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    • I found Greyhound to be a bit of a mixed bag.  I really enjoyed the tension during the battle scenes, but the more quiet moments felt like big parts were missing from them or left on the editing room floor.  To me, they seemed slightly incomplete.     Also, RIP to one of my childhood crushes Kelly Preston.  Gorgeous lady, and I wish she would have made more movies over her career.
    • Thanks, I see! If this is your backswing extreme and the spot where you go “forward” I am clearly going too far back with my swing. Will try to shorten it. Also feels like I have some problems with how my wrists should be bent, I feel like I might shorten the backswing but still bend the wrists so it causes problems. Yours look nothing like mine it seems like hehe
    • Day 26 continued.  Not incrementing, because this was also on 7/13, but I'm so happy I wanted to add this.  Went back to the putting green this evening, set up an around-the-clock at 6', used exactly 24 putts (made 7, then 2, then 2, then had one left with having taken 20 attempts... that last one took me way too many).  I set up a few at 12' but I couldn't (due to where the hole was, and how many others were on the green) do a full around the clock, but I made quite a few from there.   Two possibilities:  either this green is set up in such a way to make me seem like a good putter when I'm not (no other practice putting greens available, so I can't test that theory) or putting is so easy that I can improve rapidly to a very decent state.  Will continue this during the week and on Saturday we might find out under real conditions if I can, in fact, putt. 
    • Im still working hard at not having my elbow being stuck behind me. I’ve made a little bit of progress, but I’m still working. My shot pattern has turned from a push fade to a straight push or even a draw. I don’t really like drawing the ball because it brings a left miss in, and I hate missing left. I get more power with less effort with the shallow swing though, so I think i’m just going to sit the face a tad open at address and just stick with the push fade. Everything but the driver and 3 wood have been really consistent but the driver and 3 wood are a two way miss at the moment and I hate that.
    • Day 55 - More of the same, pivot work focusing on my trail elbow. Starting to feel more natural, I need to find a time/place to film my swing. 
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