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    • If you're scratch I'm going to guess that your average score is around 73. I think the ladies will average par or slightly better, so over the course of several rounds you'll get beat by several strokes. My best guess is that the 2.8 is similar to the ladies. But I'll also guess that even if they are shooting the same score, the male has more birdies and bogeys and ladies make more pars. LPGA consistency is unreal.
    • They were both spectacular around the green.  One thing they do completely different than most of us amateurs is.......preparation.  I spend a combined 30 minutes stretching, warming up, chipping and putting (usually in that order).  They were always there well in advance, not sure if it was 30 minutes or more but I can say they were completely warm by the time I arrived.   Every range swing was methodical and approached as if something was on the line.   Gonna try to get 9 in before the rain..  I'll post day 1 results when I get back.
    • Why focus your practice on something that is statistically shown to be less impactful on your ability to score better?
    • That's the thing.  I'm a chronic caster.  My last 2 rounds have been 84 and 83, so I'm a pretty decent golfer, but that's because I practice my short game more than my long game.  I don't think I'll ever get to the next level if I continue to cast the club on all my long swings.  I am pretty straight but have inconsistent contact (I still duff the ball on occasion) and my distance is poor.
    • I wouldn't be surprised either way. This yardage is not too long for the ladies, and you have to have a pretty good short game to make a living playing golf. That might be the deciding factor. 
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