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    • Opinions, opinions. Others can have them, you know.  Not just you. Of the golfers you listed - sure, debatable, especially for Rahm and Fowler imo. However, I'll stick with Fleetwood and Lowry as the best 2 players out there not to win a major yet. Hopefully one of them will be removed from the non major winning list today. 👍 I can understand why he'd be upset. The problem could be solved by making sure warnings are issued and ultimately removal from the golf tournament after a warning if it happens again.
    • Uhhhh, no. Like Scott said, discussed many times. Look for those topics.
    • Hello,   I am looking for the score per round (3 rounds) of Clive Woodford, winner of the Senior Amateur French Open in 2010 (14-16 May) at the Golf de Touraine (France, Center Val de Loire). Thank for help. Best regards
    • Westwood. Fowler. Bryson. Rahm. Xander. Kuchar. Casey. Finau. All better players without a major. And I stopped looking quickly.
    • I guess I had some over 10 but not sure. My worst score (relative) is a 9 on a par 3. Hit the green side bunker with my tee and it was a high flying ball so it dug itself right in. Confidently hit my second and managed to cover the ball completely. Took an unplayable and failed to get out in two more shots then chip and 3 putt (somewhere along those lines). And I usually don’t have any trouble with bunkers. Luckily I hit two more bunkers the same round after that so I got my confidence back. 
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