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  1. Not sure if this is where I'm supposed to post pictures with the Newport Cup Trophy, but now that I've handed it off to @DaveP043 after having a couple of beers with him and his lovely wife Mary Anne at the Union Street Pub. Here is the after golf festivities at the Hickory Tavern enjoying a nice IPA. Getting ready to leave the condo and hit the road home. On my way to one of my favorite restaurant near my office, Sweetwater Tavern. And lastly on our back deck after the snow, end of the golf season. And now it has been passed to Dave. He has the picture of the passing of the torch, so to speak. Again, the Newport Cup was a blast, I can't reiterate enough at how great an event this was. Thanks again to @iacas and @mvmac for putting this together and to all my playing partners, @coachjimsc @DaveP043 @bkuehn1952 @cipher @NCGolfer, it couldn't have gone better and to all our playing opponents, @phillyk @Pretzel @Golfingdad @DeadMan @mchepp @kpaulhus it was a pleasure meeting you all and the golf was awesome. I look forward to getting to see you all in the future. Cheers Jerry
  2. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I see signing the card as entering into a contract with the rest of the field, stating that you have played by the Rules of Golf and that this score was achieved in full accordance with them. It essentially puts one's personal honor on the dotted line, and assures that any error is unintentional and that the signer will accede to any penalty assessed as a result of his mistake. No other sport that I know of has that level of inherent personal honesty as a fundamental precept of the game, and every step away from that precept is a step down the slippery slope.
  3. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I guess what I am having a hard time understanding is why people have an issue with being caught breaking the rules? How is this unfair? You break a rule you should be penalized. I have heard the argument that it is unfair because only the guys at the top of the leaderboard being watched because they are the only ones on TV. I have an answer for that, if they are about to take home the trophy and $1 million plus paycheck shouldn't they be watched closely? It comes down to the fact that this is going to look bad if someone is caught on TV making a rules infraction and it goes unpunished. This will be especially bad if its in a major. Do we put an asterisk next to a champion's name if he actually shouldn't have won the tournament due to an infraction not seen be the tournament committee? I think it also looks bad that this gives the appearance that the TOUR boys don't want to be held to the rules. Why are they celebrating? Why would you celebrate the fact it just became easier to break the rules? That's not what golf is all about IMHO.
  4. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    First, good god please do not call me homey . And it does matter, golf is not like any other sports, it is possible to catch 99% of rules infractions, especially for the leaders of the tournament. If you can do that, why wouldn't you? What is the benefit to the sport of golf to NOT catch when rules are broken. Seems odd to me that anyone would want that. It doesn't have to be 100% pure, but shouldn't we strive to be as good as we can be? Other sports like baseball and football have gone to great lengths to try and do away with these types of errors through instant replay, and golf puts in a new rule to do the opposite, it looks bad.
  5. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Ignorance will be rewarded, if I read the new rules correctly. Like a lot of other issues in today's society, the requirement for personal accountability is decreased rather than stressed.
  6. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    A couple of good comments from here: Has Lexi ever acknowledged that she did a terrible job of marking her ball and deserved the initial penalty? — Tighthead I'd have more time for her if she just said - it was my fault, I did a bad job. Instead she implies that the rule changes seem to have been applied to validate her behaviour. She's martyr!! Saint Lexi of Rancho Mirage. — Center Cut Matt, the guys calling in are not just guys who don't leave their basement. They are rules officials who happen to know who to contact because they have worked with them in the past. It makes a nice, "shocking" headline that "a viewer from his couch can get a guy disqualified", but if rather than the lazy reporting that occurs today, someone actually looked into it and reported what really happened, it would be a lot less of an issue. The media makes it seem like Joe Sixpack in between gulps of his chosen adult beverage, is calling Ed Hochuli and saying "you goofed on the personal foul," when in fact it's Mike Perreira who is calling. The more important issue though, is what this type of ruling chips away at: the integrity of the game. This basically puts golf in the category of football in that, if no one saw it or called it, there was no foul. While not everyone who plays golf has integrity, until now, at least, it was an atmosphere where if you did cheat and get away with it, you were risking ostracizing. As an earlier comment stated, this makes what Thompson did "ok." That's not the golf I know. — Pat(another one) I wonder if Ms.Thompson's parents ever disciplined her for anything... she simply doesn't seem to accept that she did anything wrong at the ANA. Never mind the fallout or results, if I recall the first thing she said was ' I didn't mean to', as if that should absolve all sins. And now the USGA and R&A are going to accept that response from everyone. Because a golf tournament is payed over 4 days (or 2 for us mortals), a signed card at the end of a round states that this is my score, this is the score my competitor agrees with, and should it be found to be incorrect, then I will suffer the consequences. To alter that would call into question why we don't simply record our own scores and forgo peer review altogether. Bobby Jones is rolling in his grave. — BDF When people say it's unfair because leaders on are TV more I wonder how we could have made any human progress at all. — Don Still nobody has chosen to reply to that.
