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  1. Mr22putt


    Yes....6 = 6* of bounce. Only you can be the judge if this club suits you. If you are new to golf/a beginner...IMO I would stay away from a lob wedge....I think it's too risky a club for those who don't have the skill/swing to take advantage of a lob wedge.
  2. Session with Mario today, been about a month since the last one. Was on the right track with my feels yesterday. Ditched the trigger move I was experimenting with in the 1-9 swing. Didn't provide enough momentum on the backswing to recenter things aggressively enough. If things can't get "lined up" at 4-5 I'm going to have to stall, slide and flip at it. Good swings (one below) feel like I don't do anything on the downswing, zero "work". You got it, happy to share.
  3. Lolololol I voted 2-3 wins and 1 major. Honestly, after last year everything has been gravy for me and Tiger. We are so proud of what we accomplished and we're just enjoying the ride right now.
  4. 83 days till the Masters. Are we there yet?
  5. The point is to post your swing and what you are working on-Not you pretending to mimic the swings of others.
  6. Stop trying to hit 145 yard wedge shots? Flight a 9i or something. You might find it easier to control the start line and trajectory that way. Might even improve the quality of contact because you’re making a shorter swing.
  7. Can't recommend ice enough. As I said above I have had three lower back surgeries. After the second one I got a staph infection in the spine, pain was unbelievable, it left me with lower back pain for which they put me on narcotics, not good. I was on them for over a year while seeing a doctor who was applying moist heat and physical therapy, didn't work. I went to a Chiropractor, (which I was not a big fan of), but he had me apply ice three times a day and I saw him three times a week, he stretched me. I know you will not believe this but within a month or two the pain was gone! Then I had to get off the narcotics but that is another story. Whenever my back acts up I put ice on it and it really helps. Just ice in a zip lock bag, no towel, just applied right to the skin, 20 minutes or so, then gently stretch.
  8. I voted 4-5 wins and one major. Health is a key issue. I think if he stays healthy, Bay Hill and Memorial are in play again.
  9. jmanbooyaa


    @Mr22putt I couldn’t agree more. A lob wedge is damn near dangerous for a beginner. Tough club to get comfortable with. Plus how often are you really using it per round?
  10. Take one out and carry it to the store with you. There are several different types of cleats.
  11. They are blades, but so are my new(ish) clubs that are in my description. I believe the loft on my Nikes is very similar to the Sam Snead Blue Ridge set that I was playing with. What is interesting is that Ping Eye 2s are even weaker than these blade sets that I have played with all my life. A bit on de-lofting: There are a couple of reasons that I think that modern manufacturers continue to go stronger and stronger with lofts. The first reason is just numbers that feed the male ego. If you were hitting your 7 iron from 2006 let's say 140 yards, and then you go to buy clubs or get fitted and you get on a trackman and see that this new 7 iron in whatever set it may be goes 155 yards for you, it makes you inclined to buy, even if you aren't gaining anything, with the exception of a shorter length club going the same distance. Another reason for the de-lofting is that SGI, and GI irons tend to get the ball up quicker due to where the weight is in the clubhead, M.O.I., and all that other tech stuff. This is all fine and good and maybe a reason to switch for some. I always thought it was funny when I see people that only have 5 or 6 iron as their longest iron in the bag, but then I looked at the specs on some of these sets, and the 5 iron loft was literally identical to my 3 iron. Obviously hybrids have made a large shift in what people do at the top of their bag. To me, lofts are personal preference as long as your gapping is manageable. For me the largest gap comes in between my driver and 4 wood, but I may switch the head out on that to a 15 degree instead of a 16.5 at some point. That gap really doesn't bother me. What I really like about my gapping comes at the bottom of my bag. My PW is 49 degrees which gaps really nicely with my 53 degree wedge, and though I hardly ever play full shots with my 58 degree (or any shots for that matter), it gaps nicely too if I decide to use it. In conclusion, getting fitted is obviously best for immediate results, i.e. tighter dispersion (both laterally and distance wise), but isn't necessary to enjoy the game. I love the challenge (and the looks too of course) that blades present, and even though it hurts sometimes, I love the feedback I get from the blades. I don't often hit out of the toe or heel with my irons, and I attribute that to only really using blades my whole life. I learned to be accurate laterally on the club face at a young age, and was lucky to not lose it after taking a long break from the game (6 rounds or so between ages 21 to 30). Now if I could just stop hitting fat/thin shots, I'd be in business......
