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    • Correct.  The differences allow some determination based on effective playing length and obstacles. 
    • It matters for establishing net double bogey for a player for that hole. If I understand correctly, if it’s a par 4 and I get one stroke on that hole, then my max reportable score (for handicap) for that hole is 7; if it’s a par 5, then it’s 8.    Thanks. So the pars overlap in the new recommendations. They don’t in the current (outgoing) listing: https://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14401  
    • I missed something too, about that on defining if it's a par 4 or 5, the par will be the same for all players. That's why I believe it doesn't matter at all. 
    • It is recommended that par be established for each hole in accordance with the following hole lengths:  Par 3: Men Up to 260 yards (240 metres); Women Up to 220 yards (200 metres) Par 4: Men 240 to 490 yards (220 to 450 metres); Women 200 to 420 yards (180 to 380 metres) Par 5: Men 450 to 710 yards (410 to 650 metres); Women 370 to 600 yards (340 to 550 metres) Par 6: Men 670 yards and up (610 metres and up); Women 570 yards and up (520 metres and up) Source: Appendix F: Rules of Handicapping
    • Yes, I would do it once. After that I would want to play other great ones around that I have heard of from close friends who have - Spanish Bay, Spyglass, Poppy Hills, Quail.  I spent quite a bit of time on the west coast back in the early 2000 for work until 2003. Have even done the 17 mile drive when it was free but had never touched a golf club and certainly had no understanding of the pedigree of PB. Even then I thought the place was heaven on earth. Wish I was a golfer then. Would have certainly found a way to enjoy these at least once. 
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