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  1. Vote in the poll above. Then, discuss here.
  2. Reasons why an otherwise healthy young person might take a cart instead of walking: Their friends are all taking carts. They want to carry more things (a six pack, a FlightScope, a bunch of layers) than is comfortable to do while walking. They want to get more holes in (I can play faster in a cart even on cart path only days than I can walking) and/or they are limited in how much time they have to play and can only play if they drive/ride. It's hot. Or cold. Or going to rain. The green fee includes it. The course requires it. They're not as healthy as they look in a non-obvious way (they sprained their knee recently, they have a heart transplant like my friend, whatever). They've always ridden in a cart. They enjoy riding in or driving a cart. They have an important athletic event later (a MLB manager in the 90s, IIRC, let his pitchers play as much golf as they wanted so long as they rode in carts so their legs could stay fresh). They want to use the cart's GPS system. They don't have a stand bag and/or a push cart. The list is longer than that, too. Sorry, I'm not going to judge the people for those things. Like I said, I prefer to walk most of the time, but not all the time. The times I'm in a cart don't make me less of a golfer.
  3. I am on this. People who are accepted to Stanford and graduate from Stanford outside of an athletic scholarship aren't dumb. You can prove this with test scores, IQ tests, whatever… Her being accepted and graduating from one of (or maybe the toughest) college to be accepted to is very good evidence that she's "smart." Stanford accepts ~4-5% of applicants.  Lowest in the nation.  If I show you a +3 handicapper, it would not be "pure speculation" to say "I bet he's got a pretty good short game." Her going to Stanford and graduating from there is not definitive proof, but it's miles away from "pure speculation." Odds are, she's pretty smart based on that alone.
  4. I have had good luck with Blue Lizard not staining.
  5. You’re right, there are quite a few threads about this that you might find interesting and helpful… I tend to look at it a little differently than a lot of people. I don’t look much at the overall length of the course. I look at the par-4s. If a set of tees has more than one or two par-4s where, given an average, decent drive (not the best drive you’ve ever hit) you’ll likely need to hit more than a 5-iron into the green, it’s time to move up. I don’t mind hitting longer irons or hybrids into par-3s if need be, and let’s face it, us older guys don’t expect to reach par-5s in 2 anyway, so the par-4s tell the tale for me. It’s just not a fun day if you’re hitting hybrids and 3-woods into par-4s all day long.
  6. My favorite is the Sun Mountain (But a little pricey). I bought a Sun Tek from Amazon Robot Check
  7. Wow. I am bad at stick placement. I need to retake stick placement 101. Way closer to target line made swing better.
  8. Would it be out of line to suggest spending some time on the range with your driver? How tough is the rough you are playing? Would 20-30 yards be worth hitting a club that is a bit less accurate? I can't imagine giving up distance for hitting it "straight" or "straighter". I'd suggest going to the range and fixing whatever issue that you think you have with driver. I used to play with a 4i off the tee, which netted me 180 yards. I gained 50 yards off the tee with 2 range sessions with a driver. It was worth more than I could have imagined.
  9. At 210 to clear the water it's basically a long par 3 that requires a specific shot shape. That's just @Vinsk. Damn lefties 😜
  10. I occasionally play with 8-9 clubs in an ultralight bag. I always walk, and sometimes it's nice to have a light bag when I want to get around the course quickly (like an early morning round before work). I haven't found that it impacts my score, positively or negatively, but it is a fun exercise because sometimes it forces a partial shot with an approach, which is something I normally avoid because I suck at it (but acknowledge I need to improve on). Bag makeup is something like this: Driver Fairway wood Hybrid Irons: 5, 7, 9, AW, or 6, 8, PW One wedge, 60 or 54 degree Putter
  11. Just In Phil Mickelson Skipping the Players Championship to play the KKK Classic sponsored by Westboro Baptist Church! They promised him eternal salvation and a hefty appearance fee.
  12. that's how I learned. My starter set (of blades) was 1w,3w, 3,5,7,9 and a putter. For 6 years, didn't use anything else until I was 20 and could afford a "full set". Learned all the shots, that way. And why I have (or had) 3 distances for each club. For example- 140 to middle is a 9, 135 tucked behind a bunker on right is a cut 9I, 145 back left would be a draw 9I to the back.corner.
  13. For me it takes a lot of decisions out, stops me second guessing my club choice and instead i just focus on hitting the shot the way i need to. Makes it more fun since you end up having to play shots instead of just making full swings everytime.
  14. Big fan of the Saudi government, great administration, fair for sure. Great amenities, lovely Haut-Brion, etc. Very pleased with the level of care they give to tour pros as the PGA tour can be a third world gulag at times, especially if you've been grinding for three plus decades like Phil has. Really unfair and frankly, he's suffered enough. I hear women were just allowed to drive by themselves too, which I applaud. It definitely shows they're moving forward and being progressive. They've nearly caught up to the west now for sure IMO. That journalist guy, whatever happened there, seems like a misunderstanding or something. All the facts aren't really out, so it's unfair for us to start jumping to conclusions just yet. Plus Phil's a family man first, a golfer second. He needn't trouble himself with these cause-célèbre-du-jours that seem to pop up everyday now. Also, I'm pretty sure that journalist is fine somewhere, probably sipping Haut-Brion in Dubai as I type this. You don't know. I equate this to that time Mariah Carey played that four-song set for Muammar Gaddafi's 2009 New Years Eve bash for a cool million bucks... you know, obviously before his people rose up and killed him just a couple years later for decades of atrocities. That totally wasn't tone deaf and was totally her right as a performer. Sure, the audience was filled with murderous generals and various terrorist sponsors yucking it up over Haut-Brion and avocado toast but so what? #hatersgonnahate
  15. Tell him you are straighter AND longer than most amateur men.
  16. This is my all-time favorite Tiger Woods TV commercial:
  17. To varying degrees, yes. More so for Phil because it’s not his Tour, he’s skipping an event he plays normally, he’s getting an appearance fee, and he doesn’t need the money. One can understand the guy at the bottom of the Euro Tour money money list playing more so than Phil. And you’re one to lecture on moral high ground. Your whole post is posturing for yourself.
  18. Maybe Phil doesn't see his actions as an endorsement, but you can bet the Saudis do! At least the Saudis in power. Maybe not the general citizenry. Believe this, they are thinking/saying that a celebrity and wealthy sports figure from the USA does not disagree with them... he has not raised his voice to do so. Maybe Phil's apolitical... but I doubt it. Phil's been bought. One could spout the old cliche: "Actions speak louder than words."
  19. Well if I knew what this feels like I might have voted for it 😀
  20. iacas

