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    I played in my first high school match today as the #2 golfer. The #1 golfer is a four-year player, a senior, who I tied during the tryouts. Our team won first in a nine-team field at the Penn State Blue course (70.0/125). I shot an 80 and took second individually. Tori shot 81 and took third individually. Liv shot 85. We count three scores this year and that was enough to win by 17. Pretty happy and we play again tomorrow.
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    The course I played today has a set of tees that are over 7,600 yards long. I'm no masochist, so I didn't play those tees, but on the 17th hole, which from the tees I played (blue) was 550 yards, the "way back black" tees were listed as 702 yards. I had to give it a shot so I teed up a second ball from those tees. Here's the opening shot view: That is the 16th green to the right there, and I guessed (correctly) my target line was over the tree to the left of the carts. Hit I well and BARELY made the fairway: Here's what I had left:Here's what I had left after a very well hit 3 wood: And I bladed a 7 iron to here: Then chunked a chip and two putted for a bogey. I'm fine with a bogey on that length of a hole. What are some other crazy holes you guys have seen?
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    Well, I got an official handicap index. @iacas says this puts me in the top 5% or so of female golfers that have handicaps. I think that's pretty cool! He's pretty proud of that and says I should be as well. I am pretty happy about it. I have had some ups and downs this year. I shot 79 at a tough course, but shot 100 (though the weather was not the greatest), as well. My average score was about 85.3, and that is with a 100 and another high score in there. I don't know if this makes me single digits since my course handicap is often going to be 10 or 11, but hopefully next summer I will be a definite single digit golfer any way you calculate it. High school matches start Thursday. I actually play in HS matches Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I am the #2 or maybe the #1 girl on the team my first year.
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    I prefer Heisenburg (sic)...It is impossible, often enough. to determine both the speed and the line simultaneously. The putt is there; but (going back to Kant) reality and perception intrude on one another. The result is a "putt of faith"...a Kierkegardian (sic) abstract.
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    We drove about 125 miles north to Arthur, Nebraska to a friend's ranch in the totality zone. I shot this during the peak of the eclipse:
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    Just a little tickle for y'all… I know we have a LOT of TRUE Linkswear fans here. I am one of the biggest, if not the biggest here. TRUE's original shoes, reviewed here offered quality materials in a unique looking shoe that had a lot of the features I love in shoes: lightweight flexible zero drop minimal support low to the ground conforming/twistable great feeling comfortable waterproof great materials and leather Well, it's no secret that TRUE has spent a few years in the rough. Outside influences and a few missteps led to the introduction of some forgettable models, and the faith of the TRUE fans has been tested. For the past year or so, Ryan Moore, his brothers, and other trusted TRUE reps and "fans of the walk" have been scouring the world for the best materials, the best factories, and advanced construction techniques. They've re-examined what they wanted out of a shoe, and are truly returning to shoes that you can wear on the golf course, to the office, or out for a night on the town. Look for more details soon, but finally (and I realize how odd that sounds after only a few years off the tried and true path that made so many instant, hard-core fans) TRUE is returning to its roots. Returning to a world where you can #EnjoyTheWalk. More coming soon… stay tuned.
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    I don't think Ms. Inkster quite understands how the market works. More people want to watch men's golf. Therefore more companies are willing to advertise (and sponsorship is advertising) on men's golf. I understand completely that the women are outstanding players, but what matters for sponsors and advertisers is the number of eyeballs they get their name in front of.
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    The first group out… I ran back pretty quickly and just made it to my Behrend meeting in time. Had a great time! The other groups will be posting their photos shortly. I think @vasaribm took a few of them. Oh, the photo above was from #17 green. A 150-yard par three where my ball raked the flag and stick (3' away for a birdie), and @vasaribm landed 4' short and hopped up to 2' for a birdie. Nearly two aces on back to back shots. @Slice of Life followed those up with what was not going to be an ace… (but a nice up and down for par).