  7. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Until it impacts a Major and the real hits the fan. I really don't see it ever happening, the PGA TOUR did this so they can say the armchair rules officials didn't have a part even though they still will, just anonymously. The TOUR will not allow its eyes to be blackened by something like a player winning a major championship undeservedly because of a rules issue. @Groucho Valentine We will just have to agree to disagree, I believe its wrong to be okay with a rules infraction because of lack of knowledge or just plain stupidity. Personally I would be upset if I won a tournament and found out later I shouldn't have due to a rules infraction, apparently you have no such issue as long as no one saw it.
  8. Palm Springs in January

    I'm going to revive this old thread for a third year. Surprisingly, our friends Tom and Mary Ellen have invited us back to their winter home, so we'll be in Palm Springs arriving January 13, leaving January 20. We only have four golfers this time (one couple has dropped out), so I'm not sure we'll have any open spots. If that changes, I'll post again here. Its been a lot of fun seeing @tristanhilton85, @Golfingdad, @mvmac, and @Big C over the last couple of years, I hope something works out again this year.
  9. This is my first attempt with it, the space is new to me as well so still trying to figure out logistics, where to place stuff as stall is cramped. Setup was easy, created the account and logged in and connected to it no problems at home. Put the Mevo on a little table top tripod as the ball is atop a mat, so tripod thread very handy. Still not handy with the interface yet, clumsy getting around screens and settings, but had no problems getting it to read almost every shot. Thinned one and it gave incomplete data. Put the dots on, three were more than enough, 3 dots, three balls, threw them out later, will have to buy dots eventually. It saves the video to a separate folder, and didn't trim them as tightly as I would, need to figure out the delay and trigger sliders, the delay slider was not moveable. You can't trim and save to the original video, so you'll need enough space to store your vids. There's no sound on the video, dunno why that is, probably screwed up a setting. This is a soft 5I swing, working on one piece - hands in clubhead out - from instructor, so not swinging hard. Without the Mevo, would have thought this was fat, but the smash factor is ok I think. It's a little low, the height, but that's expected for a slower swing. Launch is higher than average in the PGA Tour Trackman table, but not hitting it that hard. Spin, it's lower than the average in the Trackman table, because again, low CHS. Smash factor is a number I undervalued, gives you a good idea of quality of strike. Will install app on older smartphone (there's still no tablet app yet and you can't install smartphone version on tablet) and connect the Mevo to that next time and use the primary smartphone exclusively as a camera, prefer to have better control over the camera/video editing and hopefully don't have to touch the Mevo smartphone, just glance at it. Couldn't do much, only had 40 minutes, but happy to have less guesswork hitting into a net. Really looking forward to using it for wedges and short game.
  10. I have a number of uses lined up already for my Mevo. Mapping carry distances: full swing, partial wedges, and knockdown shots. I want to go into an approach knowing what shot to hit instead of guessing. Training, as @iacas mentioned. In addition to mapping my partial wedges, using the launch monitor to learn how far back I should be swinging for those yardage that produces the most consistent results. Maybe I'll even learn that a shorter backswing is better for my game Assessing my launch characteristics. One thing I have never really been able to tell is if I'm hitting the ball the proper height. Are my wedges too high or long irons too low, that kind of stuff. Tracking swing improvement. Having numbers recorded will help me keep track of my progress, as well as identify whether something I'm doing is actually improving my ballstriking to begin with.
  11. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    It is probably best I don’t share too much of my opinion of this. Suffice it to say this doesn’t make me feel better about her and what happened.
