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    • I ended up replacing my 40 year old 2 wheel cart with the clicgear about a week ago. Ive only played one round with it, but I like it a lot. The only issue I had with it is that out of the box, it was playing a 40 yard draw. Any time I was coming off of a raised tee, I had to aim the cart well right for it to swing back around to me. I know it is adjustable, but when I checked the alignment in my basement over about 20 feet it was imperceptible. After I align the wheels, i have a feeling that I'll be falling in love. 
    • Really need to know spin rates. I am like the OP. Swing speeds easy upper 120's. However I had to go way down in loft (5*) to get a flight that worked for me with reasonable spin rates. My ball flight even with a 5 degree driver is super high but flattens out. Before with my Titleist 8.5 head set to 7.75 it would balloon like crazy and drop straight down with tons of spin. Definitely worth getting back on the monitor to see what spin rates are.
    • Interesting. I stand corrected, then. Love learning new things.
    • @cooke119 we can all agree that bad shots happen, but my god hang on before you casually pop into someone else’s fairway. You do not have the honors. 
    • Snowed yesterday, now the cold arctic air is moving in, I'm really golf depressed. 
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