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  1. The Hater’s Guide to Bryson DeChambeau By: Robbie Vogel | Twitter Every year, Drew Magary puts together one of the best pieces of content...
  2. Good grief. The things that offend people these days... ...and the only person Dustin Johnson is representing is Dustin Johnson.
  3. It's not clear to those who know what they're talking about because Chappell doesn't push off with the trail foot. You're seeing the results of what the body has done during that phase of the swing being transmitted through the trail foot because it's the only thing touching the ground. As I previously said, a prosthetic foot attached to an aluminum pole generates similar forces and torques. And in the words of Chris… "just because the total HRT is targetward doesn’t mean you are pushing." We have not. It's simply the point of contact with the ground… a very simple point you're failing completely to understand. A peg leg transmits similar force. You've not demonstrated at all that the trail leg or trail foot actively pushes. That doesn't demonstrate that anything originates through the feet. You're confusing the fact that the feet are the only points in contact with the ground with what they're actively "doing." That has not been established at all. Once again, it's simply the point in contact with the ground. If I put a pole on the ground and then drive a hammer into the other end of the pole, the force plate will register the points where the pole contacts the force plate as the "source" or "location" of that pressure… despite the fact that the actual force came from the hammer. You're confusing the pole with the hammer. I don't have to, because none of the work you've cited proves your claim. You're confusing the pole for the hammer. Furthermore, the backward-directed shear force generated is very, very small. Why? Because the foot is quickly unweighted. The core drives the center of the body forward (the pelvis), which results in a small reverse push and thus a small force. You've not proven a darn things, except that you still don't understand how to read a pressure trace or interpret a scientific paper. You said (or posted a presentation that said) players can't make a "golf swing" without GRF. The video demonstrates that you can. Here's the final challenge for you, or anyone else out there: Stand with your feet as wide apart as they are in a golf swing or a bit wider. Doing nothing with your trail leg at all, slide your hips forward and drag your foot a few inches. Now, were you on a force plate, you'd see a little force exhibited through the right foot, which @hoselpalooza seems to believe means that the right foot is actively pushing off. It's not - it's just that the force is transmitted through the foot as the sole point of contact with the ground. You could replace your entire trail leg with an aluminum pole and a prosthetic foot and you'd see the same thing. Furthermore, while you were sliding the foot forward, you'd see a force registered as a shear (horizontal) force pushing back, even though your foot is moving forward. That makes sense, too, and likewise does not mean your foot is actively pushing backward - it's actually pushing forward as it slides, and the friction pushes back. Throughout this discussion we've laid out several points, and @hoselpalooza simply replies with the same old misunderstandings of videos and PDFs. He's confused the fact that, again, the feet are the only points of contact and that forces are registered as coming "through" them rather than understanding what the trail foot or leg are actually doing. They're not actually contributing to the relatively small forward tilt of the rear GRF "arrow." The fact that an aluminum pole attached at the hip with a prosthetic foot on the end generates a similar trace/pressure reading is proof enough - the trail hip, pulled forward by the core as it lowers and travels forward, creates the GRF as measured at the foot (as the point of contact).
  4. I swear to god Phil's birth certificate must just say "U.S. Open Sunday." Every single year I read something about how Sunday was his birthday. I know it's not true, but it's 100% true.
  5. It's a little spitting who cares. @joneal do yourself a favor, whatever you do, do not ever attend a Major League baseball game, you might lose your shit!
  6. If Patrick Reed wins I'm going to start pumping my septic system on Monday.
  7. Great post @iacas Just filmed this to show what a "push" would be.
  8. This Brooks guy. He'll never be taken seriously at the Sandtrap until he wins the Greensboro Open.
  9. Mostly because "instruction" wasn't really a big thing back in the days they were growing up. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't taken a lesson today (and Bubba doesn't count as he's taken plenty of lessons.). Good instructors focus on impact, too. It's all that ultimately matters. When I fix a backswing, it's because it makes impact better. There shouldn't be an either/or type situation here. Easy for Arnie to say given his swing was pretty good. Most people's swings have them shooting 90+. You're likely mistaken here - the use of models is not to show the entire swing, but one piece of a swing that the student could do and should do "more of." "See how Justin Rose slides his hips forward continuously? Let's try to do that piece a bit better." What makes you think instructors don't do that exact thing? I don't think you understand good instruction like you think you do.
