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  1. Back to swinging again. I actually played yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks or so. Swung at 70% without pain. Played pretty well too. I filmed my swing today to see if there were any changes and surprisingly, it looks about the same. Below are driver and 6 iron at about 80%.
  2. Sean_D


    When I play with people whom I have never played with before, I always tell them on the 1st tee, "I plan on posting this score for my index and I need to finish each hole. I don't give putts and I don't take them." I stared doing this because people would "ship my ball back", and wait for me to give them a putt. I really don't care what they do, they can give themselves a 50-footer if they want. If we're competing, we're playing by the rules. If were not competing, I'm playing by the rules and they can do whatever they want.
  3. To survive another year of winter depression...
  4. True story: I was invited to play in a scramble a few years ago. As the day approached the weather reports were indicating rain. My golf partners were taking a cautious, wait and see attitude. The night before the event all of my partners had bowed out. The scramble had not officially been cancelled at this point. Having taken the day off, I decided to head over to the course at the appointed time and see what was up, hit some range balls and perhaps head into the office late. When I got to the course the registration table was active and signing people is, so I signed in as well. I mentioned my situation and that I may be hitting multiple shots due to partners who may not show up. No problem I was told. Well I was 9 under par after 12 holes when the event was called off due to rain. I was soaked from head to toe, but won first prize of $400. I think that was the day I also won a laser range finder. Off the tee, if it was an acceptable shot I did not take another in order to save energy being over 50 years of age. I usually hit 2 or 3 approach shots. Putting was the best: lay 4 balls down and keep hitting them until one goes in. Made a lot of birdies from 15 to 20+ feet out. First putt a little high? Hit it on a lower line. That one a little low? Try something in the middle and... bingo, another birdie. one of the best times I every had on the golf course.
  5. I like your turn on the backswing. A definite improvement.
  6. Had a very encouraging range session today. Saw lots of progress with getting my swing on plane. It's not where I want it yet but it's light years from where I started. Some negatives I saw is that my knees are still too flexed. It's proving tougher than I thought to fix that. I'm also standing up a bit through impact.
  7. I finally get a piece that is something I've been trying to find the feel for, over many years(probably over 5 years, I shouldn't admit that), and you two goofs just want to complain about my camera angle and the grass at the range. 🤦‍♂️ This is why I haven't posted my swing much for years here. 😉 @DeadMan It is one of four ranges I go to, usually it is a little better. They mainly have mats there but I prefer hitting of grass with my left wrist/hand injuries. They basically just mow down some grass there. Mats can be pretty painful at times if they are the wrong kind. Why don't you just be happy I couldn't do this move back in 2017, instead you beat me down then and are coming at me again now. 😉😂
  8. I am not sure why I am getting this now, when I never have been able to before. Whatever it is, I'll take it. It is going to hard to keep my high handicap if I keep this up.
  9. I play with a guy on occasion who takes roughly everything inside of 4 feet. It started when he came back to the game a few years ago. I remembered from previous rounds he'd get really mad when he missed a short putt... really mad! So when he came back I allowed him to take anything under 5 feet for the first year so he (and I) could stay chill. Often, when he plays on a day I don't play he'll text me afterwards to say he shot a 74... a 72. I congratulate him but don't believe he did that... he's lost credibility with me, as far as gimmes. Otherwise a good guy and a good golfer. When putting out he averages around 78-79.
  10. TourSpoon


    If we are playing for money and you give me a 3 footer, I am picking it up, but that never seems to happen when money is on the line.
  11. Bonvivant


    Sick. My passed weekend with the fellow I was talking about I finally beat the score he said he shot. 91 on hills to his "92". He was actually over 100 but it was fun to beat the score that he said he shot nonetheless.
  12. darthweasel


    for me, I don't really care what other people take, I hate it when they give me one...I occasionally play in tournaments and I can tell you, when I have been stepping up and knocking in the 1 and 2 footers regularly, I feel no extra pressure. Play a round where people, trying to be friendly, are "giving" me 2,3,4'ers, shipping them back to me before I can get to the ball (I routinely lag putt to pretty close from a good distance across the green, and people routinely ship them back), when I get to the tournament, that "gimme" suddenly becomes a nervous putt. If people want to give and take putts to each other, and it is not a tournament...knock yourself out but please, leave my ball alone. I like to finish every putt, even the "it is 100% to make that one on the lip"....yeah, it is but I like to finish the hole. I paid to play a complete course, not everything but the finish. Now, to get down off my soapbox...
