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  1. Newport Cup Application for @saevel25, for the East Team! Questions Vlog Measurements Shoe Size: 10 Wide (True Original), 10.5 Normal (True TL-01, True Major) Shirt Size: XL (Any major golf shirt brand) Pant Size: 36W 32L (Izod or Dockers Flat front) Hat Size: XL (Underarmor)
  2. So here's mine. Hastin (pronounced just like 'Justin) was ecstatic about being on 'youtube' and Meera insisted on video taping my vlog. And yes, I know slogan I came up with for the East is lame.. lol!
  3. The wifey got me a new bag and a new 3 wood to match my driver as a gift. Attached are a few ITB photos. I also replaced my wedges with some Glide 2.0 wedges as well. The putter will never leave my bag. Played 9 holes this morning with a friend and I am hitting the ball very well considering how little I have played again this year. My club path and face relationship must have renewed their vows or something. Basically I am just thinking about the left leg/hip in the downswing and that is about it.
  4. I find great irony in players saying that the courses are too easy these days and then complaining about course setups in the US Open.
  5. Twitter With a lot of negative stuff going on thought it would be nice to see this kind of stuff. Good move DJ.
  6. NM Golf

    45 Putts

    How was the ball striking? I know we love to blame the putter but if you had 40+ feet for birdie multiple times then it may not be your putter's fault. I once played with a guy who spent a couple years on TOUR. I was bitching about being the worst putter on the planet when he corrected me and said, "Your putting is fine, Brad Faxon (it was a few years ago) would have had a hard two putting from where you hit it. You want to putt better? Try hitting it in the same area code as the hole." Harsh, but good advice.
  7. David in FL