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    Dan's a ****ing moron. And there is no clearer evidence in regards to how stupid Dan is than in his concluding statements. "I just don't know what to write." Really? You're THAT obtuse, dude? You know exactly what to write, but you can't bring yourself to do it. Oh, the conclusion isn't some lame ass participation trophy but rather a bulging disc in your back that you're gonna have for life? It's those thirty pounds you clearly put on over the last few years because you can't exercise or be active like you used to because of what golf did to your lower spine? It's that you didn't even have a snowballs chance in hell? And now you can't publish that stupid ass book you were going to publish with you on the cover wearing a turtleneck looking like a genius who was gonna tell anyone willing to buy your book that everyone's dreams are attainable? What. A. Dick. I realize that was harsh what I just said, but hey, he won't conclude it, so I guess that means it's up to "reader's interpretation" what the ending means lol. In that case you NEED the following: 1) Strength and durability: You need to just never get injured. You're already behind the 8-ball with time, and you cannot afford to not be playing and practicing six days a week. This is not negotiable. 2) Genetic talent: You need to reach a realization about how to swing a golf club on the downswing sooner rather than later. That crap where you "can't shallow the downswing EVER?" Yea, you need to be able to bust through that phase in months, not years. Larry Nelson picked up golf at 21 and won three majors in the 1980s. YE Yang started playing golf at 19, but was a body builder at the time. There ARE anomalies that exist in this game. They certainly exist, but you really need the physical tools in order to do it. You need strength, durability and a natural born ability to figure out how to hit a golf ball faster than the average person. If you start as a child, I think a wider range of people can pick up the game and one day master it. But once you reach adulthood, that genetic pool dries significantly, and only those left who can learn it are the truly talented ones who didn't have an adult in their life to introduce it to them as kids. And if they got the game as kids? Yang would probably have 2-3 more majors than he does now IMO. But I could be wrong on that.
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    Played the championship match in our club match play tournament. Won 2&1 shooting even par overall. Even par was a great score, but didn't play my best...was kind of scrambling all round. A win is a win though and I will take it!
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    https://www.golfdigest.com/story/michelle-wies-and-lexi-thompsons-solheim-cup-shoes-are-insanely-patriotic Sort of off-topic, but the only thing about the Solheim, (and Ryder and Presidents) Cups team pride that I've always found to be a little (for lack of a better word) "unfair," is the fact that the other teams are a collective and don't really have a flag to rally around. I realize Europe has one, but I dunno, I presume most of these people identify as part of their own country moreso than a European. And forget about the Presidents Cup. They can really only chant either "Not USA! (or Europe) Not USA! (or Europe)" or something like "Everybody else! clap clap clap Everybody else!" Anyways, I digress. (Nothing disrespectful by any means)
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    So, I downloaded a couple of these videos after following James on Twitter - he shares a lot of good thoughts and a couple of the videos he shared intrigued me. I particularly liked the one below that he retweets quite a lot. There are a number of videos and it can be hard to know exactly what you get. The 5 DVD set includes: Approach Wedges Scrambling Bunker Play Practical Green Reading Putting Performance The two I was particularly interested in were the Approach Wedges and Scrambling videos and I got both 2.0 and 1.0 versions of each. For info, I'd recommend getting 2.0 first, as it may include the 1.0 videos as well (I ended up with 2 copies of 1.0). I'm going to try to review without giving too much information. James has worked with a number of top players and coaches (Tour and otherwise) to pick up on what they do well and try to dial in when coaching. What I did really like was that a lot of what he says resonates with @iacas, @mvmac and others preach with pitching and short game in general, such as delivery of bounce, loft and shot selection. All of the videos are full of information and whilst they are relatively short - 40 minutes or so - there is so much there that you won't necessarily pick it up within 4 or 5 views. Approach Wedges 1.0, 2.0: This is relatively technical and addresses a few key factors (launch, strike etc). I would say that, for a casual player, this is not the one to get, as whilst there are some good concepts in there, it doesn't necessarily give you that much to immediately go away and work on. I will re-watch it to try to glean more, but there wasn't that much in here that I wasn't aware of already. It is also possibly the hardest section to work on on your own, without access to Trackman etc., but James does make some good suggestions. Approach Wedges 2.0 is more technical and doesn't really apply to me right now, dealing with spin rates, smash factor. It might suit a low handicapper, but I wouldn't suggest it as necessary viewing. Scrambling 1.0, 2.0: Whilst the Approach Wedges 1.0 was a bit heavy, Scrambling gets straight into the task of how to score lower shots and particularly varying trajectories with your wedges to accomplish this. You look at when to use certain shots and easy ways to vary high, low and mid trajectories to accomplish this - James explains it quickly and easily and I could immediately take this knowledge to the course and play around with it. I would suggest that this and 2.0 are almost essential viewing - they combine lots of information with really effective presentation and clear ideas of how to build this in to your game to shoot lower scores. 2.0 also includes some really useful situational based sections, with James taking a certain shot and explaining his choices clearly. There's also a nice fault fixer element that would help those who struggle with thins and duffs. In short, they are really useful viewing, but I'd advocate Scrambling over Approach Wedges, simply for the ease of incorporating it into your practice. If you'd like any more information, please ask, but I'd certainly recommend looking them up.
