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    • I'm teaching online for the first time this quarter.  I've recorded an occasional lecture before, but this quarter (and this upcoming summer) all the classes I teach are online and not in-person (note for anyone reading this that doesn't know me:  I teach, but not golf).  When we were going over plans before the term, it got mentioned a few times that the classes feel weirder for students if we try to avoid the stumbling, the saying "uhh" and so on.   In any case, I bought the set a moment ago and downloaded the first video.  I don't know if I'll get a chance to watch before the weekend but I'm sure the videos are fantastic.  I'm very much looking forward to watching them (and catching up on the practice series).
    • Does Gov. Dewy know about this? Thought the ranges were supposed to be all shut. 
    • Found out my local driving range is still open so hit balls there today, this is by far the best I have ever hit the ball. Irons were crisp, main swing thought is keeping my elbows close together on the way back/top of the backswing. Worked on some knock down shots, have a good feeling for taking 10-15 yards off my PW,9,8 irons now. Driver was the best it's ever been, very neutral ball flight, not much curve in either direction. Main thought for driver at setup/address is make sure I stand far away from the ball, I realized today that in my last 2 rounds I was standing way too close to the ball. Main swing thought is during the backswing really load weight into my right heel, feeling like my right toes are coming off the ground slightly (they aren't really) and make sure my back/torso are leaning away from the target. Spent a bit of time working on 50-75 yard wedge shots too, I now have a swing length/feeling dialed in for 50,60, and 70 yard carries.
    • I watched the replay of the 2018 Par-3 contest earlier today.  I watched it the night it happened -- taped it, avoided spoilers, watched when I got home.  Magical then and magical now. I'm watching the '86 final round right now.  I obviously know what happened (I'm wearing a yellow polo today because I knew this was airing), but I don't think I ever watched more than a highlight reel of this before.  It's amazing.  Nicklaus is on #16 as I speak, minus however many year tape delay this is on.  
    • UPS just delivered the mat! Yay!!  I was bored out of my mind so I didn’t wait for my husband to haul it to the backyard for me. Geez was that mat heavy! Already hit a few balls and it feels great to be swinging again!! Just need to figure out the correct tee height and I will be good to go!
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