    45 Putts

    ”Why did you get a new putter?” ”Because my old one couldn’t swim!”
  8. 3 points
    I suspect I am like many other golfers after a round. We look at the scorecard and begin to analyze our round with a pair of rose-tinted glasses. “If I would have just …” If I could have …” I should have …” It is fun imagining how making better club selections, being more conservative/aggressive and taking a bit more time over that putt would-could-should have resulted in a score several shots better. Perhaps this exercise is why we often over value the “mental game” versus the physical aspects of golf. We assign many bad results to faulty thinking. The truth of the matter is, at least for me, that the thinking and planning is often fine; it is usually the execution that is sorely lacking. A good example was from my round last Saturday. Despite a bad break earlier in the round that resulted in a double, I stood on the 15th tee at level par. I was playing extremely well when one considers that I am an 8-10 handicapper. The 15th has OB all down the left side and the fairway slopes considerably to the left. I told myself to keep it right since the right rough is not a bad place to hit from and then promptly duck hooked my tee shot OB. Naturally, my 3rd shot was long, straight and ended up in the center of the fairway. My plan was fine, I just didn’t execute. Of course, my “analysis” after the round indicated that I should have hit my tee shot on #15 like my second effort, making a 4 instead of a 6. I also missed a handful of 5-10 footers for birdie that could have gone in. Finally, but for a bad bounce on a cart path that put me into the edge of a penalty area, I would not have lost a stroke or two on #6. After all the analytics, if I would have concentrated a bit more, I could have saved several strokes here and there, and I should have shot 69 instead of 74. In truth, I played about as well as I can Saturday. Yes, a few shots escaped me, but I did so many things right. Still, in my dreams I coulda shot 69!
  9. Are they slow players or just slow because they're not good? I will never give anyone a hard time for playing slow due to poor play because that guy could be me on any given day. If they're just not that good, I'd encourage them to bend the rules a little in a casual round for the sake of everyone's enjoyment. Drop and play the ball out in the fairway instead of spending a lot of time looking for the ball in the fescue, maybe even just pick up and drop near the green if they're out of the hole just to chip and putt out. Honestly this kind of makes you sound like a bad friend. You should be able to discuss this with your friends and try to help them become more aware of pace of play and etiquette and stuff. Instead you want to avoid them because you think playing with them negatively affects your score.
  10. 3 points
    The wheels of change are mired in molasses. Here's a Golfweek article saying they were hoping to break ground in 2020: Drive Shack completes sale of 11 golf courses for $85.2 million Drive Shack closed 2018 by completing the sale of 11 golf properties for approximately $85.2 million in a major step of its transformation into golf entertainment and leisure entity. Drive Shack op…
  11. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Check these threads out.
  12. May be kinda dumb to post about such a small move but I am now a 19.5 instead of a 19.6. The cool thing is even if its .1 stroke its the lowest I have officially been. 12 rounds in a row under 100. I think I can reasonably get down to a 17 or so by the end of the year. Not gonna try to force it, just keep playing solid golf and let the chips fall where they may.
  13. Here is a good thread to review as well.
  14. This falls into that category of club fitter shenanigans. Those heads are solid, I've no issue with them. However, from there we go off the rails big time. As you have pointed out, ACCRA shafts are not a option, either stock or upgrade for the C300. I am sure that's just a coincidence! O wait, it's not. This is right out of the Club Champion style playbook. They know that if they recommend a stock offering from an OEM, then you are likely to just order direct from that OEM. However, if they convince you that you will be better suited in some random aftermarket brand (the favorites right now seem to be ACCRA and Oban), that you can't order from the OEM, you are more likely to order from them. Notice again that the grip recommendation is also not an option from Wilson. Funny how that works, isn't it. Is that ACCRA shaft a good shaft? I am sure it is. I haven't used it but I am sure it's fine. Is it better or better for your son than any number of other shafts, hard NO. Shafts have a lot of specs that fitters love to toss around, but the only ones that really matter for 99% of golfers are total weight, balance point, and radial quality. Find another shaft with the same weight, balance, and radial (build) quality, you will most likely be in good shape. Bend profile can make very small changes in ball flight, torque is of little value. All this is to say that the Fuji or UST options will be every bit as good. I would however also ask if graphite is even necessary? 185 yrd 6 iron doesn't need super light weight graphite unless you have an issue with joints, bones, etc and need the dampening effects. Assuming 16 year old probably does not. Hope this helps. I don't like to bad mouth people I don't know, but I am skeptical about this fitter from what I have read here.