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    Want to find a motivation to succeed and reach your goals? Please enjoy my favorite motivational speech by Eric Thomas and the various footage from my practice and tournament play this past season. But do get some sleep
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    Huh? What? Golf swing? Who the hell is looking at the freaking golf swing?!
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    Just to be clear, in STROKE play the low gross score has the honor on the next tee. I know the original question was about match play, but I'm adding this so folks understand that a different criteria applies.
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    You were right. Rule 10-1 applies. The player (or side) that wins a hole has the honor on the next hole. If a hole is halved, the honor remains the same as the prior hole. Since you were playing a handicapped match, you decide each hole by net score. Interestingly though. In match play, if 2 players are unsure how to proceed under the rules, they can come to a decision between themselves and continue from there. Which is exactly what you did.
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    Shot a 79 in the third round in my club championship strokeplay. So ended up with 80-81-79, 9th position. I was close to some really good rounds, but had too many troubles on the back nine.
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    This is near and dear to my heart as I am an instrumental music teacher and also our high school golf coach. I have played trumpet for a long time and play currently in a number of groups ranging from orchestral, band, commercial, and jazz. Most of the kids over the past 10 years I've had on the team have been current or former band students, though a lot of that is more related to having a good relationship with the kids. I can say being a musician in golf really helps because musicians can only count to 4 so it helps the scorecard, many songs are in 3 or even in two, but rarely in 6 :) I find the process is very similar in becoming an accomplished musician to being a good golfer. The process of practice has always come very easy to me in golf because I already know the process from my years of practicing on trumpet. I have also failed many times in performances and used to being the only one on stage in front of a large audience so the nerves and pressure are nothing new and very transferrable. Within my own swing I am very tempo based to keep from making the transitions too quick. I started doing that before I read many golf coaches do that already, it came to me due to being a musician but I would have picked it up no matter what as that is a standard technique. So overall to me the process of becoming a better golfer completely relates and has been very easy for me. It has also helped a lot with the nerves and dealing with pressure. So yes, a lot of relation and definitely has helped me become a better golfer.
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    It's a strange argument. I haven't seen anyone saying "they're not very good" when women play a hard course and don't score well; I don't see anyone saying "the course is too short" when they do. Maybe there is some golf version of Steven A Smith making troll-y arguments like that somewhere, but I haven't seen it. I am sure she understands the commercial reality of women's golf versus men's; that doesn't mean it isn't frustrating for her. It's also probably never going to change. Women in tennis were able to make headway only because their product was actually MORE popular than the men's, and they were earning disproportionately less. One other thing to consider: money in pro sports isn't always based on pure commercial viability, as some above suggest. The NBA made a conscious decision to support the WNBA, without regard for its profitability. The PGA Tour could choose to do the same; maybe that's what she's looking for (right or wrong).
