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    • I’m hitting the ball pretty straight but after watching these WOW my left wrist is cupping a lot at the top. 
    • Thanks for all of the replies.  I have been working hard on the range and have been playing better.  HCP went from 8.4 to 11.4 and is now back to 10.1, all in 3 weeks. The good news is that the ball striking has improved and I see light at the end of the tunnel - hope it's not a train.
    • Finally got a net, so now I can start doing more videos. Here is where my swing is currently at. I’m hitting the ball pretty well right now and mostly just focusing on keeping a very light right hand. I pretty much let my right hand pointer and thumb barely touch the grip or not touch at all. Hitting it pretty solid this way. enjoy!       
    • I've noticed something similar around here but at a lower level, say scratch-3.0. There were several guys in a tournament last year with that type of game but obviously play more often than they post scores. My guess is that betting is such a big part of the golf culture here that they like their stroke position in their weekly golf group and don't want to mess it up by posting more scores.
    • I tried 18birdies yesterday and it's also good. A little busy in the menus if you're just interested in scoring a round of golf, but it's good. The one issue I had with it was getting quick GPS updates as I walked up to the tee box from the cart. It seemed to stick at the cart instead of updating where I was as I neared the tee box. I looked all over for a setting to be more aggressive on GPS updates, but I found none. I'm curious if any of you have noticed that?
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