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    • Start wearing capris and try to squat like that...ps ..if you are a lefty why wouldn't you pick a lefty golfer for sig pic? (are there lefty female golfers or did you like the green pants?)
    • Day 164: Played 18 holes of mini golf (yep, really...)
    • agreed.  it just happens to be my swing thought when I'm 'getting a little too excited' during my swing.  Of course it goes further than just that, I mostly try to keep basically from my head to my chest, as relaxed as possible which really helps me maintain my posture and release the golf club properly.  I have a bad habit of throwing my entire body into the ball at impact which leads to pulls and pushes
    • If you go to the PGA Fantasy page, the Match Play bracket is up....not sure if it will connect us with the league, but fun to do. Don't forget to set a lineup for Puntacana too.  Match Play starts on Wednesday.
    • theres different ways to create speed imo.  arc width is one, which usually happens from some of these country strong guys like brooks koepka who look like theyre swinging it fairly easy and don't appear to have a crazy amount of lag.  then guys like cameron champ who have basically cleared their hips completely the instant the backswing has started and it allows the club to whip through to catch up.  The club dropping behind you is an interesting one that i've actually seen some golfers do.  I have a hard time grasping how it's physically even possible, but if anyone is interested, brook henderson's swing is a great example of this and it's a sight to watch.  it's as if her hands are moving, but the club isnt.  Maybe someone with more technical knowledge than myself can explain this a little better, but I'm very fascinated by her swing and the crazy distance she hits it for being A. a girl, and B. only being 5'4    
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