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    • Can’t do well against these guys when your ball striking is off. Just can’t happen. I could only spot watch today but on four different occasions I tuned in to see Tiger hit twice from rough, twice from good fairway positions and missed the green entirely. Damn it. 
    • View this round on GAME GOLF I was cruising for a bit, then my driver started to fail me. By the 16th I was completely gassed (91°F, real feel 103°F and no beer to hydrate with). I didn't want to break 80 anyway 🙄 Remembered something about my priority piece last night and used the feel all day to good results up until fatigue set in. Also just realized I was one hole away from no sixes. Damn.
    • Taking a longer backswing can help you prevent the accelerating swing. If you accelerate with a long backswing, you'll hit it in a bunker.
    • I try to make every putt.  It is impossible to do but I don't care.  Sometimes that means I've got to hit the stick just to keep the ball on the green.  So I try to hit the stick.  If it doesn't work it doesn't work...but at least I gave it the old junior college try.
    • Unless Tiger can basically birdie the Entire back 9, it appears his season will end today. Who would have thought that after winning the Masters he wouldn’t make it to East Lake.
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