  13. I would agree with this. @RFKFREAK, try getting your hands higher at A4. It is easier to get your right elbow in front on the downswing with higher hands because it’s not as close to the torso. I have practiced the Furyk feel and filmed it and it doesn’t look anything like him. Instead, my hands are a bit higher at A4, above my shoulders, and my transition shallows the shaft. Your swing right now looks a bit like Kuchar. Looks at Erik’s hand position at A4 here.
  14. Piz


    I do not care if it is a 1 inch putt...who does not like completing the hole?
  15. Missouri Swede


    So you're doing it, too. Just a matter of what distance you're choosing.
  16. It's up to the Committee to decide, in advance, and publish for the competitors, what the rules are around handicaps. What any of us thinks is "right" should be overruled by the specific rules of the competition. Now if I'm on that Committee, I would want to use the handicap as of the date of the match, but I'm not the one making the decisions.
  17. Hello and welcome to TST. What exactly do you mean by ‘better?’ It’s really your own preference. The Ping Eye2’s certainly have an enduring reputation. You may see a drop in distance going from the more modern G irons to the Ping Eye2. The G irons are designed to get the ball in the air easier. As far as the BC it’s really just a matter of what you like. Performance wise I don’t think there’s any significant difference. If you could get a Ping Eye2 7i and hit it for comparison with your G iron you’ll be able to make a better decision.
  18. Yeah, it is/was left of the green. On top of that, 3 on Dales has one just shy of where the path crosses the creek, and 5 on Dales has one just off the false front. At this moment none are marked, and unless you have a keen eye, you won't know where they were/are. Since I didn't pony up the bucks for a men's association membership (and the much sought after GHIN), I don't know if they are in play or out (which would turn them into yellow hazard I think). Duck made 5 Hills a yellow hazard, doing away with the DZ, but in my casual rounds I have been playing it still for PoP. Luckily I have only been in the drink on 1 of my last 5 rounds. The short/right bailout has been doing me wonders lol. I wish that they marked them more clearly, and on most proper courses they do, but I think that an argument could be made for a rule change to "provisional" that would include this. Pace of play when you lack course knowledge shouldn't result in a jacked up score, at least in my eyes.
  19. I can’t relate to any tour player. I’d have a much better shot at bulking up than playing golf the way any of them do.
  20. Did you ever get on one of those rants where you are rolling along and then you look up and you realize you're all of sudden arguing things that don't even make sense? I've been there. Happened to me last night having a argument discussion with my wife. I got so dug in I looked up and realized I was arguing for shit I didn't even care about an not even making sense at that. I've always been a Gary Player fan, but I think he got off the rails here.
  21. I really want to figure out a way to efficiently move every speck of snow from my yard and move it to the neighbor's yard.
  22. Welcome to The Sand Trap. I don’t think it’s bad. I thinks it helps the game get publicity, but I don’t think everyone will be running out to get same length clubs and bulk up to play. He finally won a major at 27. Morikawa won the PGA on his first try this year and is a different kind of golfer. My issue is the announcers more than BD. They were talking Nobel prize for a guy with 3 years of college physics at an average school for the sciences. Does he like to tinker? Absolutely. Should he be asked to replace Hawking as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge? No. They talk about his power with the driver, but he wasn’t even the longest hitter this week. So they are building a myth about him that I feel is unwarranted to this point. His final round opponent was hitting it farther. Wolff was really impressive because he is just 21. I hope BD settles down and becomes an ambassador for the game. But with his temperament, he may go the García route.
  23. Counterpoint: most everyone has a repeating swing.
  24. Played Chambers Bay in a pro am today from the Sand tees. Shot -5, 67. 3 putted my last hole too because I knew what I needed to do to tie for the lead for pros and I babied it. Full swing, honestly, didn’t feel quite there today. I made a lot of good putts though. Driver was mediocre, irons were good, wedges were off. Definitely pleased about the score. Will work to keep it going!