  12. A bunch of us have gotten in on the deal Erik made for the Mevo, and I'm kind of wondering how to best use this data? The same bunch probably use the GG and other tracking systems as well, so for the most part know our distances to some degree of accuracy. There are a couple scenarios for practicing with irons that I can see, but am not really sure if the first one makes any sense or not? In the first case, I can see a launch monitor being used to fine tune what the swing should feel like and possibly practicing my irons to that end. Meaning that I try to maintain a certain feeling on a "normal" swing. The trick is to repeat that same feel on the course without the aid of a monitor. Case 2 is self evident. Just hit as far as you can without jumping out of your shoes, and looking at the consistency of those carry yardages. In both cases, you'd need to choke up and let out some club to accommodate different lies, and use that data somehow? As of this writing, I'm not really sure how? Basically, now that we have a launch monitor, how can we best make use of it in our practice?
  13. I’m attending a PGA thing but I’m really sad to see that we continue to coddle professionals who should know and play by the Rules. I have a lot more to say but it’ll have to wait. I’m likely in the minority, too, but I’m okay with that.
  14. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    If someone is playing to kicks and giggles, I don't care how they score their round. So long as it isn't in a competition or for handicap purposes, it makes no difference to me. If it is a competition or you are using the round for handicap purposes, however, follow the rules. The beauty of the rules (at least as they were written) is that 'not being aware' was not an acceptable excuse. Every golfer's responsibility is to (1) know the rules and (2) to abide by them. If everyone did that, there would be no need ever for a 2-stroke scorecard penalty or a DQ. We all know that isn't realistic, though. Under the previous rules "I didn't know", "I thought that I did it correctly", "I didn't understand", etc were not acceptable excuses for a rule to be violated - and thus an additional scorecard penalty was warranted. Not any more, if this local rule is instituted.
  15. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I was watching from my living room sofa as Tiger took that drop and immediately told my son that the drop was incorrect. I am not a rules expert by any means, but I knew he was making a mistake. I'm really surprised that his caddy didn't inform him of the error at the time. That said, a player would have to be really stupid to knowingly admit on camera to taking a drop that they knew was incorrectly executed in a major tournament. After all, there was the possibility of at least an additional 2 stroke penalty for scorecard error - and possibly even DQ. Had he not admitted on camera to moving back the additional 2 yards in order to get a better distance, your view would have more merit - although I would still be willing to give the benefit of the doubt lacking evidence otherwise. Over the past several years, I have witnessed numerous instances where tour pros took liberties that I thought were very questionable. I will even go so far as to say that I highly suspect that I believe their intentions were not honorable - in other words, I think that they were probably cheating. Tiger's drop at the Masters was not one of those instances. I will not, however, accuse someone of cheating without obvious evidence to support that claim. To me, that is irresponsible. This is completely off topic of this thread, so I'll make this my last post on this subject. I realize that neither of us is going to change anyone's mind on this issue, and that's OK.
  16. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Im not sure either of those cases are blatant cheating. They may have been to you but thats subjective, which is also apart of the problem. Blatant or not, fair or unfair is irrelvant in the greater discussion of allowing someone sitting on a couch watching on TV to snitch in on a rules infraction. No way should that ever been allowed to go on. And thats my main point. If on site officials actually involved in the tournament missed it, then thats just the way it is.
  17. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I completely agree with this. I firmly believe that Tiger either had a complete brain freeze and mistakenly applied the wrong drop rule, or he did not know the rule well enough to begin with.
  18. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Off topic, but Tiger didn't "blatantly cheat". If he had been cheating, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to make that statement. He didn't realize that he didn't get a 2 club leeway when dropping at the previous spot. He simply didn't know the rule well enough and thought that he was allowed to fudge the drop a bit. That is the slippery slope that I was referring to. Once you start "forgiving" mistakes, it's going to be hard to close the floodgates.
  19. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    :sigh: It is the public's business. I addressed that comment earlier. And the PGA Tour has a very real interest in making sure the public believes the competition is well conducted. If people known to have breached the rules start winning events, the PGA Tour loses credibility. Golf is not every other sport. Other sports don't make it the responsibility of the players to enforce the rules on themselves and others. Golf does. They're more preventable when you accept input from a wider range.
  20. I'm an amateur, have spent the money, have tested a little before I bought, FlightScope is a great company, to me the expense is easily justified. I love that it's small, portable, easy to use, can use it for my swing, club fitting, yardage practice and I can use the hardware for years with regular software updates. Just got it yesterday and going to use it for the first time today. Will share about that. @billchao, @DeadMan and @iacas shared some great uses for it and it's also how I'm planning on utilizing it. I add speed training, swinging a driver, even a 7-iron, to the "edge of my ability" speed wise. Just to see how fast I can do and keep pushing it further.
