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    • Do you think they're going to stop selling this one? I don't see why they would.
    • Fine. My point is Mr. Snell did no testing. All he did was make an anecdotal statement. Is he more credible than some jo-blow? Of course. I just found it funny that from that 15 seconds he spent on pond balls, we get comments like "yeah, that's what I figured", or "yeah, I've held watered balls before, they're heavier".  No, he hasn't done a "pond ball test". If he did why didn't he reference it in the video?
    • Break 80 (previous low is 86, handicap is 16.9) Improve driving off the tee. Need to cut penalties and poor drives in half. Currently lose 4-6 strokes a round off the tee with driver from penalties or shots where I have to punch out / hit long irons  Improve lag putting and putting in general, averaging around 38 putts a round. Want to average 34 or less.  Improve short game. Need to leave myself with more shots at 1 putt per round. Specifically on confidence and decision making around when to putt, chip or pitch. Need better technique for shots that require higher ball flights at short distance Improve my swing - ball first contact on most swings  Working on increasing my shaft lean from perpendicular to the ground to slightly forward - really work on Keys 2 and 3  Better pivot before impact - shoulders and hips more open than current swing  Shorten swing to slightly before parallel Beat my dad on 18 holes (he is an 8 handicap. I have beaten him on 9 holes.)     
    • A friend of mine played the course. He doesn´t regret it but he closed his eyes while paying. For me it´s a NO WAY. This year i travelled to Europe for 1 month, all the trip, including everything except for the clothes i bougth, cost me 750 Dollars. It´s a no brainer to me, you can do better with that amount of money.    
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