  25. This thread is now closed... to anyone who takes gimmes over 18 inches.
  26. Set up and swing looks good man. Driver looked solid. To me, iron looked like you weren't committed in that you looked like you didn't hit down and through it. Looked like you backed out of it on the downswing. The ball took off well right of zero (I know you probably play a draw though). I would like to see more commitment to hitting down on the ball, getting the head to continue down even after contact. Like the head is going down the hula hoop to the ball and continues down before coming up and left. Right now, it looks like you're trying to be shallow too much and you have the sling ball going. Hit down on the ball and mash it.
  27. Now that was a gimme!
  28. You're right, based on the wording in the OP, I inferred that the 4-wood shot he discussed was to be played towards the green, and was not a reasonable choice given the position of the ball, while the 7-iron chip was to be played in a different direction. This makes sense if the cart path ran approximately parallel to the fairway. Both heels on the path is pointing towards the green, a chip-out would be more perpendicular to the path, and would get both feet off of the path. If I do the math right, a semicircular relief area with a radius of 45 inches or so is 2.5 square yards. If you constrain that by half, since you cannot go back towards the cart path, you get a relief area of about 1.2 yards. Its certainly possible that there would be a decent place within that relief area to play from, if he wanted to chip out. However, I can't envision a physical arrangement where a legitimate drop would give the OP an unimpeded shot towards the green..
  29. Thanks Matt! Went out and played 9 this afternoon with the feel and I loved being able to hit a Hybrid and a 3W again. I also loved not needing a different backswing for the driver as well. I haven't been able to do that for years.
  30. Looks like my old swing that I struggled with and had to rebuild. First, you've got a flat backswing and you have no choice but to steepen it coming down. You can do rehearsal drills til the cows come home, but most of us will never be able to swing flat like that going back without rerouting it on the way down. I would get the club to hinge up more and get it tracking up higher on the elbow plane or even above it slightly. Not Furyk land, but that would probably feel like it. Then on the downswing, you can actually get the club head to swing down through the ball more, i.e., feel the club head track down the hula hoop and continue down even after hitting the ball. Hard to do from such a position. You look like you could put some serious speed on the ball, but you're not putting yourself in a position in which to put a good lash down on the ball. Additionally, you set up with very little forward shaft lean at address. Some players do this, but I like a good forward lean as a preset to impact. You can pretty much set it, leave, and slam down on the ball this way. It also helps you see what you're supposed to do--hit down on the ball with some lean. Maybe try pointing the butt end of the club toward your front hip area and get the face square to 0*. From there, you can let the club head hinge up what feels like your nose as you turn, and then slam through the ball downward. I've been down this road and it ain't pretty. That flat backswing is nothing but trouble. I had it for years and I'm glad I got rid of it. Maybe to some extent, but I think the bigger issue is that flat backswing and the right arm sucking behind him. Those things make the club wrap around him and he will struggle to get to the ball properly. Your recent swing video, on the other hand, arcs up nicely and frees you up to attack down on the ball. He can't get there from this flat and trapped position like he has here.
  31. Go back and look at Golf Digests Hot List from 5-7 years ago online and find the game improvement category. The Hot List is a bit of a joke I realize but you will see the offerings from all the big companies for that year. Then just go on Ebay and see what you can find putting in whichever club looks good. Ping, Callaway, Taylormade, Cobra, Cleveland, all good options.
