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    • Your handicap should be how good you are now, not how good you were 3 months ago. If you practice a lot, play a lot of practice rounds and got better but did not turn in your scores, in my book you are a sandbagger. A couple of practice rounds to work out a change, or to play some extra balls to practice on chipping or so is ok. But you are talking about loads of rounds, not turning in scores.
    • Thoughts @GrandStranded? It's been brought up a few times but the new technology helps narrow the gap between the great and average players. The old tech give the better, more skilled players an advantage.
    • I think the lost ball/OB local rule is going to be a nightmare. Say for example a golf tries to play the ball over a dogleg left, and ends up pulling it into the trees/bush of the dogleg itself. Now he has to extend an imaginary line from the pin (which he may not be able to see) through the estimated position of the ball, and back towards the tee. Then he has to extend a 2nd imaginary line from the pin (which he still cannot see) through the bush/trees of the dogleg, to intersect the edge of the fairway at a point a little further from the pin than the ball. (The intersection on the pin side of the corner is no good as it would surely be much closer to the hole.) Given that this rule is actually written for the golfer who will need to apply it often (non-elite), can you imagine just how long all of this is going to take (perhaps multiple times per round) while the player plods around in the rough to try to establish the one line, then walks (in some cases) halfway across the fairway to establish the other line, and then ponders exactly where to drop the ball? If he drops on the fairway he may still be blocked by the dogleg, while if he drops from the rough he might be able to play through a gap, but from a poor lie. Should the law not be simplified to just say "Drop the ball within 2 club lengths of the closest edge of the fairway in play, which is not closer to the hole."   P.S. I don't understand the graphics posted above with regard to my original question. As I read it, the rule calls for both lines which define the drop area to originate at the hole?
    • @colin007 How are you holding up? Do we need the cardiologist on call? I think this is a great leaderboard, Stenson, SLIG, Rory, J-Rose, Rickie, Tiger... Are we setting up for a Masters to remember? This is an absolute awesome leaderboard and the Masters is 3 weeks away.  I don't think Tiger was screwing with anyone, he's not out of it though. I think your top 4 or 5 probably have the best chance but there's nothing to say GOAT doesn't shoot something less than my age on the front nine. And be leading the tournament through 66 holes. I honestly believe Stenson will still be there, but Tiger's got to be within 3 before Stenson tees off. 
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