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    • Empirical evidence has yielded predictable results.  Cantaloupes are too highly dependent on ripeness plus the seeds get everywhere.  Tomatoes just don't work, messy.  Potatoes.... after 7 minutes in the microwave, very good to eat but still sound like cr@p.   Regardless, the sound is still... fluffy, no click.  I bought it from Callaway so I have to assume it's "real" vs counterfeit.   Argh....  still sounds "weak".
    • For me its always been at the start of the swing, low and slow on my take away and a mostly straight left arm. If I get that right, the rest of the swing seems to flow well, except for the sometimes amateur hick-ups.  
    • For myself, a reminder of sorts:
    • I don’t consider anyone with a solid understanding of the 5 Simple Keys as “untrained.” It doesn’t make you qualified to be a golf instructor, but you’re definitely more informed than your golf buddy that says you topped your last shot because you picked your head up.
    • No. 5: The Stand-Up Putter Right behind fire, the wheel and the steam engine on the list of innovations that have changed the course of history is the Stand-Up Putter. The moment when the putter is first shown standing alone and upright on the green is too sublime for words. Surely, man walking upright for the first time could not have been so majestic. The Stand-Up Putter would have revolutionized the pre-putt routine. After picking a line and making practice strokes, the golfer would simply step back from the putter at address to double-check the alignment of the putter. The putter, for its part, would simply stand there waiting for your return like an adoring dog. Of course, as we all know, if your putter is square to your target, then you’ll necessarily hole your putt. Silly things like body alignment, putter path, acceleration and deceleration, putt speed and, silliest of all, reading the putt correctly, matter little when you have a putter that’s a marvelous freestanding structure.  
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