nelson's two in the tour's winter swing that started in November of 1944. He re-injured his back and was forced to withdraw from the Texas Open in late January, leaving a clear field for Nelson, since Hogan was still in the army and could only play once in a while when he got leave (five events in two years). Nelson won the next two events Snead didn't play, and then Snead won at Gulfport in the first week he returned, with Nelson finishing second. No way of telling whether his back still bothered him, and Snead also broke his wrist playing baseball in June of 1945, knocking him out of several more events. Hogan wasn't discharged until September of 1945, although he went on terminal leave in mid-August, and was able to play tournaments after that. From that point in the year, he won five events to Nelson's four. Nelson played a full season in 1946, and won 6 events, same as Snead. Hogan won 13. Nelson then retired. Everybody who says Nelson's 1945 season will never be equaled is right, but it's just a fact that he played against very weak fields -- basically, guys whom the army couldn't find a use for, during a huge world war. And his scoring average proves nothing, because the tournament officials know that the fans aren't coming out to see guys make bogeys, and it's very easy to lower the average score by a shot or two --- widen the fairways, mow the rough, put the pins in the middle of the greens. I can't prove that Lord Byron didn't play the best golf ever that year, but I hope he didn't. It would be a shame to have wasted it on those fields.
  45. SLIG is right there with him. Stenson shot -8 in one round. That's unlikely over the weekend, but -4 or -5 x 2 is possible, and there are guys at -9, -8, etc.
  46. Hey guys!

    Hmmmm.... Is it me, or you just did? Whatever you think (and whether true or not), it's not cool so say that. Respect people, all people. I hope you get it and wise up. If so, welcome here. If not, get lost...
  47. 323 yards with 3 wood and the longest «drive» on 18 today. Not everyone hits driver, but that was a beautiful tee shot.
  48. He hits some of the worst opening tee shots of anyone.
  49. Senior Golfers Fading Away

    Yay! to this. I haven't been able to golf since 9/28/2017 injuries. Will probably get to it in June. I'm 72, and when I get down about these aches and pains, I remember Don. He had cancer. We had to help him to the tee in his last days. Sometimes we had to stop him from falling. It was his pure love of the game and his friends that kept him going. It's not about my age and aches. It's not really about me. It's the game and the friends. Thanks to all on TST, -Marv
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    • Well yeah, but there are tucked pins and such, that I ain't shooting at. The leader on Tour is the low 30s on all approaches. I'm trying to figure out how to shoot at the center of every green via "Smart Targets" But that's not related to the topic in reality.  @Bucki1968 My four-year-old Alina, would tell you to putt this way. Just line it up and rock the baby. Alina putts better than I do. Not even kidding. I'm not bad. You're a better putter than you probably give yourself credit for. Putting is a relatively simple motion. I'd rather have a putting contest for my life with DJ, than a closest to the pin. You're a better putter than you realize. Most people overcomplicate it way too much, it's the easiest motion in the game. Back and through. And for gosh sake don't accelerate... @iacas promotes deceleration. I just try to keep my stroke the same speed back and through. I sometimes will set a metronome (while practicing) to about 55 bpm to get my putting stroke correct. Longer putt, longer stroke, maybe 2 beats back and 2 beats through. (I play guitar so I own a metronome, if you don't own one they are fairly cheap.) It's easily overcomplicated by Johnny Miller, Faldo, all of the lead analysts, and it's really not that difficult. I'm not saying go up and putt like you don't give a shit. I'm saying just tell yourself, if you're committed to read, bead, and speed it's easy... You got this. Have fun with it. I hope this helps.
    • Hi there, any events planned for either CT, NY, PA, or New England for 2018?
    • Exactly, the fact he played got that event significantly more attention than it would have, thats a win for the sponsors involved.  Erik said it best, it was never about him being able to compete, it was for publicity and it's publicity they got. Do you think that tournament would have gotten a 3 page thread on this site had he not played? I doubt it would have been mentioned at all, hell most people I talked to thought it was a Web.com event.
    • This would be my guess. It looks to me like the Valspar will be the biggest casualty of this schedule. Hard to say what the net effect on the API will be. My guess would be Tiger consistently chooses the API over the Honda and this in turn could re-elevate the API a bit and get other players to follow suit. Hard to say.
    •   Tiger will not be forced to sectional qualify for any U.S. Open. They have given special exemptions to the likes of Furyk, Els, and Goosen recently. They gave special exemptions repeatedly to Arnold and Jack. Woods has 9 USGA championships. If anyone was ever locked for a special exemption, it's Tiger. 


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