  12. But realize that the U.S. is only No. 8 if you think about it per capita.
  13. It seems like you can get away with older irons but driver tech has come such a long way
  14. I sometimes play with a bag of clubs that are pretty old. They were new, and fitted to me 20 years ago. Shoot the same scores with my older clubs that I do with my "not as old" primary set.
  15. Little spoiled, as the course where I work and play most of my golf is 5 minutes from my house. There are several courses I play that are 30-45 minutes away though. I have even driven 3 hours each way to play a good course in Northern NM.
  16. Try looking for a D+, D+plus or a D+plus Limited. These are earlier Diamana White versions that still see regular wins on the PGA tour but should be much cheaper than a DF.
  17. I think I quit after every round. My retirement from golf usually lasts around a day or two
  18. I think he was just looking in a mirror when he was interviewing the “player”.
  19. I quit after my round on Sunday. ... I'll probably pick it back up some day. ... Probably depends on what the weather is like.
  20. Wow great job my friend! Love how you are hitting into that left knee like Moe!
  21. Depends on the quality of the lessons and how you are using that information to help your game/practice. I took weekly lessons when I first started. Once I started to develop a swing, it became twice a month. Even when I was playing really well, I still went in once a month for swing checks. I am now on winter break until May and I can’t practice/play, so I see my instructor every other week just to hit my driver. I purchased a bunch of lessons from Golftec during their end of summer sale so sometimes I book an hour lesson to play a few holes on their simulator.
  22. Forest Dunes. I think the combination of the Forest Dunes course and the Reversible course (The Loop) by Doak is higher quality golf architecture than the combination at Arcadia. If you don’t care as much about strategic golf and just want great views/Scenery the Bluffs course at Arcadia is your best bet. The south course at Arcadia has mixed reviews but is interesting concept. I would prefer the courses at Forest Dunes though.
  23. Had a magical day today on and off the Course. Went thrifting and found a immaculate and complete set of MacGregor, Jack Nicklaus cg1800 clubs. 3-S + 1,3,5 wood ($11) . I also found a Ping O blade (2.99) and a Ping Anwer 5k ($22). I decided to go test out these clubs on a local short course. 4,932 yards from the whites. The Macgregors felt so so good. Feel much lighter then my Cleveland TA7 and more comfortable/ forgiving. Had the most GIR I have ever had on this track (11). Ended up shooting an 83 which is nearly my best round on this course with a $11 set of clubs! Great day! If i could have eliminated all the three putts I would have easily been in the 70's. I felt my self trying to sink birdies and rather then make pars. Once I realized this was the issue I Parred the last two holes just focusing on getting the ball close. I have a feeling the Macgregors will be my primary clubs for a good while.
  24. Another anonymous interview, oh well. Michael Collins is a world class suck up. Player confidential -- The truth about slow play in golf and how to fix it Slow play is one of the biggest issues in golf. The Tour is trying to fix it. We...
  25. Yes, that match was a blast. You couldn't have left me with an easier putt - 4 feet straight up the hill.
  26. Golf shafts are golf shafts. They have no mystical qualities that cause the ball to do anything other than what your swing provides. Golf shaft specs can influence your sequencing and timing which can effect your speed and contact. And to a limited extent they can influence your launch height/spin and ability to close the face. Because of this, you can find any number of shafts that will perform exactly the same as any other shaft. Simplest start would be to look at slightly older Diamana White board shafts. Most important is match up the weight. You can get those shafts for around $100 and get the same results with them.
  27. 73 from the back tees at Southern Highlands, just under 7300 yards. Really good course, one of my better rounds recently. Three birdies with one dumb three-putt from 15ft.
  28. My worst feeling in golf is bombing a drive on a par 5, and making the group behind wait, while I wait for the green to clear. Then, I totally blow the approach! I'd like to be able to dive into the ground! I can just imagine what the group on the tee behind me is saying!
