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    • What @DaveP043 said and you can also thank the CBJ-Tampa, five overtime game last night for that Bruins game being on so early. That was supposed to have been played at 8 last night but clearly the Blue Jackets and Lightning didn't want to give up the ice. Not a lot normal going on with sports, but I'm happy something is going on.  
    • I understand the rules. They are really easy to understand.  That isn't the point. There has to be a hardline somewhere. The hardline for golf is, you don't get to drop nearer to the hole. No one is going to measure your distance down to the inch and complain about it. If you happen to drop a few yards closer, that could matter. What if that position means your stance is on a less extreme lie?  It's not about nitpicking. It's about common sense. Don't drop closer to the hole. It's easy to remember, and it makes sense. Your ball, where it originally came to rest is as far as the ball progressed towards the hole. Why should you get to drop it closer?  Then don't play. They produced simple and fair rules to an extremely fun game. 
    • Its not normal, but this year they're playing all of the games in just two arenas, one in Toronto, one in Edmonton, two big COVID bubbles.  So in order to get all of the games in, they have to start early and run them one after the other.  Today there are two more games in Toronto AFTER the one you're watching now.
    • You've been pointed to "The Principles Behind the Rules of Golf" twice now, by @boogielicious and @David in FL. I don't agree at all with your stance on the rules, but to further inform myself I recently purchased this book for $1.50 (to be fair, shipping was like $8-9 or something) from USGA publications. It goes into quite a bit of detail in explaining the logic that you claim is missing from the rules. Why don't you purchase a copy for yourself, read it, and see if you still feel the same way. I'm about half way through it, and have found it really interesting. At the same time, it is also great material to fall asleep to. 
    • Ok, I am going to assume you are a serious poster. Does a tennis ball that land half inch outside the court out or in? Does half an inch make any difference on the ball route that much or does it really matter? By your thought process it wouldn't. It's only half an inch. No idea why they have so many referees squinting their eyes to spot the difference. Yes?
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