  15. IMHO, you're hitting a round ball with a flat piece of metal and wanting it to go straight, draw or fade, that is a hard thing to do! Use whatever club you think will help you do that, over sized or not. I like hybrids, always hit them well, so I bought a set of Cleveland HB Launchers which are all based on a hybrid design. I hit them well and don't really care what people think of the clubs, they work for me.
  16. You fail to understand how much influence FedEx has on the PGA. A golfer can win a “calendar” Grand Slam and get 2400 points, or just finish second at both the Northern Trust and BMW and get the same 2400 points. One would establish history that would probably never be equaled, the other re-inforces that the PGA Tour today placates to FedEx. There is no longer a Money List, it is now FedEx points. There is no longer a Tour Champion, just a Fedex Champion. John
  17. Let me get this straight: The slow play > irritated at parters > you played worse than you like > their fault Perhaps: Playing bad that day > general irritation > slow play is annoying > pissed at partners for no reason A couple things IMHO (your mileage might vary) - 1 - Others don't irritate me - I get irritated - it's my choice to let them. Though people can be very irritating, it still comes down to me. If they do it on purpose, that's something else, but then I just disconnect and play my game. Same concept - still my choice. 2 - Sometimes I play good, sometimes I play bad. I tend to blame my execution - everything else is interesting, but in the end, it's simple - I played bad that day. Making a lot of inferences to move away from that conclusion doesn't help my game. I fail a lot on #1 up there in that I can let myself get annoyed (we're human). But now that I treat it as a rule, it happens a LOT less and golf is more fun - even on slow days. It's just a game - I help my slow friends, if it's really dumb, I find myself relaxing while waiting, checking out the course, or I'll even play ahead if it's getting to me a lot. Enjoy your friends - you have friends that play with you, that's a bonus. Play the harder courses with your friend that matches up with you better. But it's a two some now - be careful, you might get matched up with a couple scratch golfers that are annoyed at your game.
  18. I never try to rush myself, or others to play faster. Although I don't consuder myself a slow golfer. I can walk 18 holes in a little under 4 hours at my own pace. Maybe 3:50+/- something on average. I am of the opinion that once you take most golfers out of their comfort zones, the poor shots they hit cost them more playing time, than their normal game, playing at their own pace would. I sometimes get a kick out of someone one complaining about a poor score due to pace of play. Perhaps it is a lack of mental toughness on their part, to let others intimidate how they play. Then again, there have been alot discussions on TST about the mental aspect of the game may not be that big of deal. Everyone has a different pace of play they are comfortable with. The way the game is now, it's impossible to get all golfers on the same page as far as pace of play is concerned. If the pro circuits are having problems with pace of play, the amateur, weekend warriors can't hope to fix the issue. I think poorer/slower players should steer clear of high end courses. High end courses are more for the more expierienced players imo. In the OPs situation, I'd probably let my friends who are the slower golfers, know up front, that to keep up with the pace, they will sometimes have to pick up their ball, and move on to drop point. That their scores are not important at this point in their golf games. They are out there to have fun. True friends would understand this concept.
  19. IMO it felt like watching a movie where the climax was in April and then the movie just ends and everyone loves it and doesn't expect a dozen more movies to come out that year. He's 43 years old. He's had 8 surgeries and injuries all over his body. Even if the spinal fusion did its job 100%, he's going to have aches and pains. But he won the f***ing Masters this year. We all need to stop being disappointed when he doesn't play as consistently as he did in 2000, 2008, or 2013.
  20. View this round on GAME GOLF I was cruising for a bit, then my driver started to fail me. By the 16th I was completely gassed (91°F, real feel 103°F and no beer to hydrate with). I didn't want to break 80 anyway 🙄 Remembered something about my priority piece last night and used the feel all day to good results up until fatigue set in. Also just realized I was one hole away from no sixes. Damn.
  21. So funny. Trees are fighting back!
  22. On the PGA Tour, they make 15% of the putts from 20 feet. From 25 feet it's 10%. And those guys do it for their living. Stop trying to make those long ones and focus on getting them close. Every now and then one will drop for you too.
  23. What a dumb response. Of course it is. It's an opinion; not a fact. What you said is not "true" because it's not a "truth." Except when he beat Koepka all of four months ago. Again, either way you take your posts, they're stupid.
