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    • And then there's the art museum and Art Hill... perfect for sledding in the winter.  And, on the same plot of land as the 4th hole of the old Forest Park Golf Course! When I fled St. Louis as a young man (still am relatively) I ran off to your neck of the palm trees.  Well, Miami Beach actually.  Then Miami Springs.
    • That's not why I went on golf courses during the night when I was in college.  I had a basement apartment in a house and my landlady insisted I have no girls in the house.
    • I don't know about that... I have friends in Kirkwood who lived elsewhere and near retirement, moved back. Personally, I love St. Louis. The Sheldon Concert Hall is one of the most perfect acoustic rooms in the country and I've seen some incredible artists there. A friend runs Jazz On The Bistro down the block... Other than the cold weather, it's one of my favorite places to visit friends.
    • First, the qualifier of "up to" is a bit suspect here.  I'm unclear as to what that exactly means.  Is it your once in a lifetime/stars line up perfectly hero shot or your "comfortable max" or what?  That aside, my 2 cents are: Why go the route of strengthening the 50?  You've got nice 15 yard gaps from 85 to 100 and 100 to 115.  It's the PW that is the issue (at least with respect to your gapping, assuming it correct); maybe bend the PW down a bit.  It is odd though seeing only 2* difference in your 2 gap wedges--pretty funky.  But if those yardages are accurate, the gaps are good except for the PW.   For instance, I go 60-56-51-47.  That gives me pretty much 10-15 yard gaps in my set.
    • This is the most poorly written title I've seen in a while. I'd wager that english is not their first language. Interesting tidbit though
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