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    One of the big changes in 2019 was the USGA/R&A overhaul of the Rules of Golf. Our Club runs a series of net tournaments for our members. Our members range in age from 50 to 94 with handicaps of +1 to 36. I was a bit pessimistic that our members would be able to accommodate all the Rules changes. After a season of watching our members play in our Tournaments, here are a few of my observations. The option to leave or remove the flagstick has turned out to be a bit of help on pace of play. In almost every instance, we have left the flagstick in when putting or chipping from a significant distance. We no longer need to tend or remove the flagstick for a long putt and then replace the flagstick for a chip. Unless a ball gets in another player’s line, we all just putt or chip without delay. Once close in, many of us are ambivalent to the flagstick being in or out so if someone wants it in, we all putt with it in, or vice versa. The few times we have had an “in-out” situation, the first player to hole out serves as the caddie. Most players have gotten used to the knee height drop. There is a tendency for some players to crouch a bit when dropping. Whether this is an accommodation for aging backs and legs or a bit of an unconscious “cheat” is unknown. Unless someone squats down while dropping, I don’t think I am likely to make an issue of this. We have had a bit of confusion over whether the new Local Rule related to lost or O.B. balls was in effect for our events. It was not. Still, I have heard anecdotal accounts of some of our higher handicap groups using the Local Rule during our Tournaments. We will need to make that a point of emphasis next year. Almost nobody uses the term “Penalty Area.” Old habits die hard. Also, there is still some confusion as to whether a red marked penalty area allows the “back on a line” option (yes) and the yellow marked penalty area the 2-club length option (no). Accidentally moving a ball on the green never happened in my groups. I am sure it happened during the season but not when I was present. I still have an involuntary twitch when I see someone tamping down scuff or spike marks and other non-pitch mark damage. I will learn eventually. Also, I have not witnessed anyone spend an inordinate amount of time repairing the green so my concern that this Rule change might slow things down has not come to pass. A couple likely double hits were seen and it was a relief to not have to ask the player whether they thought they made a double hit. I like this change. Some players are likely not following the “relief area” limitation when a ball rolls after a drop judging from what I have seen. Under the old Rules a ball could roll 2 additional club lengths. We may need to review that with our club members. The ability to move loose impediments in a penalty area or bunker is used by our players. No one has made an issue thinking this was a penalty. Accidentally moving a ball during a search was never an issue when I played. I think this Rule is ripe for abuse but I have not seen it. All in all, our aging members seemed to have picked up on most of the changes. All the effort put in by the USGA, our State Association and our Club seems to have worked. Of course, there are a lot of nuances to the Rules that I and my fellow members likely missed or forgot. Still, the transition went a lot better than expected. What has been your experience?
  2. Just a topic for photos, videos, etc. of wildlife/animals on the golf course.
  3. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    I'm just gonna leave this here... What have Alabama or Clemson done this season to deserve their spots? The only ranked team either one of them have played thus far is Texas A&M, who was a clearly overrated #12 team when Clemson played them and will now drop out of the top 25 after playing Alabama, which is the same exact thing that happened to then #25 Michigan State when OSU beat MSU and they were ranked #25 at the time... FFS man if you're going to go on a rant at least get your facts straight. OSU plays #8 Wisconsin in 2 weeks... Didn't realize the #8 team in the country is considered a "100% cupcake". Also funny how you consider OSU beating #25 ranked MSU to be a cupcake game but when Alabama beats #24 Texas A&M that's apparently not a cupcake game for Alabama. One of those so called cupcake games for OSU was a 42-0 win against Cincinnati who is now ranked #25 and will jump Texas A&M since UC won and Texas A&M lost today. Let's keep going with the cupcake thing too, Alabama plays/played New Mexico State, Southern Mississippi, and in the second to last week of the regular season Western Carolina, all 3 of who have a combined record of 5-14 right now... Clemson plays/played Georgia Tech (just gave up 41 points to Duke), Charlotte, and Wofford. Oklahoma's first 3 games were against Houston (just lost to Cincinnati who OSU beat 42-0), South Dakota, and UCLA (also lost to Cincinnati), with combined records of 6-12 right now... If OSU wins out they will likely have 4 regular season wins against then ranked top 25 teams, with possibly 2 of those wins against top 10 ranked teams, and a blowout win against a team that worked their way into the top 25 ranking, plus a Big Ten championship win likely against Wisconsin. How would that potential resume be considered a "free pass to the top 4" ? Also, what do you mean by "coming off no ranked opponents? OSU's last 2 games in the regular season are against Penn State and Michigan. Alabama plays Western Carolina and Auburn in their last 2, Clemson plays South Carolina and Wake Forest, Oklahoma plays TCU and OK St. OSU has by far the toughest final 2 games to the season out of any of those teams. If you're gonna go on a rant, at least try to use some logic and/or some facts to help boost your case!
