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    • SoCal air quality is just great because traffic is nearly non-existent compared to what we’re used to.   
    • My latest swing form. I don't think this is my best particular swing, but I am ok...at least it fool proof.      
    • I totally would have bid on the 10 round trip had i known it was going on. There's always next pandemic I guess🤔.
    • This is what I thought of. Do we see the big names just skip a whole year of release because their R&D teams weren't as productive this year? If we don't I would think that the original premise stands, and that the manufacturers would want to move their new stuff next winter/spring so they would want the big boxes to have room for the new equipment. This may mean seeing the 500 dollar standard drop into the 400-450 mark for a couple of seasons. It would obviously be a hit, but I think it is at least 50/50 probability to see this if they plan on releasing new stuff in early 2021.
    • Day 115 Started hitting some balls with 7-iron at 50% speed and it was alright. Ramped up to full speed and started shanking the shit out it, to the point of the ball missing the net entirely. I think the Coronavirus pandemic is in my head and causing me to lose focus.  Went inside and putted. Need a lesson but everything is closed with the shelter in place at least until end of April, and likely longer. 
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