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    • Ok, finally got one.  1-putted on a par-5. 
    • I have not been there, bit it looks like a really fantastic course with relativity new lodging. There could be a road trip in my near future  🙂 When I first viewed the course photos, I thought the location might be in Nebraska. Hard to believe this is in Wisconsin territory.     
    • Why?  p.s. I have not been to Sand Valley if that is the question.
    • Welcome back to golf.  Sounds like you are doing the right things.  Keep it up.
    • You're asking a different question now.  At first you were asking about ownership.  This question here addresses management & control; this is different.  A person can have both ownership and managment & control of their business--like a sole proprietor or a single member LLC or a closely held corporation, for instance.  However, many non-profit organizations are similarly structure to corporations (except the concept of ownership) in that they typically have a board of directors who pick officers to carry out the affairs of the business.  The PGA Tour does have some players who serve as directors, so in that sense, yes, the players do have a voice in deciding how the organization is run to some degree.  It depends on how the non-profit's governance structure is set up, i.e., voting power of the board.   http://mediaguide.pgatourhq.com/Tour/WebTemplate/ElectronicMediaGuide.nsf/vwMainDisplay/7580E8B3A8830A538525761D005A1027?openDocument
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