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    • Shot 75 today (+3).   Best of all, it was my first time playing this course, which is extremely long (2 par 5s over 600 yards) and this score is my best since coming back to golf 4 months ago, after a 5 year laid off (wrist surgery).   It was also my first round with my Titleist T-200s,  which were amazing!!!!  Im loving them already for sure!
    • This $6 million gold toilet was just stolen from a palace in Europe.  I don't think Amazon had enough time to turn it into gold drivers...
    • I picked up a Srixon 20* Utility Iron this year instead of a hybrid.  I really like it. I hit it more from the fairway then off of the tee.  I like to hit irons as you  @Bonvivant mentioned you prefer to also. I am not concerned about using it from the rough also.  Fun club to hit.  I have spent a lot of time at the range learning and getting comfortable with it also. I also bag  5 Wood and really like that as well.  I would suggest going to a Fitter and seeing which of these options would best fit your bag.  You might be surprised and it will take the guess work out it.  
    • Semantics, a bit. But here's a question: If you drop a fresh ball but don't hit it and find your original ball within the total 3 minutes then what is the rule?  Or is the dropping of the fresh ball the "declaration" ?
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