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    • Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I had a chance to inspect the clubs before purchase, and all looked fine from what I could see .. I was wondering what I should be looking out for at the hosel and club head to try and identify shoddy manufacturing. Sounds like it's just a really extreme outlier that I've picked up though. The woods have been OK, but I did get noticeably less distance (even as a beginner) compared to some of the hire clubs I was hitting, so I think I might write these off entirely and get a new set.  I'm tossing up between a new set of the wilson SGI's, the spalding elite's, callaway's strata range, or a used set of Callaway XR's. Unfortunately nothing else around in my price range in AU (for a lefty)..
    • I've never really thought about "no sixes". I've had quite a few rounds without sixes and quite honestly, when I read it, my thoughts were, no problem. So, Saturday, I bogied the first par 5, #2. No sixes the rest of the way, but now, it's on my mind. Carding a 6 on a par 5 is like kissing your sister. And it was a 3 putt. ugh Since I'm not gifted in the technology department, I'll probably have to list off the holes instead of pasting the card. lol
    • I would be pretty shocked if he ever has a season where he wins 2 majors and finishes T4 and 2nd in the other 2 majors. Just because that's so difficult to do, it's a fluke for basically anyone in golf. I think he'll probably get back to a top 5-10 golfer at some point, though. I think golf media has generally underestimated how good Spieth was, because he doesn't have the distance or flash of someone like Rory or DJ. But Spieth, on his game, is as good of as of a ball striker as anybody out there (sans Tiger, I suppose). It wasn't his putting or short game that made him special, it was his iron play. I think that will come back at some point. From an interview I heard with him on the No Laying Up podcast, he believes he's close. I do have some concern, though. That same interview made me think that he's not being a stupid monkey. He seemed really down the rabbit hole with his swing. I guess you have to be if your going through a slump like he is and trying to make changes. It worries me, though.
    • walking has a lot fewer cup holders I don't really consider golf to be much of a sport in terms of fitness or 'typical' athleticism.  I tend to call it an activity, not a sport frankly.  I play for relaxiation and because it's just a lot of fun for me. If I want to exercise, I go and exercise.  That's weights, cardio, yoga, or more intense sports.  (however, if one has nothing else, or can't handle 'regular' exercise for any reason, then I applaud them for using golf for that purpose - even a long walk is better than sitting on the couch). The biggest benefit I personally seem to get from walking is that I tend to walk right to my ball and find it easier - which is weird to me.  But I guess if I have a feel for my distances, then the act of walking must calibrate better to me for finding the darn thing (rather than marking a line and driving to it.)  Also, I tend to just play to my ball and help the others less than I would if I drive.
    • Kind of related. Talking to someone I was paired up with, and he said his club recently bought carts and it's not the old timers that were using them, they still walked, but the 20 and 30 year olds. 
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