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    • In addition to what other have posted, if it were me, I would trade one of those 9 hole rounds for time on the practice putting green.  I'd work on reads, and speeds for the distances required. I would also work on hitting the line of my putt by hitting straight putts.  Also since GIRs are low, in addition to working on hitting closer approach shots, I would also work on chips, and pitches to give up shorter, first putts. Approaches, pitches, and chips also require reads of the green to some extent. 
    • I’ve been getting lessons from what I think are good instructors, using video, practicing diligently. The defect is me. Body is not going to hold up forever either. This season was not fun at all. I dunno. It’s just not fun anymore. I’ll play but I’m don’t see how that’s going to help. 
    • I'll be honest here and say I never consider any of my good drives "pured" simply because they're by accident 😅
    • I feel good if I "pure" 4 shots per round.  Maybe one drive, two approach shots and one putt.  I go by the Ben Hogan rule... even your bad shots should be serviceable.  And those damned pure shots, that's what brings me back.
    • I just want to point out, for the people who have been tagging and quoting @paininthenuts, that member is banned and will not be able to respond.  I had an eagle putt today that I left 5' short. Still waiting on my first eagle.
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