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    • The shortest par 4 on the course I play is 240 from the senior tees. since I hit the ball far less than that of course I do. 
    • My hole in ones were my most, luckiest shots I ever hit.  I suppose my "1 in a million" shot was on an island 150 yard par three.  I hit my tee shot short, into the the water. I dropped for a three, and holed that shot for a 1 in a million par.  Over the years, I have seen all kinds of both good, and bad weird shots. Probably could write a short book on them all. I saw a guy hit what appeared to be a poor, pushed shot on a 520+/- yard, par 5. The ball hit the concrete cart path, and because of the curbing, stayed on the cart path, with the ball rolling to with in 20, or so yards of the green. He then pitched the ball into the hole for a 3 under 2 on that hole.  Another time, I took a good friend golfing. He had never golfed before. Hadn't ever touched a club that I knew of. The day before our round, I gave him a few pointers to help him out a little..  On the very first hole he ever played, he makes a hole in one. It was witnessed by two other golfers, besides myself. He went on to shoot something in the 140s iirc. I don't think he ever went golfing again.
    • That's a bad idea. Ideal launch conditions don't change for a pretty broad range of conditions. Hit it normally.
    • Playing the ball too far forward on the course because I like the way it looks.  On the practice range I play the ball back farther in my stance and rarely miss a shot.  Lack of discipline on my part and a bad habit that I should be able to break.
    • Getting ready to turn 68 if I crush a drive it may carry and roll 225 so of course I would tee off any time the group in front is 260+ out - I cannot reach them even with a good forward bounce on the cart path.  

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