  32. 9/26/20 Update: I decided to go with @iacas's advice and try to start the ball more on 0* and just swing straighter (or even slightly to the right like every other club). Why? I loved the pull fade, but I felt I was chasing something and fighting my natural shape (a straight draw as Erik noted). I walked 18 recently and shot a disappointing 83. Too many re-tees and drops due to driver. My approach play was quite good, but I didn't maximize my opportunities off the tee. Here were a few shots from yesterday. I pretty much did what Erik suggested: try to just hit the ball straight. haha. sounds simple enough. These numbers are very similar to what I do with my other clubs. At first, it just didn't feel like I could do it with a driver because the ball is on a tee, and that makes me feel like I'm swinging to the left. But, it seemed to work well. Really all I did was put the ball position off my front foot, forward shaft lean (I do this with every club; butt of club pointed at my left hip area), point the Callaway arrow at 0*, feel behind the ball, and swing like I normally do for the most part (maybe swing a little right what feels like to me so I don't hit a push fade). The results were pretty good. More or less just straight balls with minimal curve, like my other shots. My ball speed was in the ball park, maybe a little slower than where I'd like to see it, but I'm not a particularly fast player. My launch does look a bit high though; maybe I'm adding too much loft through the shot? That could be lowering my ball speed a bit from what I like to see. NOTE: I realize that GC2’s algorithm really likes low spin shots. It ain’t really carrying that far. Truth is, every single one of those shots is flying around 255-265 when you enter the data into flightscope's optimizer. It’s weird because I’ve looked into the algorithm stuff and noticed that it appears to occur only with clubs with less spin, e.g. driver and maybe a low spin 3w. It’s like once you get around 3k spin or less, GC2 overly rewards the carry number. With the other clubs, it’s pretty much spot on. For instance, I know with my 5i if I get my 127-130 mph ball speed range, it’ll fly 185-190. It appears that once I grab my 5w or less, the numbers match up on the Gc2, flightscope projections, and what I see on course; I just have to remember that when I hit my driver or I catch a low spinner with my 3w that the results will not be as optimistic as the machine reads. NOTE 2: If I should move this to my swing thread, let me know @boogielicious.
  33. Unless the tournament has a rule to only use the handicap from the first round, they should be using their current handicap.
  34. I looked at some of your earlier videos and you seem to come in steeper to the ball now than you did before, at least on that 6 iron swing. Also noticed that your left arm is bent at impact on the face on view. You might want to move the ball forward in your stance a bit. You have a great swing. Very close to being a really good ball striker. You open the face too quickly on the takeaway by letting your left arm rotate too much. There are a couple of feels that could work for you, depending on whether you work better when thinking of body movements vs club face awareness. For the former, try feeling like your right arm is more above the left arm on the takeaway. Getting your right wrist working back more instead of up also helps. If you work better thinking about the club face, then have it facing the ball longer on the takeaway.
  35. Does not the fact very that you questioned whether he did it naturally imply skepticism? Or that you questioned the PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping Policy?
  36. Do you have a Costco Membership? If so check the Callaway Edge set for about $500 if they still have them. This is a full set and includes driver, FW, hybrid. and irons, and an Odyssey putter.
  37. If the ball was lying in such a way that your 4w shot was clearly unreasonable to play, you would not have been entitled to relief.
  38. Wow, I haven't seen that video in a long time. Had to dust that one off. 😛
  39. Most everyone here will say Oh you must get fitted. To answer your question though: The Callaway clubs are an ultra game improvement club (according to the Maltby Playability Factor), and should be easier to hit than the Adams. The real test will be when you try them out, hopefully with a Trackman or some such technology, and how you hit them and how they feel to you. Best, -Marv
  40. Ditto. I've never known a time when I didn't dislike him.
  41. Trying to get course swing to match range swing. Course swing, the BS tends to get long, arms not as high, across the line and the transition steepens rather than shallows. Also don't flex the lead wrist as much. Also, the hands finish high and the right shoulder and hips thrust towards ball and up. Basically trying to tidy up the transition plus feeling an exaggerated covering on the downswing when playing. Good drive, decent transition (350 yd hole, drive winded up just off fairway 80 yards to pin), followed by bad drive (lost ball), bad transition. To be frank, not really sure if this is right diagnosis, it's the one I have for now. Will try and get it looked at by pro when I have a chance. Getting better with on course camera angles although still not optimal. What is up with my camera audio, I dunno.
  42. So, hit some balls after the gym keeping on with the drill. Not sure if I'm coming too inside on the backswing and I also feel like I'm going to have to get more reps in with my right arm not as flexed as I think I revert back to bending my elbow too much. I think the A5 drill is good except I pump too much and that may lead to my finish being too high. Also filmed it in slow-mo because I didn't know which is better for analysis purposes.
  43. I watched that yesterday and thought his comment about winning more majors, while possibly true, was a bit audacious. His rant about tree-clearing was very uncomfortable for the commentators who, IIRC, not knowing what to say, seemed simply ignore it and move on. I voted “on the fence” as different courses have different styles and personalities and not every course should have the wooded feel. The Old Course and links style courses are the obvious examples
  44. 1 - I agree - Rory is classy and it sounded more like Rory is wondering about it. Not belittling it. Rory also has gone the long hitter/fitness route and has made a #1 in the world type of career out of it. 2 - BCD has done a great job and is doing some cool things that make a lot of sense. So what? 3 - Most of the crap is the horrible reporting. the media plays it up and also plays it out in left field. They are so desparate for things to talk about and they are happy to poke at him for the sake of ratings. I find the constant 'scientist' and "protein shakes" comments absolutely tedious. And that includes the nervous little giggles from Sir Nick every time he cracks one those lame jokes along those lines. Get new material guys, maybe talk about golf.
