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    • Welcome to TST. Post all you want. You are not annoying me. Then again, I am not easily annoyed by things.  Myself, I like new folks posting stuff. Most of the new posted questions have already been asked a dozen or so times on this site,  but every once in a while something new shows up. 
    • Yes. I am shooting in the mid 80s now consistently when breaking 90 was my goal last summer. Nothing under 82 yet tho.  I went from playing 0-10 times a year to around 30 rounds last year and maybe 60 this year. So its expected but nice to see the hard work pay off. What a game!
    • Same shaft. EF blue 6.0 My theory is that im very much a feel player and able to feel the weight in the toe and react by turning it over a little more aggressively. Going to play 18 with it tomorrow. We'll see
    • This isn’t a job. There isn’t any requirement to post. There’s tons of information on this site. You could perhaps do some searching and if you can’t find an answer to a question post it in the subject at hand. Interesting articles you come across off site that you think can generate a discussion, stories, etc. Try to put a little more thought into what you post. Your question about ‘scores are lowering’ was a bit hard to follow.  I may have missed it but have you given an introduction to your current golf status? How long you’ve been playing, what your struggles are, what do you want to achieve? The mods and administration here are very reasonable and intelligent people. You’re not annoying anyone ...yet.😀
    • Maybe if you're filming a movie with Richard Kiel.  Anyone who gets to be a rules official knows full well this isn't a situation where you don't play it as it lies. 

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