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    • There are several things people don't know when they buy CBD oil. Full spectrum hemp oil is probably the best you can buy because it also has other CB oils that support each other, whereas most CBD oil sold is not full spectrum. People just see CBD on the label and think it is all the same. People don't realize that there are CBC, CBG, and CBN oils as well in full spectrum CBD products. These other oils support CBD oil and make it more effective in it's work.
    • Are you getting something reputable for $60?
    • Of the many things I have to practice, is to constantly remember not following a bad shot with  a stupid shot. I played my best 9 holes on a par 36 on Thursday, 41. pars and bogeys. Followed it up with a 50 on the back 9 for a 91. Three holes in particular cost me 4-5 strokes. I was 75 yards, in the first cut, to the green, over a bunker to the flag.  hit to the flag and landed in the bunker, both times. Should have played to the centre of the green. If I was short, I'd still be putting. On another, hit a poor iron tee shot, landed on a severe downslope, still tried to carry water to the green. Should have played a 20 yard bump to the flats, then carried the water from a better lie. I have never made those shots.  And have never broken 90 on a par 72.
    • Heed my warning before it’s too late! As someone with the exact same problem as you and judging from your handicap, somewhat at the same level of golfing competence as you, do not, I repeat…do NOT take any advice from anyone on this forum or anywhere on the entire internet, other than this: Find a local real live golf instructor and take a lesson, or a series of lessons.  Let him or her look at your swing and determine the best method for going about solving the issue.  More than likely, you’ve had your swing for a good long while and it’s become your natural swing. To change it will require lots of work and lots and lots of practice The cause can be anything from the setup, to a bad move on the backswing or if you’re like me, to something in the transition. There are those who say, because the time from the top of the backswing to impact is so minuscule, something 2/10’ths of a second, once you start the downswing it’s too late. It will be what it will be, so the problem is somewhere “up there.” You (and me) can play decently, albeit inconsistently, with this swing turning in some really good scores as well as really lousy ones, often from one week to the next, sometimes even from the front nine to the back  (Last week I shot 44/35 =79) More than likely you’ll be taking a step backwards before you can take two steps forward. To make changes to your golf swing in season without your scores going through the roof will be tough. Wait until the fall. I’m still working at it. A year from now so will you.
    • I've got type II and have recently started have a hard time getting glucose below 200. Looking online for ways to lower it CBD came up. The ads call it a miracle cure, the research says hold on. I think for 60 bucks I'll give it a shot.  
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