  21. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Point 1: "Players are on TV different amounts of time, so this system is more fair." Under ideal situations now, the TV referees will be seeing the same telecast. The Tours in the working group are not committing to film everyone equally: people will still be watching the telecast and identifying possible infractions - they'll just be paid rules officials instead of relying on someone in the "audience." So the same players are getting the same extra coverage. Never mind that, regardless of who spots the error, I can't understand why anyone is okay with a known infraction going un-penalized. Players are often made rich playing a game that asks them to be honest and know and follow the rules. Why should they get away with an infraction? Shouldn't playing by the rules 99% of the time be better than playing by the rules 98% of the time? Point 2: Once a round is over, the scorecard should be "closed" or "final." An additional penalty for a wrong scorecard when the player didn't know it was wrong is dumb. Ultimately, the players are responsible for putting down the correct score. It makes sense to cap any changes possible to the end of the tournament - players literally leave the tournament site and go home. But the tournament is still ongoing in, let's say, round 3, and an error in round 1 can still be applied with the effect that the outcome is more accurate or more correct. Applying the penalty - even late - causes some issues, sure. A player may be paired incorrectly, etc. But the downside - ignoring a known breach - is orders of magnitude worse. Point 3: Okay, so add the penalty later, but why add the two additional strokes? I'm glad that's gone now, too! The two stroke penalty - like the DQ that this was until recently - is incentive for players to know and play by the rules and write down the proper score. Let's say a player unknowingly commits a breach. His caddie says a few holes later "hey, I think maybe you got two strokes back on #11 for such and such." What's the incentive for the player to include those two strokes in his score, or to investigate whether his caddie is correct? If he includes them (or inquires with the Committee), fine, cool. But if he doesn't include them or inquire, then two (main) things can happen: Nobody points it out, and he gets away with it, saving himself two strokes. Someone points it out, he says "Oh, sorry, I didn't know. I don't know the rules very well" and he's penalized the actual penalty he incurred and nothing else. (Someone points it out, but because it was a spectator with a smart phone video, the evidence isn't considered and he gets away with it.) What's the downside here? Where's the incentive to ensure his card is accurate, including any penalty strokes he incurred? He incurred the penalty when he did the "act," yet now tremendous upside in playing ignorant. Worst case, he gets the penalty he actually incurred. Again, this was a DQ very very recently. Then they softened it to two strokes, and I thought "okay, fine, I can see situations in which a DQ was much too harsh." Now, what's the incentive to writing the proper score down? Just assume you never incurred any penalties and write down those scores. Worst case, you get the penalty you deserved. No need to know the rules! Heck, just assume drops from water hazards are all free, or call ponds and streams "casual water." Just write down a 4 instead of the 5 you got for hitting it into the creek, and if nobody notices… awesome! Go you! No, this wouldn't continue to work on the PGA Tour, but but junior golfers could abuse the crap out of this "oh, I didn't know" loophole. The dropping of the two-stroke penalty literally rewards ignorance. It provides no incentive to know the Rules; in fact it provides an incentive to NOT know the rules, because at least then you can be honest in saying "Oh, I didn't know that was a penalty" should you be caught.
  22. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    With tongue planted firmly in cheek: In the sense of fairness, I think that there should be equity in all aspects of professional golf. To that end, I would propose that all galleries be made up of an equal number of spectators, sorted by demographics for the sake of fairness. Spectators should have designated viewing locations at each hole so that all players have an equal chance of having wayward shots reflected back into the fairway with equal probability. Spectators should be sorted by age, vision, etc. so that each competitor has an even playing field. Strength should also be considered when assigning spectators to groups so that if any large obstacles need to be moved, every player in the field has an equal opportunity to move "loose impediments". I'm sure that there are factors that I have omitted, but the ruling bodies could surely iron out the inadequacies as they go along. I have a question for all of those proposing that there is more scrutiny on the leaders and that therefore they are at a disadvantage. Do you think, before the start of the round on Sunday (or Saturday, or Friday, for that matter), that the player in the 40th position on the leaderboard would trade scores with any player in the top 5? According to your logic, by doing so he would be putting himself under much more scrutiny and would therefore be putting himself at a 'disadvantage'.
