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    • I was talking about this w/ some randoms I was playing with today. One guy said if my friend is athletic in general, he should try lefty. He said one guy he knew played lefty for 10 years as a 110+ shooter. Then he switched to righty and was a 90 shooter in a year. However, this guy was right handed to begin with (idk why he started golf lefty). Anyone heard of this?  That's a fairly big commitment I feel.
    • FWIW the TSA is absolute garbage that literally can't do their job even in their own tests.  'Disturbing' undercover probe found TSA screeners missing many test weapons A Congressional committee chairman said a classified briefing on vulnerabilities in airport security was "disturbing."  They fail to find 95% of weapons, which makes your argument in favor of this using the TSA as an example even more ridiculous. It's like saying we should go over Niagara Falls in a barrel by pointing to Annie Edson Taylor and ignoring all the times that it doesn't work. The only thing disgraceful here is the spouting of outright lies about the leading causes of death. Your claimed statistics are patently untrue, and yet you think the facts of the situation are somehow disgraceful? The facts don't care how you feel, but they do guide people towards the most effective course of action in every scenario. Preventable causes of death - Wikipedia Among preventable causes of death all traffic accidents are ranked 7th and make up only 1.8% of total deaths in the US annually. Among all causes of death globally road traffic accidents are only ranked 19th.  
    • I don’t have to experience a tragedy or evil wrongdoing to recognize it as tragic and/or evil. 
    • No. And you seem to be making a bunch of assumptions yourself.
    • I am reading alot of replies in this thread, that are speculative at best. I say speculative because, unless you personally have lived through a car wreck caused by a drunk driver, I consider any answr to be speculation by those who have been fortunate. Knock on wood. . Let me ask a speculative question. As "no" voter, if you were to lose an immediate family member, relative, even a great friend to a drunk driver, knowing that legislative technology could have prevented your loss, would you change your vote?
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