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    • Would it be out of line to suggest spending some time on the range with your driver? How tough is the rough you are playing? Would 20-30 yards be worth hitting a club that is a bit less accurate? I can't imagine giving up distance for hitting it "straight" or "straighter". I'd suggest going to the range and fixing whatever issue that you think you have with driver. I used to play with a 4i off the tee, which netted me 180 yards. I gained 50 yards off the tee with 2 range sessions with a driver. It was worth more than I could have imagined.
    • Like, well, like, you know, like, she's like not that articulate, so, like I don't know, but yeah, you know, I think she'll like be pretty atrocious.
    • Day 26.  Brought my 9-iron up to join my 6-iron in my practice room.  Hit a dozen practice balls indoors tonight (off a mat, into a net) with the 9-iron.
    • Wide brimmed hat, solar sleeves, sunscreen (SPF 50) on any exposed areas, long pants as weather permits (typically October through June).
    • Yup...TV makes race cars look like they are going in slow motion. We use to host an Indy Car event here in Vancouver...it's crazy to see how fast and noisy the cars are in real life. As TV doesn't capture the speed of a pitcher's fastball. I went to the Louisville bat factory...they had a sim.....I would likely start my swing when the fastball was already in the catcher's mitt.....one has to see how fast a 95 mph fastball is in real life.   I really miss Diece's threads...they were so entertaining. 
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