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    • You can find some great deals on used clubs on ebay.  I just bought a set of Titleist DCI 962 irons (3-PW) in very decent condition for $28 plus shipping.  They're no longer cutting edge technology but they are still a good set of clubs for not a lot of money.  You can always spend more later if you wish. 
    • Day 429 As my appointments ended early, I went to do a little wedge work. I took time to hit 8 shots will each of wedges and my 9i. I simply took time to relax, think about each shot, and try to simply do it. All were well within the expectations for each club; the aim was fairly good, for me, all were very close to the target. I am still wondering why today was a good day., give how iffy my morning was!  
    • Yes, yes good good. I'm glad you realized there is no secret.
    • Day 137.  Played 18 holes with friends.  Shot 88, only 4 GIR (+ 2 greens on not-regulation from full swings, + 4 greens not in regulation where a full-swing mechanic but not full swing was used to hit).   Made two 18' or so putts today, I literally can't remember the last time before today I made two putts from outside of 10' in the same round.  But it's clear I have neglected my long game and that's more important, so future work will be on that for a bit. 
    • I feel your pain, brother. I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn, once, so I am going to prescribe to you very large doses of tequila!
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