  23. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    No need for anyone to get their bowels in an uproar. There's going to be a USGA rules official monitoring the broadcast and if he/she sees a violation, a penalty will be called. Fat Jeff in Topeka sitting on his couch who has nothing better to do than to snitch on what he thinks may or may not be a violation can go back to eating Cheetos. This particular rules change will be fairer to ALL players, not just the ones whose every move is covered by the cameras. Whether the player is in 72nd place and was finished with his round and back in his motel room even before the broadcast started, or is in the final foursome, everyone will be treated the same.
  24. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I agree that finding out about a mistake substantially after it occurs is less than ideal. That's why when a player signs his scorecard he is telling everyone else in the tournament that that is what he scored and he is committed to it. If it subsequently turns out that score was wrong, that player has gained an advantage over the field in the meantime. Correcting that advantage is difficult and so the penalty used to be disqualification. Then some people decided that was too unfair and it should only be two strokes. Now apparently even two strokes is too much for them and it's going to be zero. So that advantage will no longer even be attempted to be unwound. Of course, as noted it is less than ideal to discover a breach a long time after. What is further from ideal is to do nothing at all about a breach after you've discovered it.
  25. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Somebody on the couch didn't cause the infraction. Nor can you compare referees, umpires, or other officials in other sports to the rules officials in golf. In other sports, in a relatively small, confined court or playing field, the officials are charged with enforcing the rules and are an integral part of the game. Not so in golf, where any official who happens to be in the vicinity is there as an observer whose sole purpose is to assist and advise, as best he can, the players if they have a circumstance that they're unsure about...
  26. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    They aren't determining the outcome of the Masters! No spectator can penalize a player who didn't breach the rules. The player who actually broke the rules broke the rules. Penalizing that player is more "correct" or closer to the "truth" of what actually occurred. It creates a fairer, more accurate competition. I was the one who called Tiger Woods on the bad drop at the Masters years ago. They covered their asses, but I was immediately calling for his DQ despite wanting him to win that event. The game of golf should be conducted in the fairest, most accurate way possible. That means using every resource to make sure that the right outcome is actually obtained.
  27. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Remind me not to play golf with you. I just can't subscribe to the opinion that it's only wrong if I get caught philosophy...
  28. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Let's envisage a scenario. Player A is playing in the Masters. He hits his drive on 13 in round one to the right into the pine straw. He moves a clump of pine straw behind the ball and the ball moves a fraction. Not a lot. Not enough that it's obvious, but enough that if the player had been looking at the ball they would have seen it. But he wasn't looking and neither was anyone else. It's on camera though. They show it once on the broadcast and the ref who is watching the broadcast chooses that moment to sneeze, so he misses it too. Player plays on and marks his card at the end of the day. Signs it and hands it in. Next day, someone has DVR'd the broadcast and they watch it. They see the ball move. They go on twitter and tweet to the golf channel that the ball moved. The golf channel runs with it and it's broadcast over and over again. They get a rules official to come in and take a look at it. Rules official says "well, that ball clearly moved and he should have been penalized, but because it was only discovered by someone at home, we're not going to apply the penalty". Player A goes on to win the tournament by one. He shouldn't have because he broke the rules and should have been penalized for it. Bottom line is the wrong person won the tournament. How is that a good thing?
  29. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Exactly. If you're putting and you see the ball move a fraction, you can carry on as if it didn't happen, sign your card merrily and if someone notices it, you get the penalty you would have got if you called it out yourself. That's encouraging people to cheat IMO.
  30. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    What are the new rules? I think if you're a professional golfer, you should know the rules and personally, if it came to light that I had broken the rules and should get a penalty, then I would want that to be enforced. I think it's ridiculous that you could get into a situation where a player broke the rules and wins a tournament they shouldn't have won. I think that would make a mockery of the game. If that's what this is about, which I infer is the case from what you said, that's ridiculous. Don't break the rules and you have nothing to worry about from video call-ins.
  31. My Swing (sharpljp)

    Watch your ball position. Middle of the stance is good for wedges. The more the ball creeps back in the stance the more you want to not get your weight forward at impact. Then the more you will flip and hit thin and fat shots. Your upper body leans towards the target at the top of your swing. This will require your upper body to tip back a bit to gain balance. It's very hard to correctly get your weight forward from that position. Th orange line is your best up. The green line is at the top of the swing. The redline would be a much better position. You can help yourself out by adding a bit of spine tilt at set up and trying to maintain it better.
