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    • I do get a bad feeling that we're going to see a lot more of this fairly soon in the U.S. The numbers they've been announcing in the last few weeks don't sound good. Maybe the politicians are trying to get to the election without upsetting would-be voters more than they have to. A long frosty winter spent indoors 99% of the time sounds like a terrible idea to me as far as the virus is concerned. Then again, us in the northern parts of America don't get much golf in the winter anyway, so I do feel badly for @Nail.     
    • Streaming is convenient, if you can watch while the event/program is being streamed. I have an NBC sports gold golf subscription, and for those times when I happen to be doing nothing else, it is really nice to watch live golf, if they happen to be showing featured groups at that particular time. That's about twice a month for maybe an hour.  For those times, I really like it.   It's great to be able to get it on my iPhone, my iPad or on my MBP. The problem is that most of my free viewing time is hours after the live event (or the next day), so I have my DVR pre-programmed to record PGA and European Tour broadcasts. Nothing else going on at 9 p.m.? That's usually when I can watch a little golf. With this move to all-things-streaming, I'm concerned that there will be a a move to drop/reduce the broadcasts (majors excepted), meaning I'll be out of luck.  NBC sports gold gives some highlights of the day's round, but so far their "full event replays" is extremely limited and appears to be several days delayed. What do you think?  Are the Golf Channel's days as a separate channel numbered?
    • I don't suppose to know the correct answer to this pandemic.  But, like most, have an opinion. My opinion is that closing golf courses is not going to do much to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Especially if the proper measures are taken by the course management to avoid the contact with the virus.  Almost all of the courses here have pool noodles in the holes, no ball washers, no rakes for the traps, allow one person motorized golf carts (trollies?), and masks required to enter the clubhouse/proshops.   I have also observed a change, not mandated by Government, in golfers' behavior.  No handshakes, no high fives, and no picking up your fellow foursome's golf balls or clubs for them.  I only point this out because I think this observation says that given the opportunity to play most golfers will play, but behave to be as safe as possible. Finally there is no way to be 100% safe in life.  Today, the probability of dying of this virus is small, even for an old guy like me. The consequences of being locked down with no outlets for stress is pretty well documented.  These consequences ought to be balanced against the probability of contracting the virus for a given activity.  But that isn't the Doctors' job, but it is the job of Government to make these trade offs.  But many don't and take the path that seem the "safe way", when in fact it well may not be the safest way for the individuals.  
    • Can you let me know what category that puts you in from Erik's earlier post?
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