  4. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    The advanced analytics say your wrong. Check out ESPN FPI, and Bill Connelly’s S/P+. also, they’ve played just as though or tougher schedule than Alabama or Clemson.
  5. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Ah..but I remember the good ole days of UNLV BASKETBALL!
  6. Patch

    NCAA Football 2019

    I'm a UNLV alumni. We don't worry about such things as national ratings in football. Ranked teams pay us a visit every once in while. They kick out butts, and go home. Looks good on their season resumes. .
  7. Ugh. Someone I know uses that joke and it's lame every time.
  8. I’m 76 years old. If I hit my drive right on the sweet spot I don’t hear it land. A not so perfect shot, I can hear it land. I hit my driver between 160 to 170, pretty consistently straight except this past Wednesday.
  9. crank that loft up to 10.5. it'll be more forgiving, and you may even gain a bit of distance, depending on your current launch trajectory.
  10. You’re right in that here is no easy fix. There is, however, always a fix. The problem is that the course management is often unwilling to take that next step.
  11. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in my right hand. For several years, the VA had been telling me it was an "Essiential Tremor" from the result of aging. I was at my regular Doctor one morning going over some test results related to my Thyroid. He said, "Why don't we look into the tremor in your right hand. It's probably nothing serious but let's just be sure." Six months later, a Neurologist confirmed it was indeed Parkinson's and with some other medical issues, suspect that it was the result of Agent Orange from my tour of Vietnam. The Neurologist said to start working out on a "Recumbent Bike." I did for awhile until my left knee started hurting and so I started playing golf. Playing golf, with medication, has done wonders for my tremor in that I can hold my hand steady when I address the ball and during hitting. I can still fly my airplane, writing is difficult after writing a large amount. Other than that, the tremor is not noticeable unless you see my hand shaking while waiting to tee off. I have lost some strength in my upper body and arms but with diet and exercise it is gradually returning. I started playing on "Sand Greens" and then joined a Golf Club in Hays, Kansas where I now play 2 to 3 times a week. (Grass Greens) My goal was to break a 100. (I did earlier this summer) My goal was to break 95. ( I did this summer) My goal was to break 90. ( I did a few weeks ago and seem to be able to maintain that. 82 & 84 & 88, and I usually play from the whites unless we are all Seniors and we still play mostly from the whites but do play Senior tees occasionally.) My next goal, probably next year will be to break 80. That may take awhile but there will come a day where everything will fall into place and it will happen. I am 72 and never paid for a lesson. My Dad was an excellent golfer and always got me pointed in the right direction. Retired Old Man
  12. I think it's really important to look back. It's the only way to tell if you still have the same club......or if your glove fell off during your backswing.
  13. billchao

    Pace Problem

    You realize mishits happen, right? Just because a guy hit a 3w 215 from 250 doesn't necessarily mean they can't hit their 3w 250. Same goes for the driver. Just because he hit it 235 doesn't mean he always hits it 235. I'm not saying I agree with waiting for the green to clear to hit a 3w from 280 out of the rough, but people don't often see the whole picture when they're pissed off about playing behind a group they perceive as slow. Just as an example, I remember playing a round with @nevets88 last year where these two guys kept on our asses all day (there were groups ahead and nowhere for anyone to go). On the 18th tee, I'm waiting for the group ahead to hit their approach shots and just bullshitting with Steve. The guys behind us pull up behind the tee and I wave to say hello and one of them throws his hands up like WTF are we standing around for? So I ignored him and kept waiting for the group to clear ahead of me and when they finally did, I hit my drive past where they were playing from. Then I dropped Steve off at his ball and went to mine like I always do in a cart and guess what? We waited on our approach shots for the green to clear.
  14. And as a reminder, just because you hear a ball land 45 yards behind you doesn’t mean that you’ve been “hit into” by the group following...