  32. How Much Do You Pay Per Shot?

    You're right, not a day goes by where I don't thank my lucky stars that I suck so bad at this game I can compete in the coveted lowest cost per stroke competition. In all seriousness, because it's cheap doesn't automatically make the course crappy. I've played a couple supposedly higher-end courses and was left underwhelmed. Nothing on a national top 100 list, but courses charging $50-$60 greens fees for worst condition than my home "dog track". Now, lower prices do attract the riffraff and repel the snobs... kind of a bonus in my opinion.
  33. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    It will be interesting to see what will happen concerning which scores to post. Those of us in the US could see a reduction, with fewer "casual" rounds being postable, ad we move towards a compromise with the other systems. I don't know for sure, and I haven't heard any rumors, but it seems a reasonable possibility, and a continuation of the trend started when "solo rounds" became not-postable.
  34. Pinehurst/Sandhills Trip

    Mid Pines and Pine Needles are two of the best and reasonably priced.
  35. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Ok, I was accused of trolling this topic but I was not trying to do that. I will not go over my points but they are here in the thread. I must say though that If I place myself in the shoes of one who believes every slight infraction must be penalized at all costs I cannot simultaneously hold the belief that there is a qualifier to that belief in terms of when the breach occurred. A breach is a breach. My personal opinion is that I don’t like seeing major sports events decided by controversial officiating/minor rules infractions. In all sport I want to see the players play. I don’t want to see major penalties for minor infractions. I am smart enough to know that no sport will ever be officiated perfectly and that doesn’t bother me a bit. Also on Lexi, my opinion on watching her reaction to the news is that she did not intentionally cheat. I know in the sense of the argument here that’s quite irrelevant, but I also wanted to add that. Thats all I wanted to say on this.
  36. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I'm a "no". The reason I play a premium ball in the first place is because of the specific playing characteristics of that ball. With reclaimed balls, you never quite know what you're going to get, regardless of the cosmetic appearance. When I can buy something like a new Snell or past generation Bridgestone for just a few dollars more, it's just not worth the couple of bucks to risk any inconsistencies.
  37. This is a good question and thread. I'd love to hear from @mvmac, @iacas, and other instructors how an amateur could/should use/benefit from this kind of technology enough to justify the expense. Especially in light of some of the limitations that the less expensive models have.
  38. For me a monitor is about hitting balls inside in the winter. Being in SC I don't think that is your issue. I will give one thing to be cautious about. You can get Launch Monitor disease. It causes you to focus on distance above all else. For driver I would look at launch angle and spin. Irons Launch angle and spin also. It tells purity of strike for one. And you can gauge if you are flipping and know if you are lowering your launch angle to reduce said flipping.
  39. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    It will happen. Golfers are not a superior race compared to other sporting population.
  40. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I read the golfwrx article and it noted they will dedicate a rules official to watching the broadcast. This is close, but still a CYA kind of thing that addresses the call in, NOT addresses correct application of rules to the entire field.. To be completely fair, they should have video on all the groups - with an official. In this case, though it is intended to provide an "official" means of replacing all the call ins (which I agree with). It still isn't fair in that any penalties or benefits only applies to those on video.
  41. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I have no answer for that. Call it just dumb circumstance. We've seen champions crowned in other sports despite missed calls or infractions. But somebody sitting on a couch at home shouldn't be allowed to influence the outcome of the Masters, i know that.
  42. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I agree. If there's no additional penalty, people will be incentivized to try and get away with infractions. They'll have nothing to lose.
  43. My Swing (sharpljp)

    Make the right moves in a mirror slowly and see what it feels like to you.
  44. My Swing (sharpljp)

    Plus in looking at just the photo Matt posted you’re rolling the back ankle. The red line might be a little extreme. Tough to say on a phone. 5-10 degrees of tilt away isn’t too much to ask for.
