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    • I’ve never tinkered with swing weight before, and when I build a set of irons I usually just settle for the feel of the clubs as-built with the idea that I’ll eventually get used to the different feel. That said, my main set of irons feels perfect to me (probably just familiarity with them), and adjusting swing weight is something I’d like to be able to do in the future to make my other sets feel closer to them. I’ve just never invested the time to work on it. 
    • Day 321 Did mirror work on takeaway/backswing piece, and then hit balls with 7-iron and 3W working on hip turn piece. 
    • You know, as a musician I find a lot of similarities between learning a musical instrument and golf. I don’t think I’ve found any two hobbies more similar.    When it comes to equipment, the similarities hold true. A professional guitarist will be able to make a cheap First Act guitar from Walmart sing in the same way a scratch golfer will play scratch golf regardless if he uses his own clubs or yours. The overall result is pretty much the same regardless of the equipment. The skill of the player eclipses it in importance.    I think in both hobbies, cheap equipment has come a long way, to the point where the differences are subtle. In golf I notice more expensive clubs have less cosmetic defects. The material is better, meaning the clubs are less likely to break, and definitely in the case of wedges/irons wear down. But is that to say a cheap club is going to break in a year? Probably not. To be honest, most of it just feel. The strike of an expensive club feels smoother, sounds better, and frankly is a more enjoyable experience in most cases to hit. 
    • So, that's really a thing? Never even heard of it. 
    • @ajl, it seems to me that what you're asking isn't about the performance or design differences between one set of irons from one manufacturer versus another, but simply what the difference between a premium set of golf clubs and a generic or a knockoff set is? The answer, as in all products in life, comes down to quality. A premium manufacturer cares if their manufacturing process produces X% variation from club to club which can result in differences in performance from set to set. A clone company won't and they know their customers don't, so they don't invest the time or money into having higher manufacturing tolerances.
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