  24. Wanted to break this down a little bit more in detail. Driving - Sit move. I can do it as much as I want it seems. Quality of strike is good from there, just a matter of clubface control and contact that dictates the result. Hit a couple of big sweeping toe draws that were still in play. Very happy with the way I drove the ball today. Irons - Contact is great when I'm not hitting them fat, though I hit a bunch of pulls today. I think the pulls come from early IR of my right shoulder or the hands rolling over from A6-A8. Either way it's a clubface control issue. Need to feel the face stay open through impact, then I hit my intended line with a baby draw or fade. Fat shots need to go away, though. Swaying back a little bit (as I've always done) in the backswing and not getting enough weight forward at times. Partial Wedges - Kind of the same as the irons. Strange that these were a strength in my game up until a couple of weeks ago. Might just be regressing to the mean. Having some low point control issues with these. Short Game - I was right about ball position. Pitched and chipped very well today. Putting - Made more than my share of mid-range putts. Had some issues with contact on longer putts as I mentioned above. I toed them with too much loft at impact and the ball would hop and skip and then die well short of the hole. This happened twice today and both times I was able to make the resulting 8-10' putt, but that's not exactly a reliable way to lag putt. I really need to focus on quality contact on long putts.
  25. Seems childish to only call out Tiger for mistakes. Any mishit that any pro does could be seen at a monthly club medal, as you put it; but you only focus on Tiger's? The courses are hard, he's playing better than 20ish other pros that make up the best in the world, what's the problem? No pro ever won every tournament they entered, so why is it a big deal if he's made a mistake? He's hit it into bunkers before in his life, gotten out of them, and won tournaments doing so. What's so bad about these shots that you have to focus on those compared to any other bad shot that led to dropping a stroke by any other player?
  26. This is my impression as well. He moved material away from behind his golf ball, that seems like improving his lie. Intent doesn't matter, here's the rule in effect in 1974: I believe he violated the underlined bit by moving loose sand from behind his ball. If he had done that when making his real swing, it would have been OK, but this was a practice swing.
  27. Borderline and not enough to suggest cheating in my opinion. Don’t underestimate how much your hand eye coordination deteriorates on a lefty shot. I have whiffed balls trying to hit them lefty before. It’s not out of the question to think his practice takeaway might be a bit too low on a opposite handed shot. And not only did he gain no advantage, there was really no advantage to be gained. Even if he dug a 6 inch trench behind his ball, he still has to make a clean ball first strike, which he did. i vote “nothing to see here”
  28. Maybe you don’t entirely understand what that means? It doesn’t mean we are without feel. It means what we feel we are doing is often not what’s actually happening. Like @iacas said in a post...’ keep your [ trail ] arm straight.’ It’s a feel many can have but obviously our trail arm doesn’t remain straight. Some feels can be shared to produce the same goal.
  29. The 5 Ds of Dodge Ball! Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge.
  30. Seriously, using the correct medical equipment to assist one in walking is just common sense. One risks a fall injury by improvising with any random object like a broom handle or an over sized golfing iron.
  31. I usually set up, then put the club down along my toe line. Then I aim the camera along that line.
  32. I took my dads old putter and had my nephew mill grooves in the face as well as putting two lines on top line for alignment purposes I sharpies in the red lines and then I added a midsized pistol grip Feel like I can’t miss and it’s really nice to pay respects to the old man who taught me the honor and respect of the game!
  33. When you paste the link, you have to click paste as plain text in the popup box that appears.
  34. Yes you can ... you can play the provisional up to the point where your ball is likely to be without forfeiting the opportunity to find and play the original.
  35. I would imagine the reason (or at least A reason) why the warning comes after being put on the clock is because they don't put players on the clock, they put entire groups on the clock. Consider a scenario where they weren't on the clock but then fell behind because of this incident, which all agree is 100% due to Bryson and his caddie. The next hole Justin Thomas is in between clubs or has issue with the wind, or Bryson hit from beyond a mound and Justin didn't quite realize when his turn began and he takes 43 seconds to hit his shot. Does he "deserve" a penalty for that? Rhetorical question, by the way, I know some might say yes. I'm just brainstorming why it's probably a good thing to give a warning after the group falls behind. I kinda wish they kept stats on these things, by the way. Just how long every players takes to hit every shot, and then we could see where 2:20 for an 8' putt stands. Is it the worst ever, or this season, or this tournament, and by what factor, or perhaps it doesn't stand out enough and its commonplace?
  36. Was that you I was playing behind last week... 12 minutes to find your ball?! You know, it's 2019, and there's a new rule. You only get to look for your lost ball for 3 minutes. If you are looking for your lost wedding ring you get 4 minutes. If you are looking for your lost virginity... well, they give you an hour for that.
  37. Sandy Divot