  45. Mac O'Grady Swings

    @Yff Theos, Erik and I are just trying to help. If you want to discuss then we're fine doing that but we're going to counter anyone trying to put Mac on a pedestal. I've been through it dude. You've watched some recordings from his clinics in the late 80's. Clinics that are now ancient information, even to Mac. The McCord clinics are before Mac figured out the trail knee extends somewhat on the backswing. Think about that, the Mac of today would disagree with the Mac of the late 80's. Even the hours of recordings we have from schools in the mid-00's is now old information. Golf instruction has evolved well past TGM and Mac. Sure it's fun to talk about MORAD but let's not delude ourselves into thinking it's "golf science" or the best information out there. Mac is now trying to learn from the PhDs and 3D ball flight guys. With the videos I have, yes, but whose knows, next week he could have changed it. He uses schools/students to experiment with ideas. Even if it's 1-2-3 it would still be wrong. I'd rather not do it in this thread since this is a Mac thread. Worked for Jack, Palmer, Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Tiger, Norman. They didn't take it back too low. If you pivot correctly that doesn't happen. Honestly, think of how many guys are in the HOF that have a early set takeaway, very, very few. Dealing with all the rates early in the takeaway is much harder and can lead to more errors. Like I've said, Mac played with CF fades. Guys he taught couldn't play in tournaments going CP. @iacas is correct, when I say knee linkage I'm referring to the knees changing flex. I honestly don't know what you mean by level knees. If the only way you can have level knees is to have the stance closed then Mac didn't have level knees when he played CF fades in competition. Grant Waite was the only player to get a pass to go CF. I can easily say it's not, he's just honest. Erik is one of the top golf theory guys in the business and has the math and science to back it up. If you want to keep him being your hero, don't get to know him. The Mac stories are awesome but everyone gets kicked out of the circle eventually, even George Hunt. Erik never called you a troll, he's just trying to get you to think critically, outside of the TGM/MORAD box.
  46. @iacas I read that entire thread! Awesome stuff!! Won't get that anywhere else man and I appreciate it. I think my best thing is to practice inside at home. I liked the drill of putting a basketball between my left hip and the wall, then making my backswing. Anything wrong with that drill? Or is there a better one for indoor/living room practice? Thanks again
  47. Winter Depression Thread

    Winter should be abolished. I'm not a fan. The sooner I can move to Florida the better. :)
  48. I'm a big supporter of not making this game harder. I was playing game improvement Ping eye 2 irons up until 2 years ago and got Ping i e-1 irons. My hdcp is +3. I don't bother working the ball. I went on vacation and rented clubs...all GI...xhot2, Taylormade RS1, Ping G. Shot under par with all of them. Hit just about every green. I have Pm grind wedges because around the greens I like a thinner sole but other than that...just get to the ball and it's point and shoot with GI...why torture yourself. You can get better with gi as well...I know I hear people say " I like to use players irons to train me to strike the ball better"...yeah...No. screw that, again...why torture yourself. I know with the Ping G irons if I hit the center of the face or not. Take lessons if someone wants to strike it better, don't pullout your finger nails to teach yourself a lesson. I could trade in my ie-1 irons tomorrow for G400 and be no worse off...in fact, might like them better!
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  • Posts

    • You missed my point. There's a vocal portion of fans that hated this movie (check out reddit or twitter, this is some real vitriol out there). And I bet that portion is tanking the RT score.
    • This is very odd. Had that 4 hour firmware update yesterday. I'm now on my second firmware update today. First one was quick. Second one just started. I don't get why I've had 3 firmware updates in the past 2 days. I used the Mevo fairly often in November, so I shouldn't be this far behind on updates?
    • Made some progress with the net today! I changed two things: put the Mevo 6' behind the ball, and at the dot at the top of the ball, pointing upwards, and it worked a lot better. For comparison, here's some data: (Old net data) (New net data) New net data is a lot closer to pure outside data. Here's some 6 iron data that was purely outside: Data seems to be about right. I do think I'm swing slower into a net than outside, which is probably the biggest difference in the data.  The only negative is that it was still missing some shots, although it got better as I used it more with the net (also after I raised the Mevo to higher than the mat). It probably missed 4 of my first 10 shots, but then I think it only missed 1 or 2 after that. 
    • Looks like outdoor practice is back on the menu, boys! Will be nice to see ball flight and numbers at the same time.
    • I pay $1800 yearly and average out to about $.22 per stroke. I only play roughly nine holes per round because of the heat in the summer this year and the cold in the winter months as well. I guess I turned into a fair weather golfer. It used to cost me about $ 0.10-0.12 per strike. I rarely play any course other than my home course. 
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