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    As @iacas stated, the 7 irons launch at the same angle despite the GI irons having stronger lofts and going farther. This allows you to hit one less club as your 150 club which has the added advantage of being easier to hit because you are hitting a higher club. Balls launched more vertically tend to move less laterally. Feel is subjective and shaft plays a part, too. You'd have to demo a bunch of combinations and get an idea of what you like, or better yet, get a good fitting so you can find what you like and what performs best for your game. Honestly @Midpack I don't know you or your game and I certainly don't have a vested interest in whether or not you purchase new clubs. If you don't want to play GI irons, that's fine. I know a number of players who use 20+ year old clubs. But you've made a number of posts about this subject and I think you're kind of limiting yourself with these preconceptions about modern club design and GI clubs. Is there a lot of marketing hype? Sure. There's also real advancement being made. BTW those claims that X golfer increased 20 yards by changing to new equipment? They're based off of fitting players into new clubs who were using old equipment that's poorly fit for them.
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    Couple things, I think it might be a fake. It is missing the "taylormade" lettering towards the toe of the driver, as well as the M1 logo towards the heel. Might be the camera angle but it also looks like the black part of the crown is just regular black instead of the carbon fiber looking black. See this image and compare with their pics, the one from China is on the left, the one on the right is a stock image from google. It very well might be a real legit model, but based on the things I have seen so far, i'd be suspicious. You can get a used one for under $300, in my opinion, I'd rather pay a little more knowing I am getting the real deal.
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    It was great seeing all the folks who made it out this weekend! Lots of fun even with the rain delays on Saturday. Next year we'll try to do one in Central Ohio in May or June Our group at Northstar: Mark, Jeremy, me, and Matt.
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    You can get that with the old system. (By the way, the data in the new format still doesn't match up with the data from the old format. I've emailed them, and they're still working on it.) Here are my "all rounds" vs a 10 handicap. Select the drop down menu to select "last round": And now it shows my last round vs a 10 handicap. (You can also "select individual rounds" right next to the dropdown menu.):
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    Left to right @vasaribm @saevel25 @klineka @georgep
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    USA sweeps the afternoon fourball to take a 5.5 to 2.5 lead. The first ever Session sweep for Team USA.
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    The MPF serves as a clearing house to divide different irons into general playability categories. Be aware that Ralph Maltby, who developed the MPF system, gives two cautions in using it: The MPF rating takes into account only the head design capabilities; it doe not rate the shaft. Golfers trying iron models 100 MPF points apart on ratings may not notice much difference in feel and performance of the two models. When you get a gap of 300 points, that's when the difference shows up. Now, the ratings get confusing when you compare the Golf Digest Hot List categories with Maltby's MPF. The Hot List ranks clubs in market niche: Player's, Game Improvement, and Super Game Improvement. MPF ratings, on the other hand, are determined by a six-factor math equation based on different measurements take from the clubhead. Another factor is one's year group in golf. Guys like me who grew up in the 1970s swinging persimmon-headed drivers with 130-gram steel shafts. So, we tend to be a bit more "handsy" than younger golfers. Fitters tend to recommend I use game-improvement (Hot List category) irons with lighter R-flex shafts, since the last thing I need is offset to help me square the face. I did a rainy-day survey several years back to determine how many iron models - two years old or less - were at play from the major OEMs. I came up with 60-something models. MPF would tend to narrow down likely model choices to 10 or so - much more manageable than testing 60+.
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    Laura Davies to become first woman to compete in senior tour event - Golf Digest https://apple.news/AYdL72In7OJO5IS7prt4V-w "My golfing career has been played in parallel with a number of players who are currently on the Senior Tour," said Davies in a statement. "I'm really looking forward to testing my wits against them." Not sure what she means by that. She played shorter courses from the ladies tees her whole career...so....anyway.
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    Around here the Yellow Jackets are fairly benign. The Bulldogs are a bigger threat...especially when they've had a few. I advise wearing a neutral cap.
