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    • Lied? Just a seemingly inaccurate recounting. This is a Rules slam dunk, can't see the 'rules officials are only there to help, not to penalise' standing up in court.
    • Nice diagram, helps emphasize the point that fairway reference point is only a means to the end of defining the relief area, which may be considerably closer to the green than the fairway reference point itself. In the most extreme case, that point is the teeing area played from.
    • Shot an 80 in 80 degree weather. 39/41, 30 putts. All pars, or bogies My Grandaughter and I took on her uncle and her Dad. We smoked them175 to 180. Straight up, no hdcps. I think the youngster got tired playing an 18 hole round. That's what she gets for skipping school...... Told "The Boys" they need to work on their games if they plan on beating this old man. 
    • Holy crap, I came across this article about Billy Mayfair's DQ on the Champions Tour: Billy Mayfair's bizarre DQ: Inside one of the year's oddest rules fiascos Billy Mayfair‘s 2nd round at the Invesco QQQ Championship was ordinary for 10 holes. Then he broke two rules. Here's what happened next. Highlights: He arguably lied to the rules official about what caused his ball to move. He has retained a lawyer to address this (!). The PGA Tour seems to be sandbagging the media here to prevent the video of this getting out. Yikes.
    • There's a thread in Golfwrx where someone mentioned a Mevo 2 is in the works and that you'll be able to trade up, price point is higher, dunno what the new device will track in addition to the current data. Again, this is secondhand info being overheard, I did a search for Mevo 2 on social media and the internet, nothing.
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