    Best Shot in Golf

    I voted for pure long- or mid-iron. A driver is much easier to hit than one that requires more precision while still swinging it with speed. With a driver, the ball's sitting on a tee for crying out loud.
  21. GolfLug

    Best Shot in Golf

    Piped drive. It's all downhill after. Takes a total screw up to loose the hole from there. Usually. Even long holes like a 430 yard par 4, whick IMO are the toughest, loose the intimidation factor after you own the tee ball.
  22. It's all fun, but I went for the piped drive. Chicks dig the long ball! Plus it's a nice celebration of physical health, which for me means something 😄Fumbling with an awkward club twirl then quickly reaching for the tee after a solid drive is pure joy!
  23. Piz

    Leaf Pile

    According to the Official Exceptions to the Rules of Golf; a ball hiding in the leaves may be declared "furtive" and the player may drop, without penalty, in a location deemed to be reasonably appropriate.
  24. 2019 Section Special Award Winners Announced – Western New York https://westernnewyork.pga.com/news/2019-section-special-award-winners-announced/ I'm proud and honored to announce today that I've been named the Western New York section of the PGA's Teacher of the Year for 2019. From the site, this award is "based on the professional’s overall performance in teaching; unusual, innovative and special teaching programs the professional has initiated or played a key role in implementing." The awards ceremony takes place the evening before my Behrend college team(s) play in our home Invitational, the last event of the "regular season," on Monday, October 7. I'm not sure which I look forward to more. 🙂 This follows two previous other awards or honors of recognition: @david_wedzik has received this award twice (2013, 2015), and the list of previous winners is available here: Annual Awards | Recognizing PGA Excellence | WesternNewYork.PGA.com Each year, the Section recognizes PGA professionals for their success on and off the course at an annual awards ceremony. See results at WesternNewYork.PGA.com. Of course, this and $5 might get me a small scone at Starbucks. 😉 But, I kid, I kid. This award is perhaps more meaningful than the others because these are the actual pros in my section who know quite a bit more about what I do, and this is my first year as an actual class A member. (I only finished up my associate-ship last May.) Among the things I cited on my supporting documentation after I was nominated: The two previous Golf Digest recognitions. LSW, and the instructors we've trained in that. The Project 10 thing we created for the Western New York First Tee program, based on LSW ideas and concepts. The Penn-State Behrend team. My winter Junior Elite Program. 5SK, the education seminars we've given to PGA sections, Evolvr, my certifications (AimPoint, etc.), and a few other things.
  25. 1 point
    Do or do not. There is no try.
  26. Southern Iowa, Amana Colonies GC August 2019
  27. I have four words for you. "I LIKE SHINY THINGS" I buy a new driver when ever I think my wife will let me get away with it. I'll use the same set of irons for 10 years. I will likely keep a putter forever. I like to replace my wedges every other year if I play a lot. When it comes to a driver, however, it's so hard to resist the shiny new ones.
  28. Try the Wilson Duo. It's the best $20 ball on the market. You won't be sorry.
  29. Something that you will not mind losing in a pond. Just remember, "soft" tend to go straighter and not as long. "Tour Distance" and similar labels are supposed to go longer but not as straight. The top-end balls, claim to have both benefits. That said, I thought this topic was for a tournament structure. Oh, here is a more complete analysis: Ultimate Golf Ball Guide: 35 new golf ball models for 2019 Need help choosing new golf balls? Here you'll find everything you need to know about 35 new golf balls from eight top manufacturers.
  30. Dump DL III, we’ll take him.
  31. Too bad there is not an "Iron Man" award available. I just completed a full year of play/practice with no missed days due to illness, and/or injury. Played way over 100 rounds of golf for scores. Add to that, atleast another 10-15 hours of practice every week. Maybe a "Golf Junky" award would suffice. That's the lable my wife has giving me....😋
  32. There are rules specified for scoring holes for handicap reporting in all of the situations you mention. And no, “recording what they want” isn’t one of those rules. Done properly, your handicap should still be accurate.
  33. I think Jason would get tired of all the talking from Gary.
  34. Big C