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    Played yesterday in the WA Assistant's Championship at Fircrest GC. Weather ended up being perfect despite the tendency this time of year to rain. I ended up shooting even par 71 and T-4th. The round started off interesting, with a duck hook drive into the woods left. I punched it out to 100yds and stuck the 3rd to 8ft which I made to save par. My irons overall were good. The tough part about this time of year is getting distance dialed in as the air starts to cool, so needless to say I was leaving a few shots short. Not a lot short but enough to annoy. Wedges were in the same boat, good enough but left a few short of where I wanted. Driver started out rough, but I found the click halfway through the round. I needed to feel like I was sitting back towards my heels a little at address. Unfortunately, one wayward tee shot did lead to a double bogey. That hole started with the bad drive, but I punched out and left myself about 45yds for my 3rd. I left that on the green but 20ft for par. Missed that and the following 4 footer. That 20ft putt was the last time that I hit a putt by the hole that round 🙄 The 4ft putt was stupid, I got lazy and lifted. Once I found my driver swing, I was hitting the ball great tee to green, but like I mentioned, I left all birdie putts short. Overall, I birdied 2 par 5's and 1 par 4. The par 4, I stuck my 52 to a foot, thought it had a good chance of going in. I also had that double bogey and a 3 putt bogey late in the round. I played with 2 other guys, both of whom are multiple-time winners in our chapter. One of them ended up winning with a 68 and the other shot 73. Comparing our play styles, I'm right with them tee to green. But short game, they are super sticky. Leave them a chip or pitch within 30yds and they are within 5ft almost every time. I lost a couple shots from not chipping/pitching my ball close. I knew it's been something for me to work on, but it was good to see where I need to be at. This was the last real tournament for me this season. Having my kid this summer made it difficult to play in any big events, as expected, but next year I'll be in a few more I hope.
  16. I know a guy that can go over 130mph swing speed and shot a 96 yesterday...
  17. A lot of people forget this basic fact: A handicap is designed to reflect a golfer's potential and not necessarily what they actually are. It does this by disregarding a player's higher scores until the number of those higher scores become a preponderance of the past twenty rounds and creep into their list of the best 10 rounds which are averaged, and then reduced by 4%. I'm a statistics keeper for my local nine-hole golf league and often have to explain this to people who complain about their handicap not going up after they've had a particularly abysmal round. Most have a hard time getting it and walk away muttering to themselves. There are folks who want to cheat and post their lousy rounds into the GHIN system while excluding their good ones so that their handicaps are artificially inflated. Those are the people you want to avoid if you're playing a money game. Then there are guys who want their egos inflated (and not their scores) and so post the good scores and forget about the bad ones. Then they can look themselves up online and get a charge out of seeing their 7.2 or whatever next to their name. Bottom line, the system isn't perfect but it's pretty good and hopefully will get better with the new World Handicap System coming in 2020. So don't get hung up on what your or anyone else's handicap is. Just play the game and have fun.
  18. This guy came right up to our cart in Myrtle Beach a couple years ago, gave him a couple nuts from my trail mix and he was happy.
  19. No I have not. If you think you may like it give it a try. Some golf shops will sell you a three ball sleeve to try a particular ball. That is a lot cheaper than buying the dozen in a box and not liking them.
  20. Both courses have several holes with tight target areas which lead to big trouble with very little margin for error. You enjoy the layout and challenge and scenery with the elevation of these desert courses. Club selection will not be much difference than ball flight in Denver courses. They play similar to mountain courses in Colorado with elevation layouts. When tee boxes are higher than fairways, the ball is in the air longer which lead to more carry. Fun courses, enjoy ...
  21. For the past two or three weeks, I have been in a scoring slump. I normally shoot around 43-47 for nine holes. I had about a two week period where I shot 52 or 54. I just recently broke out of that slump with a 43!
  22. This video's a bunch of bull. People can't and don't just "learn" from the finish, they don't just "learn" from their mistakes. The golf swing is not a baby learning to walk. Walking is a TON easier than hitting a golf ball. Furthermore, you're one to talk about golf instruction here, and "everything this site stands for" when THIS was the last post I made in your Member swing topic (bold added by me): My my! What do we have here? Nothing all that technical besides showing you that your perception of your draws is wrong (they're pull-draws). Me giving you a simple, visual drill to help you. Me telling you to do that simple thing and learn for yourself what it feels like to make the ball miss the stick to the right. That drill will change your path. It will improve your club face awareness. And it'll probably help you get your weight forward a bit more, too.
