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  1. If you have old/unused shafts lying around, you can make your own speed sticks if you want for a fraction of the price. I had 3 shafts and I used washers that fit over the end of the shaft and used super glue to hold the washers together and glued them to the shafts, and then glued a screw into the end of the shaft that was large enough that the washers wouldnt go off the bottom of the shaft if they did happen to come loose I then wrapped the washers in duct tape and spray painted it black. I also used a food scale to weigh the sticks as I was making them and applying glue/tape, and now all 3 of my sticks are within 1-3 grams of the weight for each stick according to the SuperSpeed website. I can post pictures of mine later tonight if you want.
  2. I don't know, because I just grabbed a handful and added/removed as necessary. You have to take the weight of the shaft into account as well so that will affect how much your washer stacks weigh as well, so it will vary for every shaft weight I held the shaft on the scale and kept adding washers until it got to the desired weight. IIRC I left like 5-10g of weight to account for the glue and duct tape. So for example the green club, the shaft, washers, and screw weighed like 245 grams, and then I used glue and duct tape to bring it up to the 255 grams. I'll post pictures later tonight of the finished products as well as the washers I used.
  3. iacas

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    List of ticker-tape parades in New York City - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ticker-tape_parades_in_New_York_City
  4. Vinsk

    One Plane Swing

    Good place....
  5. NatalieB

    My Swing (NatalieB)

    Did a little work today.
  6. If there is serious trouble along one side only, I want my ball to end up generally toward the other side of the fairway. I essentially try to shift my shot zone away from trouble. If there's really serious trouble, I want to use my most reliable shot shape, I don't want to do something that is less reliable, that would increase the dispersion. So with trouble on the right, I may try to start the ball in the right rough and draw it back to the right-center of the fairway. If the trouble is on the right, I'll try to start it at the middle, and draw it to the left-center. To assume that I can curve the ball equally well in both directions would be wrong, so I'll ignore that bit. I think that most people have one shot pattern that is more reliable for them, its a rare player that can curve the ball either way with equally consistent results.
  7. You have Lowest Score Wins, so you know my answer here. Play your shot shape. Draw, fade, whatever. Play it just about every time unless absolutely required to change it. Plot your Shot Zone so it's the lightest colored egg. Your Shot Zone doesn't care about the path the ball takes to get there, so unless you're talking about some crazy amounts of curve and there are trees or something in the way of that curve on the way to the Shot Zone… the solution is simple: make the lightest colored egg possible, factoring in Penalty Buffers and the like, and aim there. Then play your normal shot. In other words if you play a draw you're going to be "working the ball away from the trouble" if it's on the right, and "aiming away and bending it toward the trouble" if it's on the left. Makes no difference if the ball ends up in your Shot Zone - it shouldn't be in the trouble area. Players who try to work the ball both directions don't hit the ball as well in either direction as those who find their pattern and stick to it.
  8. ChetlovesMer

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – But you have to play the ball where it lies.~Bobby Jones
  9. It's been a while since I updated my progress. I am now a few weeks into the phase 1 of the training protocol, and I am seeing great results. My fastest speed with the Green club has been 126 mph on the step through swings, and I am regularly over 115 with a normal swing of the green club, and can get above 115 on some swings with the blue club as well. Just to measure my progress, I did some swings with my regular driver without hitting a ball about a week ago, and I reached 111 mph on a smooth, balanced swing, wasn't trying to swing out of my shoes or 110% max effort either. I was consistently in the 108-110 mph range on the rest of the swings, and no single swing was under 107 mph. Prior to starting SuperSpeed I was right around 100 mph consistently, never higher than 105 mph measured on both the swing speed radar and multiple other launch monitors at various fittings. I have gained at least 5 mph on both the low end and top end of my clubhead speeds in roughly 6 weeks of training. I'm blown away and can't wait until spring to see how my driving distance will have changed. I do plan on renting a trackman bay at an indoor place at least once this winter so I'll be able to at least get some feedback on how far my yardages have increased.
  10. gbogey

    Should You Club Up on a Hill?

    To me there are two situations here. There are uphill shots where the ball needs to go further to account for elevation. Obviously clubbing up is needed to cover the extra distance. Then there are level shots with uphill lies. As an example I recently I had 9i distance to a back flag. The shot to the flag was level with my ball but my ball was on the back of a mound such that my back foot was much lower than my front. I've learned the hard way that the stance is going to make the ball sky so I hit 8i to the front of the green - I usually club up one and regret not clubbing up two. A course I played in NJ had lots of these situations around the green. If you had 30 feet to the pin from off the green and normally I would chip my 54 degree to 15 feet and account for 15 feet of roll, I learned that the stance made my 54 more like a 64 degree and so I would chip to about 6-7 feet for an easy up and down.
  11. NM Golf

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    David Feherty Sunday at the Shark Shootout when Charley Hoffman chunked his chip: "If he would have hit any farther behind that ball we would have had to add it to yesterday's score" 😂
  12. Piz

    This Is a Lot of Work to Hit a Golf Ball

    I'm not getting anything other than a blank screen. Ah...there it goes. The guy maybe threw the discus, or the hammer, in his younger days.
  13. Buckeyebowman

    Shanking My Wedge

    Bingo! We have a winner! At least it was for me. There was a time when I lived in fear of the partial wedge. Full wedges were no problem at all, but less than full had me quaking in my shoes! One round, I shanked another partial wedge and my buddy said, "I see what you're doing, but I'll only tell you if you want me to." Was he kidding? Of course I wanted to know! He told me that it looked like I was getting tired or lazy over those partial wedges. I'd just "flip" the club behind me on the backswing, come from way inside out, and basically just throw the hosel at the ball! Also, I didn't use my body or legs at all! Once I started reminding myself to take the club "straight back" on partial wedges, my performance improved immeasurably! And keep your body and legs moving on those shots. You still need them!
  14. NM Golf