    2019 Presidents Cup

    It's an exhibition event and nobody is going to get more eyeballs and more publicity for the President's Cup than Tiger Woods. It's an absolute no brainer for him to play as long as he's healthy, IMO.
  35. We have an article, written long ago by I-no-longer-remember-who, here: https://thesandtrap.com/b/swing_thoughts/he_cheated. It discusses some very brief bits about how Gary Player may have cheated a few times. Recently, someone commented on the article with a link to this video. Watch the little bit at 0:08: Here are some screenshots (though, IMO, the video is more damning): Why do that? Did Gary Player cheat (or breach the rules) by improving his lie here? You can move loose impediments, but this appears to be an area of sand and/or loose soil. Or maybe the rules were different then?
  36. Do you have any video's of average golfers who are able to swing 100 mph all arms...no lower body?
  37. Where do your arms generate speed from? I have yet to see a MLB pitcher throw without a windup. What are you trying to accomplish here?
  38. Fatrick is very unlikeable. Maybe Spieth should bring up his pencil wedge from college.
  39. New Year, New Me. Chipping in backyard for 30 minutes towards my tree with my 58 degree lob wedge. Next few days im going to be going through my clubs 54, 50, pw, 9, and 8. Happy New Years everyone, hope everyone achieves there goals.
  40. Well I'm at 276 consecutive days. 1/1/18: I did my path drill indoors today. For those of you who don't know what this is, it involves 2 to 4 water or soda bottles a club and a foam ball. I use two that promote approaching the ball from an inside/out path. You can use anything soft however... I've used Alina's stuffed animals in a pinch those. Most of it, is getting used to the path that you are trying to accomplish without hitting the bottles... I actually lately have been doing this drill a lot lately. My coach (I finally got a couple lessons) wants me to only do waist high to waist high swings with this drill for now, so I did this for 10 minutes or so today.
  41. Today I did some indoor putting. Actually, I practiced rolling the ball over a dime, placed 12" in front of the ball. The dime simulates my line, and hitting that line. It's 15*f outside, and is why I am putting indoors.
  42. Count me in for one who misses the steel spikes. The only good thing that came out of it for me was. I now don't swing like I'm coming out of my shoes on certain shots.
  43. Notice that none of us who played there said it wasn't worth it? Thats because its an amazing course like nothing you have ever played. Exquisite. Just because you can't afford it, doesn't mean you need to try to convince others that your opinion is right. I've never met anyone on the course at Pebble who seemed upset in any way, even over bad scores. Its just an amazing place. As well as that I played there twice, and will be playing at least 2 rounds there this winter when im at my families beach house in florida.
  44. I rarely ever ride. I find it tightens up my back and just throws off my rhythm. Drive, sit there and wait to hit the shot etc.... I have had a history of a bad back and did it in pretty good for almost a month. I just bought a cart bag and a clicgear 2.0 cart. I've played two rounds with it and my back feels so much better at the end of the round not packing my clubs.
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    • I would still not play golf if I was the worst golfer at anything. I know there has to be someone that is the worst at everything, but it sure wouldn't be me when it comes to golf.
    • I know it’s a poor question. I even admitted that last night. I think the question would have been better if I said the best driving, and left out iron play altogether, implying that your iron play in both scenarios is neither good nor bad, just okay.
    • 2020 game improvement goals Lower score by more quality time on the course and practicing driving, mid and short game. Release and follow through by practicing consistent release points and completing follow through.  
    • Driving/Iron, but this is a really poor question. None of us would play golf if we had the worst of anything as previously noted. I think it would be more fair to say something along the lines of best of either, and then the other, the skill level of a 30 capper or something. I would still answer the same in that scenario
    • JT and Ricky match was shocking. They seemed to be playing for ties in the last 3 holes(18 was just a lousy drive by JT)  The last 3 holes of the tail matches have been very exciting to watch all days.    The President’s Cup needed this week. A good watch and the International’s are playing the course and show they want it. Hopefully today’s singles will be good.  I still want a USA win. Love the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and President’s Cup. 

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