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    • Day 19 Full swings into a net with a driver, 3w, 9i and PW. I hit a wood and then followed up with an iron. I was making good contact on most swings. 
    • My interpretation is that it's similar to cracking a whip. With pros, their hips start the transition/downswing with a rapid acceleration followed by a rapid deceleration. So the speed or "work" you're putting into the club is the results of the torso, arms, legs accelerating and decelerating. There is kind of a chain reaction from one body segment to the other, so you need the deceleration to provide the sequential transfer of energy. Basically I "brake" or stabilize very well and will never be able to override it. I need more juice on the acceleration side. Honestly, I most likely should have started playing lefty, it's my faster side and I throw lefty. This also makes sense for because I hit it the straightest when I feel like I'm swinging hard/fast. I get in trouble when I try to guide shots and then I can hit it all over the place. 
    • Day 46 - My new priority piece is a “faster” pivot, getting my shoulders/hips to turn a bit more by A3. Also working on a “straight” right elbow in my takeaway. Incorporating these two changes into my Helicopter Drill, version 4 at this point?
    • Day 207 Superspeed workout and a bit of backswing slo-mo practice working on hip turn. Hit a few balls and was hitting off the center of the club face more often than not. 
    • Isn't the face of the putter a straight line longer than 2 inches?
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