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    Yes, that is a tough one as taking relief does little to help one safely hole out. In anything but a tournament round I would rake the ball away and call it good. If one must hole out, my suggestions would be: 1. Try to wait them out if it looked like they might finish the job in less than 2-3 minutes. 2. Hole out and leave the ball in the hole (of course replacing the flag then becomes near impossible). Move on to the next hole while calling the clubhouse/committee and advising the following group what was occurring on the green. 3. Hole out and take a chance that if one moves slowly, the ball can be retrieved and flag replaced.
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    From Decision 1-4/10 The decision talks about a bee's nest, but in my opinion a swarm of wasps would also present a similarly dangerous situation. Perhaps others more knowledgeable would confirm (or not).
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    I do the same. Weatherbug has a lightning tracker that seems pretty good
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    Ehhhh most of those were backdoor top 10's. He was never really "in contention" though. You start a final round 11 shots back, shoot 6 under par and finish 5th you didn't really "contend"
  35. 2 points
    Eek! Did we read the same OP? It was half tongue in cheek and pretty light hearted overall. I doubt he is "under" anything to the point he needs to get over it - he just asked the question.
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    Went through a fitting with @iacas a few weeks ago and received my putter a few days back. Haven't played a round with it yet but our member-member is this weekend so it will get a good workout. Really happy with how it turned out.
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    Certainly adds fuel to the fire. Yeah, poor guy......just a shame to see these kinds of things happen to a most certainly nice guy. Just a shame...
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    Now you're going to tell me that Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy aren't real too?
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    I can't even believe its up for debate if any 20+ capper can average around 300, only the top 42 or so guys on tour average over 300!!
  40. 2 points
    Not to me. Heck, if anything I'd say that if any of the players who didn't make the team are offended and are vocal about it, then it's they who're somehow trying to deflect attention from the successful athletes in a pathetic attempt to gain some attention to themselves. Sour grapes. But some people spend an awful lot of time trying to find a reason to be offended by what others do, when it has nothing to do with them.
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    You can express your excitement for doing something without that expression being an implicit "suck it" to those who aren't. If the golfers not playing in the Solheim Cup can't be happy (or if not happy, at least indifferent) for their peers who were chosen, that is their problem.
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    Don't move and you are getting the full eclipse in 2024
  43. 2 points
    My man!!!! My mission in life is to convince everyone with a handicap over 10 to put a chipper in he bag... ...and preferably to get rid of that damn 60* wedge too.
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    Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is and active metabolite of Hydrocodone so it is very common for people taking hydrocodone to have hydromorphone in their system also. The concerning aspect to me as a physician who treats both chronic pain issues and addiction is the combination of Xanax and Opiates. My office has a policy to never prescribe opiates and benzodiazepine to the same patient due to safety issues. Over 50% of the accidental overdose deaths due to opiates involve combination with a benzo. I call it pulling a Whitney Houston. A little hydrocodone, Xanax, THC and a glass of wine... add a warm bath and you don't wake up the next day. I was struck by how his statements have been so Tiger... " I received professional help to manage my medications,” “Recently, I had been trying on my own to treat my back pain and a sleep disorder, including insomnia, but I realize now it was a mistake to do this without medical assistance". umm, Bullshit. So, what you're saying is... these were not prescribed medications being managed by a physician and you weren't able to manage them on your own because??? you're a drug addict. Reminds me of a meme I saw once... The only thing preventing you from getting what you want in life is the same bullshit story you tell yourself every day.
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    One thing that I think is pretty universal is that NONE of us can diagnose our swing faults accurately based on feel and/or results. Poking around Youtube and other online instruction is bound to be hit or miss, probably mostly miss. Even less reliable is to rely on strangers like us for that diagnosis, strangers who have never seen you swing. The best way to get decent advice is to get instruction, either in person, or through video analysis. One great way to start that is by posting videos of your swing in this section: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ Be sure to open the Hidden Contents to see the format for your posts, and review the tips on Filming Your Swing. Welcome to The Sand Trap!
