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    • I’ve played in both, the GC Tour in the Seattle area and the Golfweek Tour in Charleston South Carolina. I would say competition wise based on what Flight you played in there wasn’t much of a difference.  Cost is the major difference. The GC events were on average higher. That is driven by two things; the courses played and the person running that Tour.  I think it’s important that whomever runs the Tour has to have the knowledge on how to run the event.  There are requirements to whomever that person is. The Seattle tour almost folded due to mismanagement and actually had to replace the guy who ran the Tour.  He was replaced with this young women who knew what she was doing, the Tour actually flourished with her in charge.  I digress a bit, my 3 buddies and I played most of the events, especially the private tracks you couldn’t otherwise play. Carpooled together, had a bunch of fun and occasionally won an event (Flight).  The Charleston Tour has a guy that knows what he’s doing!  He would actually work with the Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head guys and do joint events. That was a plus!  Overall you probably wouldn’t notice which is better, it’s about who you play with in your Flight and just having fun.
    • Weight and length most important. Finding a similar bend profile is of lesser importance. If you tell us what he recommended I can give you a list of alternate shafts.
    • Day 5 - 5-29-20 (5/5) 5 minutes of putting practice today. Also spent a couple minutes on a conference call working on the backswing stuff.
    • Being 65 years old I like to be on the range 50-60 minutes before the tee time.  Get to the putting green 1st. Lag some putts, Hit some mid-range putts and short putts under 5 feet.  About 10 minutes. Hit the range, do some minimal stretching. Start with the PW, hit some mid-irons and then the driver.  After that some sequence swings, hit the driver, then follow up with a mid-iron. Do the same with driver then PW.  Do it several times. The chipping area is close by so spend the last 5 minutes chipping then off to the 1st tee.
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