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  1. Rulesman

    Phil Mickelson Rule

    In The Guardian of today, Martin Slumbers R&A chief executive says : « We have looked very carefully at the Rules and I don’t think it was good for the game and not the right way to play this wonderful sport ... Rule 1-2 says you can’t use 1-2 if you’ve used another rule,so they used 14-5. We understand the USGA and the referee’s Decision and completely respect those decisions. But there are others parts of the rule book which refer to etiquette and the powers of the committee, and we’re fully aware of those clauses ». From this indication, it would seem that the R&A would have backed the disqualification.
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-stacy-lewis-is-paving-the-way-for-mothers-in-professional-golf/
  3. nevets88

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Carnoustie Championship Course - Stroke Saver.pdf UK courses are dog friendly too methinks. 🐶
  4. scotth

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Come on you can't give us that comment and leave us hanging?!?! 🙂 What do they say?
  5. billchao

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I'm sure you'll find an excuse you're comfortable with 😜 I don't know why people were worried about it. Extra roll on a course like this isn't guaranteed to be a good thing. Yea it makes the course play shorter, but it's not like that takes all the obstacles out. Here's an example: Rory and DJ both hit their tee shot on the 1st hole past the designated crosswalk. Rory's ball rolled down the fairway and took a hard right turn into a bunker. DJ's almost did the same thing but it was saved by a bit of long grass on the lip of that bunker.
  6. billchao

    Unconventional Driver Address

    I believe most people slice because of their path.
  7. MacDutch

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    I am happy Poulter is back at the high level he is playing and hope he will play in the Rydercup. As far as I’m concerend he is not an ass. Think this goes for most european.
  8. arab_joe

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    If you equate swearing with rape... the issues may well be with you, not Poulter. There are so many rigid, boring sportspeople that never reveal any human side, and their interviews are just dull repeats of the same interview the week before; Poulter at least speaks with a bit of honesty. I read his book and have rooted for him ever since; its great to see someone who had a long, difficult route into professional golf keeping it going for decades (and playing as well now, in his 40s, as he has for years). And, to reiterate, that 2012 Ryder Cup really was special...
  9. GrandStranded

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    He comes off hateful to YOU. Not everyone. I like him and Sergio a lot. Two guys who have a little fire in their belly. (and yes, as mentioned above Tiger and Jordan are the same way.) Always find it amusing when guys who love to argue their points heatedly in a thread get upset at players who get heated on the course.
  10. amished

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Found on Reddit, but here's a link to the full StrokeSaver yardage aid for Carnoustie. Not quite as detailed as the Kevin Na book (easily could've been Instagram instead of Snapchat, stories on them look similar to me since I don't use them often), but still cool.
  11. nevets88

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Tell us what you really think, Tiger Woods. 😜
  12. Wally Fairway

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Pairings and tee times posted https://www.theopen.com/TeeTimes#!/R1
  13. Effington

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    I am too nervy on the course. On the range, my shots almost look like golf shots are supposed to. When I get on the course, they do not.
  14. Phil McGleno

    Time On The Driving Range

    You sound defensive.-And making excuses. If your back can tolerate playing golf it can tolerate a 20-minute range session hitting 30 golf balls. And you do not need to be under trees to learn to punch out. It is fine if you want to just play golf-No need to make it your job like you said. But you are lying to yourself if you think you are getting better without actual practi
  15. Mr22putt

    LPGA's Lincicome will play in PGA Event in July

    This was a simple decision. Perio Inc. owns Barbasol and Pure Silk....Lincicome is sponsored by Pure Silk....the CEO of Perio asked Brittany...she said yes. The Barbasol is being played opposite of the Open Championship....the Barbasol event needs all the exposure they can get.
  16. nevets88

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I like this album that shows you the more mundane parts of the course. This is just weird Oh my gawd, chocolate! They make it better in Europe.
  17. boogielicious

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    He seems that way to me as well. Poulter differs from Sergio, Tiger, Jordan or any other player who shows emotion on the course because he will take it the extra step and berate the fan or marshal in public. Sergio has got much more abuse from fans than Poulter and not done that. Even if he thinks he does it to himself, Poulter comes across as going after fans and course workers. I don't think @Valleygolfer has a problem with 'fire on the course' at all. I don't. But Tiger, Jordan, Reed all take it out on themselves not fans or marshals or rules officials. It is when Poulter spews that fire at bystanders that is the real issue.
  18. I would just go with what works. Hybrid all the way to scoring irons sounds fine. Hybrids fly high and drop soft too.
  19. nevets88

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Booyah! I just downloaded this for my next round (ha ha) at Carnoustie. Thanks!
  20. It is a funny little phenomenon. Had a card-chucker of a round on Saturday behind a couple of slow-moving foursomes and dropped a bunch of second balls after shots good and bad. Can't really say that my mental game was in order at any point. I was really kind out of my mind, but those second shots were something else. I killed a few of them. My 5W saw 230 yards for the first time ever on a second ball from the 18th fairway. Maybe it isn't really about being calm. It's just the total lack of real consequence.
  21. It's just random chance. Most likely, you're not doing anything different at all. Your first shots and your second shots are just as likely to be good, or bad...you just remember those times when the second one is perfect! If your first swing led to a good result, you're probably not dropping another ball - so you don't get to experience those times when your first shot would be great and your second one would be crap. That's a good thing, though, because it makes the solution easier: don't worry about any potential subtle differences between the first and second swings (tension, pressure, grip strength, etc.)...just work on your swing. As you get better, those first shots will be better and better.
  22. I use a Ping G10 from (probably) 9 years ago (or more). It is a 460cc driver and I love it because I changed the stock Ping shaft with a UST pro-force stiff flex shaft. Moving from a TM320 (320cc head) driver to a 460cc driver required me to have a stiffer shaft than the stock shaft to handle the larger head. I subscribe to the saying that 'the shaft is the engine of the club'; do not ignore its importance. Best.
  23. Patch

    Time On The Driving Range

    I may have missed it in earlier posts, but golf play, and practice also offers a therapeutic value to some golfers. I use the range for therapeutic value in addition to keeping my game from going down the drain too soon. The full swings I take on the range, help to keep some of my repaired body parts in decent working order. This range exercising helps me to do other things besides play golf. Heck, just getting out of bed could be a tough endeavor some mornings, if not for wanting to go hit golf balls. I am also sure there is mental value involved too. Thinking about what I have to do, to get the ball to go out there by that particular flag stick, with that particular club, has some mental health value.
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