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    • Curiosity question for those of you who have attended the seminars concerning WHS or have a much better understanding of what is coming than I do... There are several courses I can think of in our area where the slope rating is probably off quite a bit.  For instance...one particular course added some new tee boxes.  In doing so, they backed up every other set of tee markers then had the course rated.  The rating for the "regular (white) tees" jumped from 124 to 130.  The members there complained loudly about having to play from so much farther back when playing the tees they normally played.  Then the club pretty much put all the tee markers back up to where they used to be when rating was 124.  Thus, you shoot a good score here...you get dinged pretty hard on your handicap.   Another course did quite the opposite.  They added new tee boxes, moved everything back but did not have the course re-rated.  In effect, pretty much everyone at that club's handicap increased.   So, my question is with the changes for WHS, would some courses be "required" to have their course re-rated if the scores shot there indicate either the courses is rated too high or too low?  
    • I think it's hilarious. 
    • Red-White-Blue (for those courses that have red, white and blue tees, otherwise adjust to Tips-Middle-Forward tees). You get to pick which tee to play from on every hole, as long as at the end you have played 6 holes from each tee color. There is a bit of strategy involved: for example, play from the tips on some par 3s, play from the forward tees on some par 5s to make them reachable if they are otherwise not, etc...
    • Right now as I write this (Saturday morning 4-ball) they're on holes 13, 14, 15 and 16 and we're behind in 3 of the 4 matches.  Oh boy!  This could really turn out to be some humiliation.  Yesterday, we did make a great comeback.  Let's hope our guys can do the same today.  This is pretty pathetic so far.
    • I always root for the underdog.  Then when the underdog takes the lead I root for the new underdog.
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