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    • I’m a believer in the arms being responsible for a lot of swing speed, but yes. It feels a lot less ‘movement’ was able to generate good power. However I began to think that my actual SS wasn’t really improving. It was the quality of strike. My conventional swing can be all over the face with an in to out and out to in path ( more likely out to in). With this swing I was almost always in to out and near the middle of the club face. So I think I was just hitting better shots. Again, JV would never provide any data from himself nor any students showing increases in SS.  I don’t have a problem with having a 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 swing. It’s the ‘10’ different that seemed ridiculous to me. I’ll never use a 4i to hit the ball 20yds.
    • I think that when you're talking about an issue that concerns golf course maintenance, using methods recommended by the Golf Course Superintendents Association is a pretty reliable thing to do.  Its not ego, its a matter of deferring to the people who know most about maintenance of greens.  I agree to a small extent, the bent tools can be used in the incorrect way, by people who have never been taught the right way.  That's the reason for the initial post, to show people the right way to repair ball marks.
    • i saw your post on Golf wrx from November 30.  You might have wanted to add that according to what you wrote there you bought the clubs already. Accra i123 M3 graphite shafts meet Callaway Steelhead XR irons Hi all: New here first post so bear with me. Golfed my whole life except for the past 6 years until I...  
    • It probably takes me around 5 minutes from the time my car pulls in till I can be on the tee and ready to hit.  I never wear my golf shoes and drive.  Takes me a minute to wear the shoes, then about 2 to 3 minutes to get my cart and bag set up.  Then another minute or so to get all the stuff out of the bag that I need. However, I am always fairly quick on the course, and have never found myself to be the cause of latency in any group I am playing with. I like to get to the course at least 15 minutes before I have to tee off to give myself at least 5 minutes to warm up and stretch before I start playing.  I find it really makes a difference to my game.
    • It is not possible that some here have far more experience than you and provide much better advice? Let me answer for you, yes. Go to your 'alternatives' and see what happens when they disagree with you. 
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