  23. it doesn't always or even necessarily lead to paralysis. And the "technical" side of it is often completely the realm of the instructor. I don't think more than 3% of my students would use the word "technical" to describe my lessons, and that 3% are quite likely students who like to understand the "technical" aspects of the stuff, as it helps them buy in and understand the big picture… but they still aren't thinking about those when they practice. It's just a means of getting them to buy in. So, just like those late-night infomercials, your dude is already starting off poorly by positing some thing which doesn't really exist. Most good instructors aren't technical at all with their students. Most bad instructors don't know enough to get too technical. So who are these people out there being "paralyzed"? You know who those people are, often, in my experience? People trying to learn themselves, and who watch YouTube videos, etc. THEY have to be technical because they're their own instructor, and often that can lead to this paralysis. But heck, even the bad instructors I've seen aren't technical. So his initial claim rings false to me. It's refreshing because golfers keep wanting to believe that there's some magical band-aid fix out there that will let them put in very little work and achieve wondrous results. Why is "pros" in quotes? And why were you "studying technical analysis"? That's not your job. Were they Vice balls? That would explain it. But seriously… uhhh, you're being a bit of a sucker. Quite possible you're just in the honeymoon phase. People often see a bit of a reprieve when they are able to, in some way, clear their minds and just make swings. I agree that some people get too technical. Good lessons actually boil that away. It's usually people who are self-taught or who aren't regularly seeing someone who are "too technical." I can ask any of my students what they're working on, and they'll tell you one, maybe two things. They're all feelings. Some will be able to tell you why that works, some won't. It depends on the type of student they are. Very few will give you anything "technical." So he sets up a straw man and then takes them down. And this is why I think you're just trolling. You're also incredibly, incredibly off base. You're wrong. You couldn't be much further from the truth if you tried. Again, quite wrong.
  24. No kidding. If I was getting lessons from someone and wasn't improving, I'd stop getting lessons. Sounds like a sustainable business model to me 🙃
  25. Name doesn't ring a bell, but the methodology does. I've seen it somewhere before. I find that most people who complain about golf instructors being too technical are either bad at practicing what they're supposed to (and more specifically, how to practice properly in general) or have had bad instructors. That's funny, because all the technical instruction on this website is available for free.
  26. Ok, played a round today. Absolutely on fire... I would honestly say that 50% of my full swing shots today were pure. I also continued my streak of making putts. I ended with 7 birdies, 1 eagle and 1 bogey to tie my all time low round of 64. Although this one really felt like my best round ever. My bogey was from a slip, got careless for a minute and lost a ball into a penalty area. Approach shots were definitely the highlight, leaving shorter putts for birdies. Such a fun day. I need to do this in a tournament round though, to really make it mean something more.
  27. I can see it working with a Ryder/Solheim cup style format which would be fun to watch but not as an individual format.
  28. I think this whole series of responses really highlights the nature of political correctness type "equity" arguments in that every action that is 'supposed' to help the 'oppressed' group comes at an expense to other groups (in this case, significant hurt to the PGA, or even to the charity events that would be forced to align). In this case, it's not fair in that neither the PGA, nor any hypothetical charity event, took anything away from the LPGA and they are innocent bystanders - they don't 'owe' anything to the other group. IMHO - True improvements, true evolution (broader comment on equity policy and pushes in general) are false and will fail unless they actually come from sincere market and societal trends. i.e., you can't 'fake' it, you can't force it, it has to happen organically. And there has to be a real justification other than a subset thinks it "should be this way. my apologies for the tangent
  29. no.... as noted by a poster above - a combined event might be a lot of fun. Combine all the events? no way, no reason "equitable pay" - so subjective.......IMO an argument looking for a problem that doesn't exist. Equal pay needs to be driven by comparable profits/results coupled with a similar demand/supply pool. As individuals, if we want to get LPGA pay higher, then we need to watch LPGA events, attend LPGA events, advocate for LPGA events. I'm only doing that if the events are interesting (i.e., I watched the Solheim this weekend. Much better than the Greenbreier or the champions event) Anything else, then it's just people talking about nothing and not doing anything substantial. I'm a big fan of letting the market drive the results and not faking it out.
  30. Why would the PGA Tour want to do that, and how on earth are you getting 288 players around the same course in a day? No way no how. And for the men, no reason.
  31. Use 90, as a benchmark, rather than 72. That way an 85 is 5 under instead of 13 over. Leave Old Man Par to the low handicappers and focus on giving Colonel Bogey a run for his money.
