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    • I thought about this, although I wonder how many are full swings. I know that it will be more than short game, as the full swing is much tougher to master and getting good, usable distance is tough at this handicap. But how many is it really? Just doing simple math, a scratch golfer is probably hitting between 32 to 36 full swings per round, that is if they don't have any penalties and depending on the length of par 5s. This may be less if it is a particularly short course where they are left with under 100 yards on many par 4s, but just as a baseline. A 32 handicap is probably shooting around 105-110 total score. At least 36 of these are most likely putts (probably more like 40-45), and if they are anything like I was at this level, duffed chips come by the barrel (I may have had 25-30 chips per round at my worst). I'd guess that a 32 handicap golfer probably takes 45-55 full swings per round. This is less than a medium bucket of balls around these parts, and should be achievable with full swing range reps. I'm no pro, and definitely out of shape, but I get 54 hole weekends in when I can. Sure, Monday is rough (usually my feet from walking), but by Tuesday I am ready to play again.
    • That is a lot of wedges. I think that you really need to know how YOU hit those clubs.  I for one, do not carry a lob wedge.  I am not good enough to strike it consistently and the misses can be catastrophic.  I hit partial swings for anything inside 100 whenever possible, and it is abundantly better.  It also gives me great gapping.  I recommend you figure this out for yourself.  An overly simplified plan for this might be: 52 degree GW hits 100-105 Partial 8-iron for 90 yards Partial 9-iron for 80 yards Partial PW for 70 yards Partial 49 degree GW for 60 yards Partial 52 degree GW for 50 yards Partial SW for 40 yards See here for more info:  
    • I'd also give these invaluable threads a good read/watch.  
    • For sure, conditioning is a big factor.  Also, a handicap of 32 means a player is swinging the club a lot more times per round than a lower handicap.  
    • Remember to consider your range of yardages for your wedges and not just the gap between maximum distances. From what you wrote your 43-49-54-58 would be your best bet. If you don’t want to use the Sure Out 58 then take your 60* and have it bent to 58* unless that bounce change works against you. 
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