  10. No doubt about it. Trevino had a lower rate of top tens than Ernie or Phil. But he was a fortunate choice for you, because he's the only one of the players you named of whom that is true. Here is the percentage of top tens in majors of the players you named, plus players in the Hall of Fame who were born after 1955, i.e., who hit their primes about the time majors started to have most of the world's best players in the field. In all but two cases, I started counting with the first major in which they had a top ten, and stopped with the last major in the year of their 40th birthday. The two exceptions were Vijay and O'Meara, who both had career years after age 40, so it didn't seem fair to stop there. I stopped at age 41 for O'Meara, and 42 for Vijay. Your examples: Trevino: 14/42 33.3% Casper: 20/42 48.6% Player: 38/69 55.1% Watson: 36/62 58.1% Palmer: 31/49 63.3% Every Hall of Famer born 1955 or later: Phil: 31/67 46.3% Vijay: 22/48 45.8% (thru age 42) Els: 30/68 44.1% DLIII: 17/40 42.5% Norman: 24/59 40.7% Faldo: 23/61 37.7% Couples: 21/60 35.0% Stewart: 6/49 32.7% Goosen: 14/48 29.2% Seve: 20/74 27.0% Price: 13/56 23.2% Olazábal: 15/65 23.1% Strange: 12/55 21.8% O'Meara: 10/56 17.9% (thru age 41) Lyle: 4/45 8.9% So, if my aging eyes and brain copied the data correctly, four out of five of your examples had higher top ten percentages than all 15 HOFers who began their careers in the modern era. I don't claim that proves anything, but it sure doesn't help your case. That is insulting and false. It's not like we used an offhand remark Jack made, and it's not like we took it out of context. The context was a book that he wrote in his retirement, when he had plenty of time to consider what he was saying, and no doubt it went through several drafts and editing revisions before it was published, so it said exactly what he thought at the time. The context was also that it summarized several paragraphs of reasoning about the depth of fields in 1996 compared to his day. Jack is of course entitled to change his mind, but I agree with @iacas and @turtleback that it's strange how his assessment of field strength seems to be inversely proportional to the threat to his record that Tiger poses --- no threat in 1996, big threat in the early 2000's, and seemingly no threat again after 2010. Personally, I would rather play against all five of your guys than Rory and Koepka alone. Throw in DJ, YJS, JT, etc. and there's just no comparison. Somewhere back in this thread is a copy of an article I wrote several years ago, that documents in Jack's own words his shifting standards for GOAT from the late 50's to the early 70's, from the Amateur Grand Slam, to most PGA wins, to Hogan's three majors in a year, and finally settling on most career majors when that seemed the most achievable for him. And I don't begrudge him any of that; as I said, he's entitled to change his mind. What made me lose respect for him was when he said that majors were "the only fair way" to compare golfers of different eras, because at that time, his only competition for GOAT were players who had far fewer majors to play. In particular, Walter Hagen hit his prime before the PGA was founded, was past his prime before the Masters was founded, had to commit to a month-long ship voyage to play the Open, and had several years of majors cancelled for WWI. In spite of all that, he won 11 pro majors, a record that stood for over 40 years, but was never acknowledged as the GOAT during those years, and is rarely even in the top five today. It's just a fact that any of the stroke play WGCs Tiger won had stronger fields than any of the majors played before 1970, and probably 1980. Yet as you pointed out yourself, Tiger has never wavered from his goal of 18 majors. Never even hinted that his WGCs should be included in the mix, although it would be just as fair as comparing Jack's major total to Hagen's. I would expect my mom to just look at one number, like major wins, because she doesn't know anything about golf. I truly don't understand how anyone who considers himself a golf fan would be satisfied with that analysis.
  11. Our work complaints: 16hr shifts with seldom a lunch break. Hostile environment. Asshat bosses, weekend shift demanded so missing kid’s tournament, pay cuts, lay offs, screwed out of promotions, no PTO left, working Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, 45 minute commute in traffic jams, phone calls at 3am to come in. No bonus as didn’t meet production quotas due to under staffing. PGA Tour pro: The golf course was too hard and not fair. Yeah guys, we feel ya.
  12. Woodland's Strokes Gained by Category,
  13. Kudos to Woodland for a great tournament. Very impressed with how he held off any jitters to play some solid golf. Love that he finished with that birdie instead of a lag and par!
  14. Ive been off the course for about a year now , the pain in my feet meant was just too much both during and after .Arthritis was diagnosed and to cut a long story sideways had to have my big toes fused in place . The lack of activity with not walking the links has meant a weight gain of around 2 stone and a general drop off in my fitness . But , Horray ! Im now pain free and getting on the push bike in attempt to get a bit fitter and will hope to get the clubs out of the garage soon and back on the course . With the unbending toes though Ive no idea of how its going to go . Anyone else had this op ? https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/attachments/Fusion of the Great (or Big) Toe_NBT002182.pdf
  15. It's not an average. It's a total from all his shots over the entire round. Example, Round 1 he totaled .66 strokes more than the field off the tee. Before you try to criticize, you might want to gain a bit more knowledge on the subject.
