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    • With all due respect to Inkster...it’s overrated. The best lady golfers aren’t represented in this tournament. Viewership for the LPGA and this tournament aren’t low due to the audience thinking they don’t work hard, are lazy and not talented. They just don’t provide the wow factor we want in sports. This tournament was no different. Laying up, poor lag putting, playing it safe every single time even when down isn’t exciting to watch. Europe/USA vs Asia/Indonesia/South Africa.
    • Hey, the third photo has me in it! I’m the guy holding up the paddle. 
    • If you hit the ball after it has been dropped the second ball is definitely in play!! No matter what.., unless your original is in the hole. If you have not hit the dropped ball and your original ball was never OB or in a Penalty area you may correct the drop.Rule 14.5. If you were in a penalty area, drop a ball and then find your original ball you may not play your original. I studied the KVC rule and spoke with the Pro where I play.  He said it is all about KVC and to memorize when you can and when you cannot make a correction. Every ball dropped in golf is dropped with the i intent to play that ball (or you would never drop a ball). That's why there is only at the appropriate time an opportunity to correct an incorrect drop when it is dropped for the wrong reason, but if you hit that ball then you own that ball all the way into the green where upon missing the opportunity to  make the correction. Game over.  That is how it was explained to me. Hope that makes sense. 
    • For a driver you really should hit one with a monitor and see how you do. Going only by static fittings is just scratching the surface. Shaft choice is quite important when it comes to drivers. It’s really beneficial to try one out before making any decisions. At least you want to know your swing speed. Then you start testing based on that. Shaft flex varies from one manufacturer to another. Cheers.
    • Underrated or Overrated #21 - The Solheim Cup
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