  45. There's a big difference between having more in the tank and actually using that extra on the course during a tournament. Bryson has done it and shown that he can still hit it accurate enough to win, nobody else really has. At least not on a regular basis. I know he is still young, but I would be shocked if Wolff gets to the point where he adds 10+ mph to his top end ball speed in a tournament. That would just match him with Bryson too, who has already stated that he is going to explore using up to a 48" driver, which has the potential to give Bryson even more ball speed and I think it's only a matter of time before we see Bryson break the 200mph mark.
  46. 5 Best Golf Simulator Software Solutions For SkyTrak - 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide | Golfstead So, you’ve picked up a SkyTrak Launch Monitor. Maybe you’ve also set up a hitting area with a net or even a screen and projector, and you’re ready to start practicing your game. To get the full golf simulator experience, you... @khalespace, here are some of the software options for skytrak. In the "Requirements" section of each, they explain costs of software and the hardware required to run the programs. If I were you (assuming you can afford it), I would go with TGC 2019. I wanna say the one time fee is somewhere north of 500 USD, but for 170k courses, it's worth it. Here are the PC requirements to run it. This might require another small investment, but I think it would be worth it. The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR - System Requirements Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit. Processor: Intel Core i5-760 @ 2.80GHz or equivalent. Memory: 4 GB RAM. Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GTX 650 with 1GB video RAM.
  47. Hey guys I can now join the hole in one club. I'm 69 yrs old usually play from senior tees. Yesterday played with 6 of us from the white for a little $ game. I holed out on a par 3, 127 yards with a 8. Pretty exciting.😉
  48. Have you tried hypnosis? You simply listen to videos [with headphones] when you go to sleep. The relaxation suggestions go into your subconscious even when you sleep and it helps you to relax when playing golf. I have been listening to "play better golf, progressive hypnosis" videos. There are 4 videos on Youtube. You only listen for the audio and it is fine if you drift to sleeping while listening to it, it is still effective.
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    • Day 32 - More swings in the mirror, hip turn and a straight trail elbow. 
    • I'm with you. I'm a big fan of the AVX. They reminded me a bit of the old "Kick X" balls that I found through this site. Off the tee, the performance is exceptional. Better distance and accuracy than almost any other ball I play. They have enough spin so that my iron shots hold, but not so much that they spin backwards like crazy with the wedges. Short game performance is not quite as good as the Pro-V's but it's certainly good enough. I definitely wouldn't say it feels like a rock. I rarely buy balls anymore (I have managed to acquire a multi year supply as gifts), but if/when I do, I'd have no qualms about picking up a case of AVX.
    • Day 292 Half swings with 7-iron working on priority piece.
    • 95 FIRs: 9/14 (64.3%) - amazing what a golf lesson can do. GIRs: 6 (33.3%) Putts: 39 Birdies: 1 (this should have been 2 but the ball wouldn't go in on the 16th. It stayed on the lip hanging over the edge, the #@!!$!,) Pars: 5 Bogeys: 4 DB: 6 Quads: 2 Penalties: 0 Best 9 hole stretch: +7 (3 - 11)  Worst 3 hole stretch: + 9 (1 - 3) If I had gotten to the course and warmed up instead of using the first two holes to warm up and getting two quads... I usually par the 1st and bogey the 2nd when I warm up. We're talking 7 strokes. That's a lot.   
    • Putting out only slows things down if everyone in the group isn't doing anything except watching AND the players are taking excessive time to read the putts. I've played rounds in under 3 hours with a walking foursome where everything was holed. I strongly doubt that 30 minutes of that was putts inside 3 feet. Maybe 10 minutes would be my guess. Well worth it for getting a valid score instead of the pseudo score you get with a gimme system. The problem I see is that too many people emulate the pros and take far too long for all shots, including the 3ft and under range.

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