  16. San Diego and LA are warmer and that is what most people think about for weather there. Up the coast to Monterey and San Fran, the ocean dictates the weather and temp. It can be 90 in Oakland and 60 and foggy in San Fran and they are just across the bay from each other. The ocean currents come down from Alaska, so the water is cold. When the wind is on shore, Pebble Beach is cold.
  17. And I'm spitting after every swing. Are you? 🙂
  18. Hell, little league! And do NOT follow a professional bike race! 😱
  19. Just saw Snedker and Cabrera-Bello tee off on #1. When Brandt was on the tee first, the infographic showed the fairway bunker was 246 yards away. Rafa stepped up and the bunker is now 247 from the tee. Is anyone else disturbed by the thought of a mobile fairway bunker?
  20. He leads the tour in GIR.
  21. @FunkyDionysus of the current set you have, the club you can keep the longest is the Driver. Most of the others would need to be replaced. I also notice, you didn't say anything about your putter. For me, if you are going to change a few clubs at a time, go from shortest to longest club. The reasoning is the shorter the club, the more accuracy you expect, and good clubs make a difference here. The hybrids and woods you have here might be a bit shorter and less accurate than newer clubs, but rarely are you hitting those onto a green (except long par 3s)
  22. Didn't get the irony? Your point is exactly my point. I want to know why he feels the need to be critical of players just because they haven't achieved to the expectation of some people on a forum. He should know more than anyone how hard it is. The fact that he is a great advocate for the game means he should be above it. I'll bet you didn't write a post criticising him for calling Fleetwood "Tommy Haircut", or saying they've done "nothing".
  23. Whatever he's using he mashes it like the ball screwed his sister
  24. I got fancy noise-cancelling headphones and I think I heard "ya got me..". it could just as easily be "it got me". His head was down which makes it a little garbled. Either way, I don't care. Personally, I don't think they should be listening for or broadcasting that stuff. Let the people compete in one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world without having to worry about voicing some frustration and sending the Twitterverse into a tizzy.
  25. I think I can hear it pretty clearly right as the video clip goes from 25 to 26 seconds. I'm generally a Spieth fan, but definitely not a fan of that. But Spieth is still the one hitting the shots... Even if he went with his caddie's advice it's still up to Spieth to execute it properly. The only thing I could see blaming the caddie for is if the caddie gave completely false information, like if it was 250 to the water and Greller told him it was only 230 or something then sure that's on Greller, but the player should always have the final say on what club to hit. If they were between clubs and Greller said take the longer one, then it's on Spieth to know how much he needs to dial that club back some or it could go too far.
  26. +1 on Maltby. I also would consider Gigagolf. They have a static fitting tool on their site and they build to order. Nearly my whole bag is from them and I love them. If I don’t go Maltby the next time I buy irons I’ll probably go back to GG.
  27. Didn’t Tiger win Augusta after a first round 70? Maybe a good omen.
  28. Wooooooooo what a par
  29. I think Azinger is a moron about that. I doubt he’s thinking about it a hole later let alone four.
  30. Update: I sent my shoes back and they did confirm a defect in them. They offered to send me a replacement pair of Originals or store credit I can use towards another model. I opted for the latter because I want to try the Majors. There was plenty of dialogue throughout the entire process and they were quick to respond to my emails. Excellent customer service. Great company.
  31. here we go Ti-GER!
  32. They don't say it should be easy to make the ball stop there, especially in a major championship. They don't say a shot to a bad spot on the green should be a simple 2-putt. I don't like to see a ball roll up to a hole, stop, and then roll back. But I don't mind seeing a not-quite-perfect putt from above the hole keep going.
  33. I never understood "bulletin board" psychology in sports. I played organized baseball through college, and i always thought that when coaches did that it was distracting and clownish. Who cares if some shithead on another team says we suck? Its not going to give you another 5mph on your fastball.... Just go out there and do what you do. If you're better everything takes care of itself. Its even more silly when reporters or observers say something like that and you react. They're not even competing with you...
  34. He sounds like someone who took 3 years of physics courses and never graduated.
  35. Shindig

    Brooks Koepka

    Ian Poulter still has his card, so no.
  36. From the article @iacas quoted: I don't mind Bryson, but this quote is dumb. He sounds like a stupid person trying to sound smart. What the hell is a "friction value"?!? That's not a thing, buddy. It's like the reporter asked him to "say something sciencey, please".