  29. Being at the back half of the course and realizing that you're going to have a case of diarrhea.
  30. Demoralizing is smart play meeting poor execution. I lay up perfectly with 15 yards of fairway remaining before that lateral water. 80 yards left to the pin. Easy. Hit a chunker into the drink. Heck, I could have just done that with the 3 wood and saved the stroke.
  31. I haven’t hit a shank in over a month😃. But come on people, nothing is more demoralizing than a shank.
  32. Have you not been paying attention? Wisconsin has allowed three freaking points in the first half TOTAL over six games. They have 4 shut outs over 6 games...and have only allowed 29 points in 6 games! Their defense has scored as many touchdowns over six games is they have allowed all of their opponents to score! And they have a Heisman Trophy candidate running back. I understand that the SEC thinks that the sun rises and sets on their ass, but all you have to do is look at what happened to Georgia today to understand that that ain’t so!
  33. I have a three wheel Sun Mountain speed cart and my buddy has a Click Gear. He has pushed my cart when caddying for me and I have used a Click Gear when playing at another friends club. We both have come to the same conclusion. The Sun Mountain is lighter and easier to maneuver then the Click Gear but the click gear does fold up smaller. The bracket that holds my divot mix bottle on the Sun Mountain has fallen off many times even with a bigger screw and at this point I just store it in the basket. Other parts of the Sun Mountain have also broke including the front wheel pivot lock, the bottom bracket and couple of brake cables. Getting replacement parts for the Sun Mountain has been easy in the seven or so years I've had it. My buddy has only had to replace the brake cable once on his Click Gear in six years.
  34. If we are just including men as players: Woods, Nicklaus, Snead, Palmer If we are expanding it to men and women as players. Woods, Nicklaus, Snead, Mickey Wright.
  35. This is golden. Out of curiosity though, what’s #19,412? OP, I average 107-108mph, ~260ish, and I’m a 44 year old chubby out of shape dude. Or am I? 😉
  36. Time on course? Really? That's hilarious. If I'm waiting behind people I'm going to finish my round in the same amount of time if I play 2 balls or 1. Heck I have played two balls and still had to wait. You are paying for a tee slot on the course. Whether there is 1 or 4 of you in the tee slot you get the same exact amount of time to play. I've even been told by the person in the clubhouse "it's going to be a bit slow out there, you may want to play two balls" more than once when checking in as a single. And if the course is wide open taking more time is hurting nobody. Never once called any names, that's also a strange thing to say. Hate may be strong but I don't mean it in the literal sense either, just some of what you have said in this thread seems like you have some serious dislike for singles. Which I can't understand.
  37. If the single is playing two balls in order to keep their pace slowed down in order to not run up on the group in front, especially knowing there isn't room to play through, it makes just as much sense also. I don't get the hate or attitude of people like @gregsandiego have towards singles on the course. Singles are typically the more dedicated of golfers because we will still go play if we don't have a group to go with.
  38. I've never really agreed with that train of thought. If the course is near empty and you're not holding anybody up, what's wrong with hitting two balls? As far as the singles issue, a single shouldn't be given any more or less respect than anyone else. They shouldn't expect to fly thru the course simple because they're on their own but if there's room on the course, the group ahead shouldn't make that person wait. Just let him thru.
  39. Face balanced, toe hang… it doesn't matter much. Perhaps you just aim your putter to the left.
  40. What simulator are you using, that you can use all winter? While I agree that a simulator might be inaccurate, your test was possibly skewed by cold weather. Remember that in the winter the balls don't compress as much and could account for 4-5 yards out of 200 or so yards. The cold air is also denser and could also account for another 8-10 yards or so. http://thesandtrap.com/t/57517/how-much-does-cold-air-actually-affect-your-distance Plus, this might be a stupid question, but did the simulator result include roll? I know where I am you don;t get much roll because the balls tend to plug in the damper ground conditions.
  41. the point is that if your right hand and left hand are not 'palms facing' then you'll have an issue keeping the club on plane. If your right hand is in a stronger position than your left the club will not hinge correctly shutting the face and pulling the shaft inside your hands eventually this will end up being across the line but also pointed more towards the sky.
  42. Nothing against it. In fact, the Precept Lady was a pretty popular ball, especially for older men with slower swings but many didn't like hitting a ladies ball so they came out with the Precept Laddie... pretty much the same ball.
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