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    Yeah, and I'd wait on any grip adjustments until about October 19. Then I recommend fiddling all through the rounds, never use the same grip for two swings in a row.
  47. 2 points
    Welcome to the forum! You'll break 100 in no time; the only question is whether it's the right goal for you. Check this out: Following this, you might decide to work on a different aspect of your game; that might delay the time it takes you to come back with a double-digit score, but you'll be a better golfer for it (and it might mean lower scores beyond simply a single double-digit round). In any case, lots of great instructional resources for you. We look forward to talking with you more.
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    Just wanted to let you know your advice really, really helped Mike. I've had two sessions of just bunker work and the improvement was excellent. Feels much more controlled and really had the ball coming out nicely. Several of my shots actually danced pretty good on the green too. Thanks again!
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    I just want to report that I received my Speed Cart GT directly from Sun Mountain very shortly after winning. I've walked several rounds with it and it's indeed a significant upgrade over my older Speed Cart V1. Most notable improvements are the quick-release E-Z latch system, improved wheel lock system, and lighter weight from the hassle-free solid tires. Here's a tweet of it: Thanks again to Erik, the Sand Trap, and Sun Mountain for the epic contest!
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    I can tell you about flexibility. I have been doing and teaching Yoga for almost 20 years. I really do not like the word flexibility because people think of it as someone who can bend themselves into a pretzel. I prefer release of tension. There are many exercises you can do, but most important is your approach know your limitations. The secret is to be safe. Bring the movement to the point when you feel sensation and stop there and hold for a few breaths. Deep Breathing during this process is essential. Also remove all momentum from the movement. No bouncing. Be consistent in your approach and over a period of time you will get results. Remember all the muscle groups are connected, so try to release tension in all muscle groups not just the ones you use for golf. Stretching is like peeling an onion. You will go though levels of stiffness and levels of flexibility. It is a long term commitment, but well worth it for the health benefits alone Hope this helps
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    •  @iacas I took part of the sentence out talking about your book using ESC stats.  IMO ESC does not purely talk about PGA stats. Yes he does have more data available from the PGA, but also mentions amateur golfer stats a lot throughout the book. Whenever he has them available. Referring to them as 80s, 90s, 100s golfer and so on.
    • It helps tremendously in my opinion. I do a lot of cardio and crossfit so the water need is there. Even when I just lifted for strength and BB, I still drank a gallon a day but back then it was brewed green tea that i drank cold. That made it a lot easier. I'm trying to make myself drink just plain water, but for some reason, I'm finding it more difficult now. I'm thinking the bottle will do the trick. I am using an 8oz glass while at work and filling it from a gallon container. I don't have ice though. It's just cold from the container in the fridge. If I had ice, I could drink the crap out of it. But for me to get ice, I would have to walk down the hall every time the ice melted. All good ideas guys! Absolutely! I don't know how that would make me feel going into my crossfit class though..haha! The ice water would for sure make it easier for me too. I just don't have ice handy where I work. I guess I could bring my water in a big cooler jug with ice in it...
    • Thanks for writing up LSW but I feel the need to mention that our book was nearly 100% complete well in advance of ESC's publication, and only because we went to print a month after it was published were we even able to make a few changes to add in stats from ESC that backed our own statements, studies, etc. You implied or stated that LSW was derivative work or that we kind of "relied" on ESC far more than we did. We used it to bolster a few things, but 99% of what's in LSW is our own and was written before ESC was even published. ESC, IMO, is also largely about PGA Tour pros, while Broadie has very little information or stats and has studied the amateur golfer comparatively little. LSW focuses primarily on the 99% of golfers who aren't making a living on the PGA Tour.
    • Just spent 30 minutes with a Ping fitter and I think he corrected my problem.  About a year ago I delofted my driver from 10 to 9 degrees.  He said that when you do that it slightly opens the face and therefore more of my shots will go right if I do not close the club face when addressing the ball. We will see on Thursday morning if this actually improves my fairway accuracy or not.  It did improve in the digital driving bay at PGA Tour Store, but nothing simulated golf like it does on the course.
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