  37. Guess I’m in the minority but I liked Chambers Bay. They hold that most any other year and those greens are perfect. Difficulty-wise, a handful of guys broke par and -5 won. What more can you ask for?
  38. I play 2 short little executive courses with my 83 year old dad quite a bit. One is a par 60 and one is par 61. They’re great for tuning up my iron game. I don’t use a tee, except for the very occasional driver, and play each shot as if it were an approach shot on a normal course. They're a blast, and although I’ve never shot better than even par on a full sized course, I’ll break par occasionally on them. My best is a 57. Jim Furyk, eat your heart out! Of course, it’s also fun to play with my dad and his older buddies. To them I’m that young, flat-bellied, long hitter. ...my rat-bastard golfing buddies call me popop.
  39. Fleetwood is overrated! 😄
  40. For my own information, I calculated my handicap index using the best 8 of 20 versus the index computed by GHIN as of June 15 (9.4). The best 8 of 20 worked out to be 9.2 I did another member of our club and his was exactly the same both ways. It appears the elimination of the ".96" Bonus for Excellence largely offsets the use of 8 rather than 10. Anecdotally, we short hitters seem to have struggled with the cool wet weather in the Soggy Mitten. I wonder if the future adjustment for unusual weather will make a difference for similar conditions in the future? It would be hard to quantify but I suspect a couple of tenths might be knocked off my index if weather were taken into consideration. p.s. If the WHS turns out to be a disaster you can partially blame me. I took part in a USGA run "Focus Group" a couple months ago. When they say "XX%" approved" or "only X% disapproved", that process included me. 😉
  41. This is such a non-issue to me, this happens every week, multiple times on tour, caddies know it comes with the job, this is being blown out of proportion because it’s Jordan Spieth
  42. His hat is horrible. I predict that will be his downfall today.
  43. @Robert R Ramsay Tell us a little more about yourself. What is your handicap index? What state are you playing out of now? When did you start playing? Do you play private courses or stick with public access? Played any of the "Top 100" type courses? Which ones?
  44. I wear 2 gloves. One reason is for protection from the sun (dermatologist told me to after have 3 melanomas removed) and another reason is because it helps eliminate pain in my fingers after a round. I quit wearing golf gloves and have been wearing baseball batting gloves for a while. I find that they have a bit more padding, have very good stickiness, and feel better. I put them on before I start a round and they do not come off until i put my clubs in the back of my truck....Also wear solar sleeves when I do not wear a shirt with long sleeves....
  45. You have a round grip on it, right? Seems it wouldn't matter who regripped it so long as you got the same style and size so as not to affect your fitting. That's my guess. For me, I just don't play enough to worry about that kinda thing. My clubs still have the grips from 2015 Newport Cup and work as good as ever and putter is still with original grip also with no signs of wear. :)
  46. R16.1c2 (2) Penalty Relief: Playing from Outside Bunker (Back-On-the-Line Relief). For one penalty stroke, the player may drop the original ball or another ball (see Rule 14.3) in a relief area based on a reference line going straight back from the hole through the spot of the original ball:
  47. I became a much better putter when I started using an intermediate target (spot) a foot, or so in front of the ball, that was directly on the line I wanted to start ball on. One of my practice routines is putting the ball over a dime a foot or so in front of the ball. I can see both the ball and my intermediate target during the stroke. By rolling the ball over that closer target, I know I rolled a straight putt on my chosen line. If I found, and chose the right line to start the ball on, and I have the initial ball speed correct, my chances of making the putt are increased.
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    • I usually wear a glove unless I'm putting.   This past weekend when it was raining all of the time, I only wore it on full shots.
    • Day 349: Mainly practicing on the putting green to keep a better aim line on direct putts, as this green has few really rolling design matters. A bit better at keeping a solid roll and within 6' I was almost deadly.  Beyond 10' I needed to keep it such that the next putt was almost a tap in. Over all not too bad but not perfect either.
    • Golfers Journal is fabulous. I subscribed as I was made aware by Golf Odyssey....I get way too many mags as it is but Golfers Journal is unique. I have gotten all issues. The photography is special. The content comes from a unique perspective. When I get my Golf/Golf Digest.....they are read and tossed same day. I tear out any special travel info. Golfers Journal and Links Mag I have got and will not toss an issue.
    • Ahh. Thanks. Well, to my credit - I did see one golfer plumb bobbing during the US Open. I don't remember who it was but for sure it wasn't Woodland or Rose!

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