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    • I don’t consider a standard pitching wedge the same as a 56 or 60 degree wedge! It’s just a 10 iron really!
    • Free country! im not a troll only stating my opinions preferences frustrations and experiences 
    • Tell ya what... if I go on ebay and find two used sets of the identical irons, but one is $100 more because the owner used headcovers, then I'm buying the less expensive set with the dainty club chatter marks from sharing a bag with other clubs.  Performance is not affected at all.  Now, when that headcover isn't on the iron and you smash into a hidden underground rock and put a dime-sized crater into your 7 iron there's no head cover in the world that will protect it. Bottom line: Iron head covers count for nothing.
    • Been a crazy few days, but was able to get some swings in last night. Had a storm roll through on Monday that did a lot of damage and knocked out power. Luckily, my power came back last night and the range I normally go to open.  I sent these into Evolvr as my second submission. Because of that, I went into it with just the swing thought of "up and out" but toward the end of the bucket, which is when these videos were taken I was basically swinging without any thoughts. The majority of shot shapes were high fades with some of them being on the "heavy" side. Overall, pretty consistent contact but feel like my contact wasn't as "crisp" as it could be I've definitely made progress on my rotation but will continue working on this every once in awhile and am planning on using the pump drill as a little warm-up.   
    • Oh good, something I can help with   I compare everything after the round before signing, not just on number but on strokes.  For some rounds, I can still recall the shots and scores a while after the round (there's one round from 13 months ago I can still go through, the first round where I broke 80, but that's another story for another time).  Certainly later that day or the next day. So I go through, did I double-tag or forget one?  Happens, especially with putting (I'll tag when I get to my ball, and sometimes right after I hit, so I sometimes have two tags in one spot and need to delete one).  So when I have a penalty, I see the score doesn't line up and I add the penalty after the round -- there's a way to add a penalty in the web interface and assess it to the shot that produced it -- for example, if your approach shot from 175 yards lands in the aquatic penalty area near the green, it gets assessed to your SGA and not SGSG statistic by being part of your approach. 
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