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    • Wow, I could fill a couple of pages easily. Forgive me for being influenced by recency but here goes: @billchao and @boogielicious for being solid all out citizens of TST. Both content and support is bar none. Thank you.  @DaveP043, @David in FL, @ncates00@Golfing Dad , @ChetlovesMer , @bkuehn1952 and @DeadMan  for their thoughtful and prolific content.  @klineka, @billchao, @saevel25 and of course @mvmac for their outstanding swing work and detailing of their body of swing work.  @Double Mocha Man, @FlyingAce for their freshness and light hearted perspective on things.  @colin007, @jsgolfer, @DaveP043, @billchao, @Hardspoon who I have met and played with and have become my great friends for life. And last but not least @iacas who has not only changed my golf life but continues to check on me and keep my spirits up while I remain incapacitated because of my injury.  And yes, I stop here thinking I can easily add another 25+ names. 
    • Welcome to TST fellow leftie! As @boogielicious agrees...we are so uniquely wonderful and add so much flare to the game! Post a video of your swing in the ‘members swing’ thread and you’ll get plenty of good advice. Cheers!
    • HeHe yeah and I'm the one who started it. It's easy to get carried away. 
    • Kamusta kaibigan magandang makipagita sa iyo! I travel to Quezon City once a year or so. I have a daughter there who is a model and actress for commercials. It's cool having you here. 
    • My family seems to be doing a way better job of not wasting food. Not to say we were hugely wasteful to begin with, but we've been very careful over the last several weeks to only make or take what we need. We've also done a way better job of using our leftovers. That's certainly a good thing.  Oh, and the Federal Tax deadline has been extended to July 15th. I guess that's a positive.
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