    45 Putts

    Better get a new putter. That one might be worn out.
  38. You didn’t see me check the wind speed, wind pressure, temperature and angle of the sun.
  39. Piz

    45 Putts

    I've had days like that. As frustrating as it is to "give away" shots on the green; letting it get into your head only makes it worse. After all...you can't have a bad day putting if you don't do better most of the time.
  40. Bryson’s apparently getting very angry at people labeling him. We’re seeing the a-hole side of him coming out. Koepka said it best. While the other guy is getting ready to hit, the other guy should also be getting ready. Too many guys sit and do nothing while the other guy is hitting and then when it’s their turn, they start prepping.
  41. Shot 102, actually my personal best! I just started playing this spring and only recently started keeping score though. What was nice was that i felt good about my game throughout, like very few topped shots and i actually had a few birdie putts (putting sucked so i ended up with bogies). Feels like the game is starting to come together finally!
  42. "Geek. I run an Internet forum." 🙂
  43. This is why I don’t practice a lot of 8-9’ putts...there’s little separation value there...heck, I’m as good as at least one pro from that distance
  44. The sound of my playing partners’ wallets opening to pay off their bets.
  45. This reminded me of Jason Day a year or two back, when he said he'd continue to take whatever time he thinks is necessary for him to play his best golf. As much as I wish the slow-play policies would be tightened, its hard to really blame someone who manages to play within the requirements. And if the policies DO change, and if Bryson and Jason and some of the other slower players can't play their best at the pace required, someone will step in and fill their spots on Tour. We may wonder what happened to them, but I don't believe they'll really be missed by the golfing public.
  46. Over 2 minutes is certainly excessive, but do we really know if it SHOULD have been a penalty? I wasn't watching, so I don't know the answers, but was his group on the clock? If they were, was BDC given a warning after exceeding the allotted time once? If so, and he exceeded the time limit a second time, he should have been assessed a penalty stroke. But if his group was close enough to the group in front, he can take all the time he wants without being penalized. If this was his first time exceeding the time limit after being notified about being on the clock, he cannot be penalized. It takes a lot of slow play to actually merit a penalty under the current PGA Tour policy. I do have a problem with Slugger White saying he's opposed to giving players a stroke penalty. Once the policy is in place, his job, and the job of all of the PGA Tour rules officials, is to enforce the rules. All of the rules. By selectively enforcing rules, the officials ARE changing the competitive balance. If the guy who SHOULD have been penalized for slow play is the last one to remain eligible, he may be taking the place of a guy who plays within the rules. The decision to NOT enforce the rule has then cost the faster player his own livelihood.
  47. To answer the title… yes. They are. But so what?
  48. I could go for a $5 tip from everyone reading this... each time I write a comment.
  49. The treadmill isn't going to make you lose weight. Reducing the food and drink you consume will. I walk 9 hours a week on a golf course and do not consider this to be in any way helpful for me keeping my weight down. I'm not saying that ot's bad - I love it - but if the heart rate isn't elevated, walking is good for mental helath and not a lot more. And - if you play golf in a cart you may as well be watching TV for all the (physical) health benefits people might think they achieve. Eat less and move more. It's the answer in 99.9% of cases. But the eating less is the main thing. Unless you are cycling or running. But then you have other issues - knees etc!!
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    • Snow sounds good right now.  90F with 80% humidity.  Plenty more hacking left in this year, but the scoring doesn't matter now.  
    • That’s why a series of 72 hole tournaments for playoffs will never generate the level of interest unless Tiger is playing.  It is no different than any other weekend.  Brooks does have a point in being bored and losing interest throughout a round. I realize a 1 vs 64. 2 vs 63, etc over 36 holes, and then 32, 16... will probably never fly, but at least there would be more excitement than which of the top 5 guys will win... at least for me. John
    • I've been on board that they should make up their minds:  It should either be points, or playoffs - If we do points, let's do points (previous format).  If we do playoffs, I like your proposal - points on the season to get in, then survival of the fittest. Instead, we get a mish mash of points and elimination in this last two tourneys prior to a weirdass handicapped final tourney format.  It's arbitrary and we'll see how it plays out. Maybe it'll be fun.  Maybe it'll fall on its face.  But, either way, I expect to see the best players playing great golf. So it's not the end of the world regardless of whatever format they choose.  so far, I've seen some fun golf, but, (just me), it's seemed less exciting than previously for whatever reason.
    • Thanks for asking. Sunday, 17th hole, dogleg right , long par 5 with light palmage on the left and a considerable grove of live oaks and laurels guarding the green on the right from shorting the hole.  You want to keep to the left side of the fairway to give the chance to go for the green in two if you can avoid the sprinkled palms.  But the driver drifted right too much, which brought the grove between me and the green.  As designed, I was only 250 from the flag, but I could not go straight for it. Aiming well left of the direct line, I hit the 3w solid, just a few feet beyond the edge of the grove and watched it bounce onto the fairway, 20 yards from the front edge of the green.  I was in prime position to up and down for birdie. Still failed to par the hole.  That's my game.
    • Sounds eerily familiar high 84, low 77 avg 80.2 only 1 T score though

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