  32. Hey there, I am new to this site, but agree with alot of what you say!! I have hit newer clubs, and older ones. I went out to the range last week and for kicks and giggles I hit a Wilson blade probably from the 80's or 70's, I think they were the Superpower blades with the small heads. Anyway, I hit them so well I ordered a set on Ebay for 29 bucks, and cant wait ti use them. I understand why the new clubs are awesome to use, but personally, I feel the same as you, in that I feel some sort of connection to being a young kid again playing with the old blades. I am also cheap by nature and really dont want to spend hundreds on clubs, only to have them go 10 yards further. Just not worth it to me. Plus, I love the way the club sets up with the small heads when I am ready to hit! Good post about your dad to, Thats the best stuff, nostalgia and honoring our homies!
  33. This morning, I sent in a request to GHIN (and my club) to deactivate and delete my account. I will no longer be posting scores for a handicap. I came to the realization this past weekend that scores and handicaps were ruining my enjoyment of the game. I never compete, nor play for money - so my handicap was useless anyway. I also deleted my Golfshot app. Going to go back to the old school method of writing my scores in pencil on a scorecard, then throwing it in the trash after the round. I hope that this will allow me to find joy in the game, as I would like to be able to continue playing. I have grown tired of being upset with myself almost every time I play. If I cannot figure out how to have fun regardless of the outcome - I'm going to start searching for a new hobby next year...
  34. I have always been one to not let anything bother me when golfing. Bad/good shots, slower/ faster players, weather, noises, and anything else you might think of. i just hit the ball. Go find it, and hit it again. Well, today I was happily taken out of my golfing wheel house. Had a good round going. I was heeding my caddie's advice. Had a 4 shot lead on the rest of group. The few bucks that were at stake, were almost in my pocket. Things were just going good. My phone starts vibrating, which I ignored at first. After the third call, I answered. It was my Granddaughter. She wanted to know when we would be returning home. I told her I was not sure, and asked why. She told me we had to go shopping for a set of golf clubs. (??????) Huh? She then told me she joined her (freshman) highschool golf team. First day of school, and she's on the golf team. This was a total surprise for me to hear. A total shocker Since I was on a golf course myself, we cut our phone call short, to be continued in about 6 holes. For the next 6 holes my game went to crap. It dropped so bad, my caddy even noticed my play deteriorating. He finally asked "bad news?" I explained what was going on, and that I was one happy Grandpa. He smiled, patted me on the back, and said lets finish this. As it turned out, on the last green, my bag man gave me a good read, which helped preserve a one stroke win for us. As for my Granddaughter, she had been doing tryouts, on the sly, with a set of my previously owned clubs. Her parents knew about it, but she wanted to wait and see if she made the team before telling me. Today after school, there was a golf meeting, and she was told she was one of 3 freshman girls on their team. Although I had introduced all 6 of our Grandkids to golf, none really showed much interest to continue on with the game. Like I said, this was a shocker. Even Grandma was cought by surprise. Fortunately, there is no rush to get home to go club shopping. Their practices don't start for a while, and their league play a month or so after that. She told me she needs everything but a putter. That, she likes the putter she is using. This was funny, because a while back she told me "that for a $300 putter, this thing does not make many putts". To top it off, last month she tried out, and won a spot with the freshman cheerleading squad. She will have a full plate, with classes, and sports. Yeah, I am a happy Grandpa.
  35. In 2016 I lost about 80 pounds of fat by lifting 5x a week. My current routine has me doing a Pull/Push/Legs/Upper/Lower split. 3 of those days my workouts begin by preforming deadlifts, squats, and bench press. I've never been good at golf and historically my practice has pretty inconsistent. This year I've been really neglectful of my practice and even though I've played less I feel my swing is immensely better, the ball is going further, and even though my scores have remained the same, I feel as though my game is better. I'm not particularly muscular but, at least for me, being fit and gaining muscle has certainly not hindered my game.
  36. I used to retire golf balls that had taken part in a memorable event. After a while though...the trophy ball collection begins to pale and the heroes of yesteryear wind up in a box, somewhere, that you happen across while looking for something else. More to the topic...I play them until circumstances dictate that we part ways. If a golf ball is that determined to stay in the game; I can accept that it isn't going to look like it just showed up.
  37. I begin each round with a new ball. If it survives the round, and is generally scuff free, it goes into the bottom of the bag. If I lose a ball, I pull a 1-round ball from that stash and continue. Scuffed balls come out of play completely and go into the shag bag. I could certainly play a single ball for multiple rounds quite a bit, but I enjoy the ritual of pulling, and marking a new ball at the beginning of a new round. With all the hopes, aspirations, and possibilities that it represents As it is, I’ve reached a sort of equilibrium where the one new ball each round keeps a good supply of quality replacement balls available even by culling the scuffed ones.