    The Great Experiment

    Yikes! I myself am self taught, but in order to refine some parts of my game and continue to improve I had to get help from teaching professionals. To say they are useless is a stretch, to say they are harmful is just outright crazy. I myself made the mistake of thinking this not too long ago. It is absolutely incorrect. I don't and neither does anyone I know. I hope you well in your endeavor to play this great game pain and injury free, but you may need to look at yourself and try to see through some of what many will view as complete fallacies in you thinking about how to best improve your golf game.
  15. imsys0042

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    While we are at this, why not add: Star Wars vs Star Trek. (Star Wars!) Joel vs Mike. (Tie!) Coke vs Pepsi (depends on the mood) Betty vs Veronica (tough!)
  16. Like others have previously posted,, I tend to aim away from possible problems in front of me. It's just better for my over all score in the long run. I look at some issues on the golf course on a multi round basis. Not so much based on a single round. Hazards, and other problem are some of those issues. Over the course of a season of play, playing away from problems will save alot strokes. Of course there will also be times, usually when playing with my buddies we will do stupid stuff just for the fun of it. Those dumb decisions are usually accompanied with a wager of some sort.
  17. Righty to Lefty

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    First you get the strike...then you get the speed !! Strike is boss...the first thing that you should ask yourself after every shot that you hit is how did I strike it. If you struck it well...proceed to analyze the shot, and if you didn't strike it well, disregard the results and go back and fix the strike because the shot didn't end up where you wanted it to because poor strike should NEVER be apart of your plan. In my opinion you aren't truly playing golf until a solid strike can be taken for granted and ignored. Planning for a miss or taking one extra club is not the same thing either because the intention is to still strike it solidly. Impact is boss.
  18. ZANDER1994

    Golf in Milwaukee?

    I grew up in Milwaukee but moved to Minneapolis in 2012 for school. Here in the Twin Cities, there is a wonderful, amazing deal called the Public Country Club. For $55/month (roughly $700 per year) I can play unlimited golf at most public courses in my area, if I walk, for free. This program has been a significant quality of life factor for me. As a recent graduate, I have a very small budget for entertainment. For the past few years, I have golfed pretty much every afternoon, seven days a week through Spring, Summer and Fall. I am now thinking of moving back to Milwaukee to be with my family. But I've done the math, and without a program like this, I'd be looking an increase of a couple thousand dollars a year. I haven't been able to find anything remotely close to this other than joining an extremely cheap country club. Does anyone in the Milwaukee area know of any good deals I am simply overlooking? Is a program like this as unheard of as it feels like? At this point it's becoming a significant factor in not moving cities.
  19. klineka

    iPad/Phone Apps for Pre-Round Course Strategy

  20. I have tried both 3, and 4 piece balls. Even tried that Penta 5 piece critter. When I say "tried" I mean plenty of practice, and several rounds of play. Usually over a month or so. I shot the same scores, and pretty much all other aspects of my game stayed the same. Now, I have slower than average swing speed. I may be above average for my age, but way below average when compared to the pga boys. I mean waaaaaay below It's my opinion that my slower swing speed does not allow me to take full advantage of multi piece balls. A Taylor Made rep even told me my swing was not fast enough for their 5 piece, Penta ball. Another opinion I have is that a golfer should just forget about the hype surrounding golf balls in general. That they should just find a ball they are happy with, and just play that particular ball, regardless of it's manufacturing process. As a side note. I often wonder if the different types of dimples on a ball are more, or less important than how rhe rest of the ball is made up, with regards to ball speed, and atmospheric conditions.
  21. iacas

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    That says TOTAL optimizer, meaning they're assuming some amount of roll. Look at the 189 graphic - it rolls out to 241. You need to look at the carry optimizer. 197 yards at 85 MPH. Higher launch, more spin.
  22. I will second @inthehole on this one. What really matters is whether you like looking at your clubs or not. I don't care how well I hit some goofy looking monstrosity...it's a goofy looking monstrosity. You have to like your tools...
  23. Zekez

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Nope. Not even close.
  24. Aguirre

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Annika Sorenstam
  25. I do the routine then take three swings with each stick and my driver maxing out and write down my highest for each. I was wondering if I was making progress so I charted them the other day and added the trend line so that gave me some motivation to keep going.
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    • I took lessons way before instruction underwent its transformation and didn't get that much better and now with video and radar, my swing is by leaps and bounds better even though I'm older and more importantly, I understand a lot more, most lessons circa 2000, I was not quite certain the why of what the they told me what to do. Granted, I think there were good teachers as you go back further in time, but the were much harder to find.
    • I believe when you say 'rigid', it implies a false dichotomy that is not there. Maybe for poor instructors, but I think it does a great amount of disservice to apply that label to all instructors.  The only hard line that exist, and has existed is between good and poor instruction. I grew up playing cricket, both high school and state and have been under @iacas's tutelage for 3 years. What I have learned is that the highest level of instructors in golf (as in any other sport or walk of life) are extremely intelligent and very effective in using the right blend of tools, and use very workable distilled instructions to suit students who come in all flavors of life.  A 'non-technical' but poor instructor can confuse the dog do-do out of you too. That has never changed.    
    • I have one but only use it occasionally to warm up. If someone had a real casting problem in their swing, the Orange Whip could help. But if you have a reasonably good swing sequence, it won't help correct anything. It is too flexible for swinging really fast, so as a speed training, it will be ineffective.
    • Yes, the model LR says "... by placing the original ball or another ball ...."
    • Is it better suited to slower tempo swingers? 


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