  38. So I've played with 990's for 16 years and I finally decided to upgrade. I bought 990B's in great shape on ebay. The are even more blade like but have an incredible sweet spot. They feel more solid because of extra material behind the sweet spot. The ball travels lower, which is the reason I got them. I like the extra bounce on the 990Bs. I think that is why phil mickelson gamed them on tour. I dropped the same neon green paint-fill in them, and I'm not going to sharpen the grooves to keep the ball flying lower. People that play blades comment on how good they look. Paint-fill can make them pop, but a bad looking club head design will never get compliments from blade players. After I hit them a few times, people ask to look at them. They feel like forged clubs but they are bulletproof. Just like the 990's. I never got different shafts like I wanted with the 990's, but my 990B's have the same S300's and the club head is so good, that I don't even want different shafts. If new shafts change the feel, I would be upset. These clubs are still on ebay and they are worth it. I bought a bunch of forged 6 irons to try and couldn't pass on lower hitting/wuth higher bounce 990's, so I went with the 990B's. I have a bunch of forged mizuno and titleist blades, and I still think the 990 & 990B feel and play better with more forgiveness than blades. I know a lot about the dci titleist 990 /B family. If you have any questions just post them.
  39. Good on ya for being a + becuz I could set the over under at 10 and take a lot of action on the over with that motion.-lookin forward to seeing the irons
  40. Robster 7

    Pace Problem

    The worst thing they ever did was make golf 18 holes. It should've been 12 holes. That way the divorce courts would've been a lot less busy the last 30 yrs or so!;-)
  41. Anyone reading this thread should probably wait until the green clears since most members of this forum can apparently drive it 300+ consistently.
  42. Yes. If the group ahead is that far out a will tee off.
  43. This is a great guide to helping you through it, puts it more into layman's terms http://3jack.blogspot.com/2009/09/3jacks-translation-of-tgm-part-1b.html This is from Erik's Golf Terminology link in his signature, basically the "highlights" or the terms we use 98% of the time Motions Basic Motion = "Chip" = Clubhead goes two feet back and two feet through (kinda like a chip) Acquired Motion = "Pitch" = Clubhead taken back until the right forearm is parallel with the ground and then parallel with the ground again on the follow through ("9-3"). Total Motion = Full golf swing. Accumulators in the Golf Swing 1: A bent right elbow 2: Leading (top) wrist cock 3: Angle between shaft and lead forearm (expressed as rotation about that lead forearm) 4: Angle between lead arm and shoulders Each accumulator has a corresponding pressure point. Pressure Points in the Golf Swing 1: The heel of the bottom hand where it touches the top hand or grip 2: The last three fingers of the top hand 3: The first joint of the bottom hand index finger where it touches the grip 4: Lead armpit (or where the lead arm touches the chest) 5: Trailing armpit* * MORAD people add this one. There's no corresponding accumulator but it lets them talk about the trailing elbow separating (or not) from the chest. Shaft and Elbow Plane In a one-plane swing the head and hands will follow or stay between two lines: the shaft plane and the elbow plane. Both can be seen here in green and red . Hands follow the shaft plane until the right elbow begins folding, at which point they move up to the elbow plane. Impact is somewhere between the two and the clubhead and hands should exit the far side of the body
  44. I got an air nozzle from Harbor Freight for $4 (they are on sale right for for $1.17!). I cut the tip down to about 1" and ground a point back on it, makes it easier to slip into the hole in the grip. Then I took a 2" PCV pipe cap and drilled a hole that would let the cap fit snuggly onto the tip of the nozzle. I also cut a piece of 2" PVC pipe that will slip into the cap to use when removing old ones (just in case it is stuck real good and wants to rapidly expand when it does release from the shaft. Cheap insurance.).
  45. My grips went on very easy... however, I did use PURE grips so no tape or solvent was required, just a few bursts of air.
  46. My quick thought is that you are not using enough grip solvent. I know some people use Mineral Spirits, but have always had better luck with true grip solvent. They slip right on without issue.
  47. prutkows, There is a definite difference. Try to find a MacGregor VIP Blade, or a Wilson Staff Tour Blade. These clubs have a sweet spot the size of a pin head. They launch low, and have a low ball flight. Modern muscle backs are much more forgiving and launch much higher than blades of yore.
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